My Friday Morning Thought

Squirrel v. Bird

This morning, as I was leaving for work, I saw a bird fighting a squirrel y’all. No joke. A bird (has wings, will fly) and a squirrel (loves nuts probably carries plague) FIGHTING EACH OTHER. It was like animal kingdom mortal combat. The bird kept dive bombing the squirrel and pecking it with its beak, and the squirrel kept swiping at it and trying to pin it to the ground. I think in the end it was a tie because the bird flew away and the squirrel kind of hid in the bushes. I was like 99% sure I had just witnessed something unprecedented and amazing in nature so I googled “bird and squirrel fighting” and it’s like a thing that happens all the time y’all! There are videos, and posts, and images, and all sorts of documentation of birds and squirrels fighting. Apparently, birds and squirrels just can’t work it out through mediation and diplomacy. Which is sad.

So, my Friday morning thought is this: What can we, as human beings, do to help squirrels and birds find a lasting peace?

Follow-up thought: How unfair is it that I wasn’t the first to discover this secret nature war? When will I ever get to discover something???

32 thoughts on “My Friday Morning Thought

  1. Katherine Kelley says:

    Some people have bird feeder, I have squirrel feeders. They keep the pesky birds out of my garden, and they are pleasantly plump, so they leave my produce alone. It’s all about making nature wars work for you. 😉

  2. For clarification, stereotypes exist for a reason. That being said, I don’t know if it’s because I’m blonde or an Aggie that I can’t tell if my post is “being processed” or just didn’t post… So, being a mom (another stereotype), I will repeat myself:
    Must be an Aggie squirrel! They are so arrogant! They will challenge anyone who passes by, which is very funny when they are cooling their bellies flat on the concrete; you can see them choosing, “Do I challenge this passerby, or do I cling to my cool concrete?”

  3. Holy crap! Squirrels have run amok – I just posted about rabid ninja squirrels after coming across a warning sign at a wildlife refuge speaking of the awful attacking nature of those fuzzy furry little beasts. Maybe it is the birds that are egging them on (pun intended.) 🙂

  4. Birds harass squirrels, because squirrels will eat baby birds and eggs if they find them in a nest. So, the odds are pretty stacked against negotiating any peace agreements between the two sides any time soon.

    I was gonna take a swipe at working in a “no fly zone” reference, but my brain is too fried to pull it off. I miss reading your blog, GotC. Work is kicking my ass right now. In addition to being as hot as the surface of the sun, Summer is also very busy in my line of work 🙂

    1. Whoa?! Squirrels are the aggressors? That’s terrible. Consider me squarely on team bird.

      Also, I’ve been missing your comments for sure but I totally understand the craziness of your work schedule- I feel like (in all your spare time) you should totally write a book because I would love to hear more of your work stories and wisdom! 🙂

  5. cooper says:

    and we, as human, are so competent at getting two disparate groups to live in peace and harmony…
    maybe if you got yourself a microscope and discover new types of “germ” warfare…

  6. “”I’ve been pestered by squirrels all night,” said Arthur. “They keep on trying to give me magazines and stuff….and bits of rag.” -Mostly Harmless, Douglas Adams.

    1. Adams quotes in your comments get you at least 10 internet cool points (ICP’s) which are good towards the purchase of coed-naked t-shirts on a shady website that operates out of Bangladesh.

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