I wonder why we don’t say “forsooth” more often. It’s so deliciously snarky. According to Le Dictionary, it’s “used to give an ironic politeness to questions”. For real y’all. Ironic politeness. That’s a thing and that’s a thing I need to make more use of.

For example, next time one of my friends starts dating a guy I think is a douche-canoe, I can say something like “Forsooth, I think he is swell.” And they will think I’m being nice when I’m really saying he is a Jerky McJerkerson. It’s ironic politeness because social conventions dictates that I have to be cordial because my friend likes him, but my inner truth dictates that I despise the very sight of him. “Forsooth allows me to maintain my borderline socially acceptable behavior and keep my inner truth happy.   Boom! Girl on the Contrary for the win.

I feel like this “forsooth” thing is really going to work out well for me, prepare yourselves for excessive amounts of ironic politeness. Also, I may occasionally use it as a substitute curse word. For example, if I were to drop a heavy book on my toe, I would say “FORSOOTH!”, or if I found out that someone was talking mad trash about me I could say “She’s a forsoothing forsoother.” Man, this word is a gold mine!

50 thoughts on “Forsooth.

  1. You would not believe how often I’ve used the word ‘forsooth’ since reading this. My husband has started too now. We are thinking of adding in verily occasionally too.

      1. I like the way you pointed out Your Heart!! haha you should have slipped a dummy in there 😉

        No, seriously you rock and twist the English language and you’re obviously too polite to correct people 😀

        Such a forsoother!

  2. The only use of “Forsooth” I could find in the Lord of the Rings was this from Eomer, in “The Two Towers.
    “What aid can he give to you, forsooth? All he desires is to escape from his plight.” which actually seems appropriate for the Jerky McJerkerson situations. 😛

      1. Roly says:

        OH YES! I know the eye roll well …. I have a wife daughter and two granddaughters who are proficient practitioners of the eye roll and the pfffffftttttt that goes with it 🙂

  3. Hahahahahha hot ghana agternoon and am sitn I s a cab thinkn of who am gonna use the word on. Omg who ever made cool too simple a word to describe you messed up english for me. But now you are simple abusing the word thou. X_x …….. “She’s a forsoothing forsoother.”. ……. Okay now you have my full attention haha

  4. I applaud you for using “douche canoe” and “forsooth” in the same sentence. I had never heard of the first term before (at least not that combination), and I’ve never spoken/written the latter term before. Good luck in your forsoothing endeavor.

      1. Well, it was a great blog…but it was a weak attempt at giving you a compliment while being amusing simultaneously…:-)

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