This Is My Minute By Minute Reaction To The KStew Cheating Scandal.

Minute 1

Whoa. Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson? Wait….nope…I don’t care. Silly internets trying to pull me into celebrity gossip.

Minute 5

Uh-oh, there are pictures of Kristen Stewart cheating???! Doesn’t homegirl know there are cameras everywhere? I gotta see this….no. No, I don’t. It has zero effect on my life and is totally not my business and should be disregarded. But what does this mean for Bella and Edward? Will Stephanie Meyer re-write the ending to the Twilight series? 

Minute 6

 The Kristen Stewart cheating scandal is on  the news…..that means I should totally read everything about it! (And then I read all about it and came away feeling really pissed for the wife and kids of the director she cheated with. Why don’t people ever think of  the wife and kids (or husband and kids as the case may be)? Then I had to eat a bunch of chocolate to cure my case of the sads. 

Minute 30

Kristen issued an apology. It’s very emotional.  Yeah…no. I feel like she needs to apologize to the wife and kids and not just Robert, although of course, he deserves lots of apologies as well. Man, all the promo for the last Twilight is going to be so awkward…like way more awkward than it already was. And it was super awkward to begin with.WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT THIS?! I could be solving the world’s problems, or making people laugh, or both at the same time!

Minute 31

Yeah. I’m done reading about this. It is literally none of my business. But still…I thought Jodie Foster would have taught her better. 

46 thoughts on “This Is My Minute By Minute Reaction To The KStew Cheating Scandal.

  1. My thought process was really similar. I’m so bummed about this break up. Maybe Robert Pattinson will hook up with Water for Elephants star, Reese Witherspoon, I’d be down with that.

  2. Blah blah, well commented on…hasn’t she got enough in her life that she needs to do this…..the blah blah was because like you say why are we even bothering to comment, who cares….except to make the point she is a cheat and she deserves what she gets……oh yeh and the married man, he too is a prat and has really wounded his wife and kids and what for??? She seems a pain from the little I’ve seen of her (I took my daughter to the first one and Kstew just blinked her eyes thru the whole thing…acting blink blink I don’t think so)!!!!

  3. Who wants to guess how many 15 year old girls are pleading for a chance to make Robert Pattinson feel all better? “I know what he needs! A pack of hormonally unbalanced teenagers chasing him down the street intent on ripping his clothes off will make him forget all about that witch, KStew!”

  4. I love (read as, amazed that I even notice) that first reactions to this kind of news are often, “Somebody cheated on (fill in name of hottie famous person)?!” Yes, they too are HUMAN. Somehow it’s comforting that even Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore have been on the wrong end of cheating. Whatever makes us feel better, right?

  5. Peppermeister (hub) broke the news to me. I’m still in shock.

    I am currently trying to get in touch with Rob’s agent under the guise of providing “emotional support.”

    The fact that there are pictures is just Un.Real.

    I’m not prepared to comment further at this time.

  6. I haven’t read it. In fact I didn’t even know about it until just now. I wonder if they’ll stay together? I’ve always been a “one strike and you’re out” kind of guy when it comes to cheating.

    I’ll put up with a lot of crap, but not that.

  7. Amber says:

    What I don’t get is how she thought she could have gotten away with it. Also her apology didn’t ease the situation one bit. I agree with you about the director’s wife and kids. Kstew should have thought the statement through and issued an apology to them as well. It is kind of a waste to put so much thought into something like this but it’s hard not to ignore the ridiculousness of the actions of these celebrities. Oh pop culture.

  8. The Smile Scavenger says:

    Haha. My reaction last night was exactly like your minute 1. Then, I noticed that someone whose blog I follow (you) wrote about it. So I actually looked up the pictures this morning. My minutes that followed were nearly identical to yours.

    Not a Twilight fan, but that dude played Cedric on Harry Potter, so I like him. Also don’t usually care for celebrity drama, but sad for him and the director’s wife/kids… as well as for anyone who experiences this, famous or not. =/

  9. Delilah says:

    So true. It’s like a really bad car wreck that you don’t need to look at but you can’t seem to tear yourself away from gawking. So sad.

  10. So much for me being in the know…Now that I’ve read your updates, I think they’re both stupid for thinking that cameras literally hang from trees with people attached to them. Beyond that, I’m with you – the care factor for me is zero. Hope they all end up happy.

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