It’s Captain Thoughtful’s Birthday Y’all!!!

So, it’s Captain Thoughtful’s birthday today and I really love that guy a whole bunch so I’m dedicating this post to him. Because it’s about him. More specifically, it’s about the gifts I was going to get him but didn’t and that he should probably thank me for not doing.

1. A kangaroo. Captain Thoughtful loves kangaroos but I heard they will totally kick your chest in and also one of his best friends is going to Australia for 5 months and he’s going to miss him so I didn’t want to rub it in by buying a kangaroo for his birthday. Because I’m thoughtful like that. And I couldn’t find a kangaroo.

2. Skydiving. Sure, he really wants to skydive but I figured it’s not worth listening to me worry about him non-stop for weeks on end and telling him about all the stories I heard about (and made up) about people dying horrible skydiving deaths because they accidentally flew into airplanes or got smacked in the face by birds who were angry that people were trying to invade their sky territory.

3. A bear hug. Like, an actual hug from a bear. It just seems like you would feel so safe and secure and loved in a bear’s arms. However, party-poopers convinced me otherwise.

You’re welcome Captain Thoughtful. Happy birthday!!!Β And also, I love your guts!!!

34 thoughts on “It’s Captain Thoughtful’s Birthday Y’all!!!

  1. I think you’re b-day gifts are fabulous! Wish someone loved me enough to give me a bear hug…or was thoughtful enough to line up a kangaroo kick in the chest….and be there to cheer me on when I risk life and limb to jump out of a plane. Jeez…I’m never gonna find someone who loves me like that. C.T. is one lucky guy!

  2. Happy (belated, eep!) birthday, Captain Thoughtful! Did she let you wear a slap bracelet, at least? No? Not even for one day? …Are you SURE you want to put, I mean, keep a ring on it?

  3. And does C.T. appreciate your thoughtfulness? All things being equal, I think I might be terrified marrying you. Ya never know what you’re going to do next! lol

    Happy birthday, C.T., and long life to ya!

  4. Skydiving- been there, done that! It’s actually pretty fun. (It should be noted that the only reason I did it is because I have an adrenaline junkie boyfriend.) Totally understand the worrying bit thought πŸ™‚

  5. Awww, I was thinking of doing the skydiving thing with my BF for his birthday, however, being the curvaceous woman that I am I don’t know if there are any weight requirements and frankly I think that would put a little damper on the whole birthday if we’re on the plane and they say, “I’m sorry ma’am but you may just be too rubenesque for this activity.” LOL Happy Birthday Captain Thoughtful btw!

      1. I absolutely will and being that his birthday isn’t until September maybe I could downsize on my curves a little by then? (Not too much though because he enjoys them.) πŸ˜‰

  6. Going skydiving the next week. If you never see any comments from me again, you’ll know why. (Well, that and I’m generally too lazy to leave them.)

    Does Captain Thoughtful read your blog? Happy Birthday!

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