What Would Liz Lemon Do?

There are a lot of new things going on in my life and it can be a bit overwhelming, so my new motto is “What would Liz Lemon do?”

For example, would Liz Lemon wear a blazer? Yes, yes she would. So, I bought two new blazers.

Would Liz Lemon make an awkward joke in order to break an even more awkward silence? Of course. And so will I.

Would Liz Lemon shout wildly at the driver in the car behind her because she felt like he was judging her for throwing an apple core out the window? I happen to think she would. And I already have.

Would Liz Lemon fully immerse herself in the drama of the olympics and not miss an event and eat box after box of cheez-its while she watched? Duh. And I think it’s clear that’s the right thing to do.

Would Liz Lemon stay up late to watch a terrible yet somehow amazing reality show? Yes. And it’s totally worth it.

After, I wrote this post, I googled “What would Liz Lemon do?” and there is like an entire community of people asking themselves that very same question and writing about it. And you know something, that brings me a lot of comfort.

27 thoughts on “What Would Liz Lemon Do?

  1. imspontaneous says:

    Really Happy to find tons of people who think like that too, Totally inlove with liz lemon! ❤

  2. Would Liz Lemon make up a really dumb excuse to get out of jury duty? She would and she has. As I have now. 😛 I made it sound like I was Rapunzel. “I don’t own a car, or a bike, and I feel that it would be really unsafe for me to traverse unfamiliar streets alone as a solitary female.” If they deny my request, I’ll have to dress up as Leia.

  3. Great post! Now I must ask….who is Liz Lemon? I suppose I could google it, but I think it’s really fun to watch people’s faces when you don’t know someone that almost anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows. Having said that…maybe you should video your response to this comment, otherwise, my lack of googling just seems lazy rather than fun-spirited 🙂 (But I’m good with lazy, too.)

      1. Tina Fey…love her! Never watched 30 Rock though. I won’t even pretend to have a valid excuse as to why. Also, thanks for the description of your reaction…I caught myself trying to mimic it while I was reading your comment 😛

      2. I’m a huge Tina Fey fan as well! 🙂 You should definitely watch 30 Rock- it’s so hilarious and brilliant.

        Also, I’m trying now trying to mimic you mimicking me. We might have just created a wormhole.

      1. I had to think for this one, because I have sadly never seen 30 Rock, my TV shows being mostly limited to shows where people wear capes and blow things up, or use personal quirks to solve murders, or fly around in spaceships. fortunately, Disney came to the rescue. 🙂

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