GotC- Read This Post Before Doing Your Laundry

Dear GotC,

It’s me, errr, you know, you. I’m writing to tell you to STOP BUYING DRY CLEAN ONLY CLOTHING AND THEN THINKING YOU CAN JUST PUT IT ON THE DELICATE CYCLE AND EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE!!! It won’t be fine. Not at all. You will ruin multiple skirts and blouses this way. In fact, you will ruin half your wardrobe this way because you keep doing it over and over again. Stop this destructive cycle now. If you’re going to buy dry clean only clothing then you need to suck it up and take those items to the dry cleaner no matter how expensive or inconvenient it is. Otherwise, maybe just stop buying dry clean only clothing in the first place. Except for that silk blouse you saw the other day, you really need that blouse.

But seriously. Stop ruining your favorite clothes by repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That is literally the definition of insanity. Orย perseverance.




31 thoughts on “GotC- Read This Post Before Doing Your Laundry

  1. Ha! I love it. It always drove me crazy when my mom, the accountant, would tell me that a pretty outfit that was on a screaming sale rack was not so cheap when you factored in the dry cleaning! Get Dryell. It really does the trick between cleanings…

  2. Such sensible solutions written in the comments here. May I offer one? Move to the top floor of a dry-cleaning service. That way, you can just drop it all off on your way to work and pick it back up again on your way home! Of course, the sensibility & practicality of this solution is questionable, but it sounded great in my head.

  3. LOL! I do the SAME THING. You can by these bags and dry-cleaning sheets and do it at home in the dryer, but it doesn’t seem like the clothes really get clean that way.

    So mostly I just shop at Target. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. If this works for you, let me know. Because nothing – nothing – seems to stick for me. I’m always confident that this time it’ll be fine, despite the 0% success rate.

  5. I purchased an exceedingly unflattering dress this summer that I’ve been wearing much more than I should because not only can it go in the washer without disintegrating, but the dryer too! It’s wonderful.

    Seriously, a designer could get rich by marketing a line of office-appropriate women’s clothing that can be both washed and dried in a normal person’s house. Oh, and pockets. I will buy a dress solely because it has pockets.

  6. Great post. My solution is that I do not buy anything that won’t go in the washing machine. I own one item of clothing that needs dry cleaning. It’s my one ultra formal multi-use, wedding, funeral, go to court dress, march on Washington dress. I wear it about once a year.

      1. Got it at Steinmart. But basically it’s a nondescript formal knee length dress that no one will remember and say something like “weren’t you wearing that dress the last 15 times I saw you?”

  7. “I have detected,” he said, “disturbances in the wash.” โ€ฆ
    “The wash?” said Arthur.
    “The space-time wash,” said Ford. โ€ฆ
    Arthur nodded, and then cleared his throat. “Are we talking about,” he asked cautiously, “some sort of Vogon laundromat, or what are we talking about?”

  8. Ha! This is the second laundry post I’ve read in two minutes – well at least you don’t have a rat lurking near the bundle of dry cleaning that I have forgotten to deal with – argh!

  9. I feel your pain. Now I buy NOTHING that requires more care than I give myself. My rule when I go clothes shopping: look at the wash instructions before I even contemplate trying it on. (Same deal with the price tag, actually.) That way I don’t go falling in love with an item that I would either ruin or would spend more time waiting to go to the dry cleaners or hanging in my closet unworn because I’m “saving” it until the dry cleaning hassle is worth it.

  10. Every now and then I’ll buy something dry clean only because I wasn’t paying attention. I had some success with those do-it-yourself dry cleaning dryer sheets, but even those failed me in the end. So no more! It’s permanent press all the way for me!

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