Episode 2 of Saved By The Bell: Fully Loaded And Super New and BOOM

Saved By The Bell

Title: A.C. Slater’s Strange Addiction

Synopsis: Something strange is going on with Slater. He and Jessie are having relationship problems, but Jessie can’t figure out why. Slater is becoming more and more demanding of Jessie, he asks her to dye her hair red, wear caked on make-up, and he insists she start making more jokes. Jessie can’t figure out what’s going on with Slater, so she searches his internet history and finds something shocking. Clown porn. Lots and lots of clown porn.

Jessie asks the gang to meet her at The Max and tells them about Slater’s clown porn addiction through her tears. Zack refuses to believe it- no friend of his would have such a strange addiction, and he severely reprimands Jessie for violating Slater’s privacy. Later, Zack goes over to Slater’s house to listen to some sweet jams, and finds something shocking- Slater, asleep in bed, covered in clown make-up and wearing a red wig. Finally, Zack has to accept that Slater has a clown porn addiction. Zack apologizes to Jessie and together, they plan an intervention.

At Slater’s intervention, Slater denies he has a problem. Will he ever get the help he needs? Will Slater and Jessie find a way to make their relationship work?

Spoiler: Slater is forced to acknowledge he has a problem when Jessie confronts him in a full clown costume. Slater agrees to seek help. Jessie and Slater rebuild their relationship. Zack and Slater high-five. Everyone orders milkshakes.

Favorite episode quotes: “Slater, everyone enjoys clown porn every once in a while, but you’re addicted! I should know, remember the caffeine pills?”

19 thoughts on “Episode 2 of Saved By The Bell: Fully Loaded And Super New and BOOM

  1. You need to get this financed and get this on T.V. right now. Kelly killing the cheerleader and then Slater and clown porn? This is like a super amazing BOOM soap opera but with a good plot and no mild cardial infarksions.

  2. The best part about this as I am reading is I have a complete visual running through my head of the sence playing out, holy hell, too funny!

  3. “Be a clown, be a clown,
    All the world loves a clown.”
    -Cole Porter, in a 1948 musical called “The Pirate”. Apparently Judy Garland and Gene Kelly were in it. or so I hear.

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