What Does It Mean???

I overheard one side of a telephone conversation last night that was made up of only the following phrases: “What’s the good word?” , “Sounds good chief.” , “Dude.”, “Alright boss.”, and “Later.”

So……what does it all mean? I can’t even imagine what conversation would constitute using only those phrases. Oh wait, I can totally imagine that conversation.

Me: Hello?

Guy on phone: What’s the good word?

Me: Well, I’m rather fond of the word “whimsy”, I think that’s a good word. 

Guy on the phone: Sounds good, chief.

Me: Yes….yes it does. Also, I really like you calling me “chief” I think it really reflects my importance in this imaginary conversation.

Guy on the phone: Dude. 

Me: You’re right. You’re right. I need to be more humble. I can’t tell me how much your candor means to me. Only a true friend could cut to the heart of the matter with only the word “dude”. You sir, are a master of language. And a gentleman. And you look good in a suit. 

Guy on the phone: Alright boss. 

Me: See? There you go inflating my ego again. How can a girl remain humble when you insist on lavishing her with terms of grandeur? 

Guy on the phone: Later. 

Me: Yes, let’s continue this conversation at a later time. I *do* so enjoy our talks. 

At least, I’m pretty sure the conversation would go something like that.

45 thoughts on “What Does It Mean???

  1. Wonderful stuff – well done. In the conversations I always overhear in public, rthe forst answer is “Oh, nuthin’ – what are you doin’?”. Is this the reason for all of this technology? So that we can tell people we aren’ doing anything

  2. Tammy says:

    Here’s what our friend overheard when she stepped off the plane in L.A. a few years ago(mind you, she was about 12 years old, from upstate New York, and she was on her first flight alone, to meet up with fellow-birders for a special Young Birders trip): “Hey baby, I’ve got the stuff. This party’s gonna rock.”

    Yup, it stuck. Now it’s what we use whenever we need a line. You’d be surprised how often it works out…as in, “Honey, could you pick up some milk on the way home?” (Insert line.) Or, “Could someone grab the mail on their way in?” (Insert line.)…and on and on.

    LOVE one-sided conversations – so much fodder for fun!

    Thanks for the lovely post – you’re such an Ace!

  3. Great post!

    I hear a lot that consist ONLY of “right!” and “heh, heh”, the latter in a really creepy insincere tone that my husband never uses in real life. That’s how I know he is talking to someone from work. 😉

  4. That kinda proves that men use way fewer words than women. I’ve always heard that, but never seen it so well exampled. I could go on and on about this subject… Haha 🙂

  5. emmlaa says:

    and men think we are the complicated ones.

    This post is like sunshine of this stupidly raining day we are having in England.

      1. emmlaa says:

        This could be a possibility, did it rain over there? Cause I did a rain dance especially.

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