Journey May Be A Cover For Serial Killers

This does look a bit suspicious….

When you date a Professor of Geography, you learn a lot of things. For instance, you learn that the band Journey was probably just a cover for serial killers. Captain Thoughtful (or should I say Professor Captain Thoughtful?) clued me on this one day when I was singing along (loudly) to “Don’t Stop Believing”.

 Me: Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit…

 Professor Captain Thoughtful: Did you know there is no such place as South Detroit? It’s just Lake Erie.

 Me: Thanks for ruining the moment.

Later, as I was pondering on why Professor Captain Thoughtful would want to hurt me by questioning Journey lyrics, it occurred to me that he was right. (I may have looked at a map). But that he totally didn’t even realize that hundreds of thousands of people have probably drowned in Lake Erie looking for “South Detroit”.  Then I wondered why I hadn’t heard of any PSAs about how “South Detroit” isn’t a place and that if you go looking for it and aren’t a strong swimmer you are totally going to drown in Lake Erie, and why in the world had Journey not released another song clarifying that “South Detroit” is really Lake Erie? Slowly, it occurred to me that Journey wanted people to keep making that mistake and drowning in Lake Erie, because they are ACTUALLY SERIAL KILLERS.  This is there signature kill, and it’s really the perfect cover because no one would ever suspect them. Journey may be the most prolific serial killers in history.

31 thoughts on “Journey May Be A Cover For Serial Killers

  1. Hey, now wait just a dagnabbed minute here! Journey is one of my favorite rock bands of all time. My husband, when pressed, picked out their song “Faithfully” to be “our” song. I LOVE that song. If Journey are a bunch of serial killers, well I…I…I will cry! 😦

  2. My own Mr Thoughtful is from metro Detroit and I once observed that on my many visits there I never came upon any signs for South Detroit. He said Journey raised quite a ruckus back when the song was released. So their cover was blown locally right at the start.

  3. Totally! And how about the “midnight train goin’ an-y-where.” Is there one? Or was that just another hateful ploy….making people come to the train depot in the middle of the night….ripe for robbery or OTHER serial killers?

  4. “A decent, respectable hobbit was Mr. Drogo Baggins; there never was much to tell of him, till he was drownded.”
    “Drownded?” said several voices. They had heard this and other darker rumors before, of course, but hobbits have a passion for family history, and they were ready to hear it again.”

    ….you know what that means? JOURNEY KILLED FRODO’S FATHER. This changes everything!

      1. Thank God for that. Now that you’ve busted Journey out, it’s only a matter of time before this goes to every news station in America. The people are on to you, Journey!! And we will have justice!! (And I would like for that justice not to extend to your millions of unwitting accomplices…)

  5. heather liebler says:

    I must say, you and Professor Captain Thoughtful have educated and amused me again. And thank you I will never listen to Journey again with out a little giggle and questioning look on my face!

  6. This was so funny I had to read it to my Captain Thoughtful, who immediately deferred to your Captain Thoughtful. I must admit to feeling completely turned around at the thought that Journey’s primary occupation was other than being a great rock group…Oh my husband is singing “Don’t Stop Believing”…I think I need a lake to jump into.

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