GotC’s Unpopular Opinion of the Week.

The Dark Knight Rises

Occasionally, I have unpopular opinions. Instead of secreting them away in my fortress of unpopular opinions (the wallpaper in the fortress is lime green and they never serve red flavored gummi bears) I decided to share one of those unpopular opinions with you. I’m not entirely sure why but I imagine it has something to do with wine……

I think ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is going to be bad. And not in the way where it’s good to be bad, but bad in the way where it’s just bad. I’m going to see it, don’t get me wrong, those Hollywood types will get my money, but I still think I’m going to walk out of the movie thinking it was bad.

And that was GotC’s unpopular opinion of the week. So be it.

28 thoughts on “GotC’s Unpopular Opinion of the Week.

  1. I watched the film some days ago and I think it’s awesome!
    It impressed me a lot, most of all the final of the film.
    I think that if you watched the film you should write something about your impressions 😉
    I hope you do it, I always read your posts!

  2. Well I saw it yesterday and it was a whole lot better than I expected!!

    Dare I say it was awesome 🙂

    Ahh low expectations always work for me 😉


  3. I’m DEEPLY concerned that it will be bad, as well. Cautiously hopeful, but concerned.

    Some of my evidence:
    1. The title is lazy.
    2. There’s a hovercraft plane thing in a series that wanted to be rooted in quasi-realism
    3. In the preview, a football field explodes/collapses in to the ground which A) are there caverns under the field? Where is this dirt collapsing to? and B) the receiver doesn’t notice the entire field collapsing inches behind his feet as he runs.
    4. Every single “Part 3” of a superhero series ever has been awful.

    1. I share all of those concerns and would like to submit a couple others.

      1. The dialogue in the second movie wasn’t very good (with the exception of The Joker’s part) and this doesn’t give me hope for the third.
      2. Christopher Nolan films are typically regarded for their depth but from the previews, this movie looks very one note to me.
      3. Will there be enough Marion Cotillard?

  4. We’re seeing it this weekend too. I want to know what you thought and if your prediction was right. Christopher Nolan is so good, so I’m betting it’s going to be good, but You might be right.

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