I’m In Need of Some Luck. And Also Some Information.

1985 penny

Can someone please tell me the really real truth on whether or not picking up a penny is lucky and exactly what the rules are for the luck?  You see, when I was a little girl, I always picked up pennies for luck (and also to put in my loafers), because hey, pennies are lucky right? Then I saw Grease and it changed the game. I mean, Marty gave Kenickie a penny and look at what happened to him, he took a car door to the noggin and got a concussion. All of the sudden, pennies didn’t seem so lucky. Then the lucky penny saga continued into high school where I first heard the rumor that a penny heads up is good luck but a penny face down is bad luck. Ummm, so I guess what I need to know is, was the penny Marty gave Kenickie heads up or face down??? The answer to that question could change my life.

Or, you know, if someone could tell me the definitive rule on whether or not pennies are lucky and if they are only lucky if you find them heads up, I would really appreciate it. Especially because I just bought a bunch of scratch-off lottery tickets and I need something lucky to scratch them with.

30 thoughts on “I’m In Need of Some Luck. And Also Some Information.

  1. carcarbone says:

    I pick up pennies face up to this day. It makes me happy when I see one all alone on the ground. I did it just the other day. None brought me any specific luck but I keep them all anyway. Ya never know!!

  2. I’ve never heard the heads down rule so I pick them all up regardless. Recently a lady I’d just met decided to ‘educate’ me and informed me quite pompously that they are only lucky if you give them away. I suspect she had a ‘holier than thou’ Mum. I stuffed the penny in her hand and smiled brightly, I got the luck, she got a penny!

    I’m not concerning myself about cleanliness or the plague. I like money – I don’t care where it’s been and I’m not giving up money just because someone might have dropped it. So you all can be clean and I’ll keep stray money, is that ok?

  3. cooper says:

    Pennies are always good luck…as long as you spot one sitting on top of a suitcase crammed with hundred dollar bills, lodged in the bottom of a barrel of Caramel Swirl ice cream or you just happened to have reached into the pocket of (insert fave celeb name here) and found one without getting arrested.

  4. During my campus tour at UCLA, I asked for a sign about whether I should attend college there or not. As I was walking down some steps, I found a penny heads up and took that as my signal. I’ve had the experience of a lifetime and met my fiancé there as well. Definitely believe that heads up is lucky! I threw the penny over my shoulder at the end of the tour in hopes it could be a sign for someone else.

  5. theliftblog says:

    I go by the “penny richer” rule. I’m lucky in that I’m allowing more wealth into my life, one cent at a time. 🙂

  6. I suppose I could give you my two cents, but it’ll cost you, and it appears you only have one cent.

    Better luck next time!

    Huh. Guess they’re bad luck.

  7. beck16 says:

    Finding a penny, heads up or down, is only lucky in that you’re a penny richer. 🙂
    I wish they were lucky, because I find pennies ALL the time, I can only imagine how great my life would be if they were!

  8. “I have now lived a hundred and nine winters in this world and have never yet met any such thing as Luck. There is something about all this that I do not understand: but if ever we need to know it, you may be sure that we shall.” -The Hermit, The Horse and His Boy.

  9. I’ve always heard they have to be heads up.

    But if they’re sitting on top of a crack, you break your mom’s back. And if you even look at a face down penny, you’re screwed in the luck department.Oh, and the luck only comes into play if you find a penny made of gold instead of copper and if it was minted by a leprechaun. But if it was made by a leprechaun, then surely he’s upset that he lost it and as soon as you find it, he will come to reclaim it and kill you just like in all those leprechaun movies. So my advice?

    Stay away from those pennies. They’re bad news.
    Quarters…I think quarters could totally be lucky.

  10. timmay says:

    As your luck would have it, on this you’d have to send me a penny for my thoughts…goods luck on the lottery.

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