Wedding Are Hilarious

When this gets to 0, the whole TV explodes. That’s how countdowns work. Probably.

Did you know that wedding countdowns are a thing? Because they are. There are apps, there are websites, there are people you’ve maybe met once who are counting down to your wedding. For the record, Captain Thoughtful and I have 179 days until our wedding, which means we’re getting married 12/22/12….that’s right y’all, we’re getting married the day after the end of the world.

Listen, I’m not that fond of countdowns in general because they usually lead to explosions, but I’m particularly not fond of a countdown that may or may not lead to an apocalypse the day before my wedding. And while I am extremely prepared for the apocalypse, I will be even more extremely pissed if it happens the day before my wedding. So, on top of all the typical wedding details we have to worry about, now Captain Thoughtful and I (mostly me….ok, only me) also have to worry about an apocalypse contingency plan.

Quick question, is “apocalypse chic” a wedding theme I could get away with?

29 thoughts on “Wedding Are Hilarious

  1. sophie king says:

    You’re getting married on my 24th birthday!!
    I really hope that we both survive the apocalypse 🙂

  2. Thats pretty brave of you both… having it the day after the world ending.
    I hope you have no problems with catering. Just cause its the end of the world shouldn’t mean your guests should starve!!!

  3. That would probably be the best wedding theme ever! Post pics if you finally go with it. This solves the whole dewy/glowy issue on the spot just go with apocalypse bride style 😀

  4. To your question, I would have to say YES, Totally. Ask any guy anywhere & if he has any kind of brain in his head, he’ll tell you that apocalypse supplies stuck in your garter is totally hot. Just don’t duct tape anything around your breasticles…Doomed to death or not, Captain Thoughtful won’t thank you for that.

  5. Hmm… White boots, white leather jacket, a bowie knife, ditch the flowers for a gun, and canned pork and beans for a wedding feast. Yeaaahhh… it could be done. 😀

      1. You could do both. Monty Python and apocalypse would be extraordinarily entertaining. 😛 It’d be….actually, a lot like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, come to think of it. I don’t suppose you’re familiar with that work, are you?

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