Do NOT Take The Bloggess’ Book To A Graduation Ceremony

You guys, do NOT take The Bloggess’ book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” to a graduation ceremony. I am dead serious about this. This might be the best advice I’ve ever given and you should definitely take it to heart.

I know this is good advice, because I did the opposite of it at my cousin’s graduation on Saturday. I took The Bloggess’ book and I read it and I learned an important lesson, which is I should have probably brought a different book to graduation. Maybe one that made me all weepy or introspective of something. What I definitely shouldn’t have done was bring a book that is funny as hell and twice as curse-word laden. And I especially shouldn’t have started reading that book when the President of the University began his speech because while I was trying to stifle my laughter at this exceptionally well written and extraordinarily funny book, the President of the University was talking about struggle, and the Civil Rights movement, and perseverance.

Basically, my laughter made everyone around me think I was a lazy racist. Which, I’m not just for the record. I’m just a girl who chose the wrong moment to start reading a hysterical book written by one of her blogging idols.

Learn from my mistakes friends. Don’t let the world think you’re a lazy racist. Take something a bit more serious to read during your friend’s and family’s graduation ceremonies.


37 thoughts on “Do NOT Take The Bloggess’ Book To A Graduation Ceremony

  1. I love that you brought a book to graduation. I always have one with me, in case I might have 10 minutes when my attention to something else is not required…or the crowd is large enough that it could go unnoticed….until you start laughing, of course.

  2. “…it was the sort of gasp you give when you’re struggling with suppressed laughter. “Oh,” growled Eustace, “you think it funny, do you?” -The Last Battle.

  3. That settles it. I’ve got to get this book! I have 2 grad ceremonies to attend this month so here’s the question; Take this book, 50 shades of Gray or the new Sookie Stackhouse novel? None of which are good options for graduation reading…I’m thinking 50 Shades just so I can give the middle aged divorcee’s that are sure to be seated behind me (& reading over my shoulder) one hell of a thrill.

  4. I absolutely LOVED this book!!! It made me laugh constantly. I even tried telling my husband about it – and he hates books. Seriously, this is one of the funniest books I’ve read and yet it was also very serious in the challenges she encountered and how she handled them and perceived them with humor – at least in her retelling or looking back on them. I can’t compliment it enough. Also, I read this on the plane on several flights and got odd looks from other passengers as I laughed out loud!

  5. Probably snickering at the Presidents appeal to value Civil Rights will plague you in a ‘You Tube’ format one day. You just know that someone caught you at it with their IPhone.

    But what a great plug for the book.

  6. I’m almost done reading it. It is hilarious! I keeping laughing outloud, and I’m pretty sure my boyfriend thinks I’m slowly going insane…or plotting against him.

  7. caityrosey says:

    Also, don’t listen to the audio version while running. You will laugh when you mean to inhale, which will make you light headed and woozy.

  8. Totally agree. I actually just won a signed copy of her book from her site. Was considering using it in a contest on my blog, but my wife thinks I should keep it. You know in case 30 years from now I want to go on Antiques Roadshow and see how much it’s worth.

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