The Crows Are Coming…..


Once upon a time, I thought of myself as a nature lover. Then, last week I was walking to dinner with Captain Thoughtful and I saw something that has forever changed me and convinced me that I should stay inside at all times.ย I saw a crow pecking a tiny sparrow to death. True story.

It was just pecking and pecking and the little sparrow kept trying to fly away but it was hurt and the crow was relentless in the pecking and OH MY WORD DID YOU KNOW CROWS EAT SPARROWS????? I didn’t know that. I wish I still didn’t know that. And I also wish that Wikipedia didn’t exist to tell me that crows also eat nestlings which are baby birds that haven’t left the nest and crows are BABY KILLERS. And I also learned that in a group crows are actually pretty intelligent and they are ALWAYS IN A GROUP! Beware the crows y’all!!!

And now I’m remembering that when I was in college a crow actually flew into my car (my windows were down) and scratched my arm when I was trying to shoo it back out the window. And I realize now that I’ve been marked. The crows are clearly coming for me. That poor innocent sparrow was a warning. The crows are coming…..


40 thoughts on “The Crows Are Coming…..

  1. Gerry says:

    What do you think nature is about people if not survival of the fittest… all birds, mammals, crustaceans, fish are part of the food chain… crows have survived for thousands of years due to the fact they have intelligence and community… people are supposed to have intelligence but at the rate we are killing each other off, I have to wonder…

  2. Did you know that crows eat baby rabbits, and that rabbit mothers don’t have the sense to keep their kids in a deep hole, they just scoop out a divot and cover them with grass and fur. At my office two babies got taken before the alarm was raised and I had to makeshift a cover that would keep the crows out but let rabbit-mom in to feed her kids. Very emotional day, I can tell you!

  3. Birds are pure evil. I truly believe this. Everyone thinks I’m just being irrational, but just watch Hitchcock’s film…

  4. OMG. I think this means you’re not supposed to eat pie. Or something. Wait. That’s blackbirds. Well, still. Maybe no pie. Just to be safe.

  5. You know winter is coming right? Dunno which is worse…

    Also I’m terrified of birds in general because of Hitchcock and crows well let’s just say I’ve always tried to stay away from them.
    There is a Spanish saying “Cria cuervos y te sacarรกn los ojos” meaning Feed crows and they’ll pull your eyes out. You don’t want to mess with them but since you’ve been marked they probably think you’re one of them so you’re safe ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Crows flat out, terrify me. We have a crows nest in a tree nearby and they have run off practically every other bird in the neighborhood. The tree right outside is usually FULL of tiny little finches and songbirds and hummingbird couples, but now it’s silent. The other morning my husband and I walk out on our deck to find two crows standing on each wing of another bird and another crow pecking it to death. It was a freaking horror scene! We scared them off, but still. The bird’s screams will HAUNT me. Horrible! I feel your pain on this one.

  7. k. says:

    Birds are evil. My friends have seen seagulls pecking pigeons to death and eating them. How very adorable… not.

  8. “…those were crows! And nasty suspicious-looking creatures at that, and rude as well. You must have heard the ugly names they were calling after us.” -Balin, “The Hobbit.”

  9. There’s a type of crow in South America that uses tools (sticks and such) to get at it’s food? It’s the only other creature outside of chimps and monkeys that does. So…stay out of South America or nowhere will be safe.

  10. OK so maybe they can be pretty brutal in their feeding habits but I still love crows. I used to walk through a park everyday and feed the crows as I went and they used to look out for me. When one saw me they would call and all the others would come for their food. They even recognised me when I changed my appearance, proving that they recognised *me*, not just my big winter coat!

    Even if they know you they will only eat the food when you’re walking away. They don’t trust you if you try to watch them eat (although they’re OK with you facing them and walking away backwards, just as long as you’re moving away). Even crows know to be wary of a free lunch.

    And did you know they can recognise their reflections? That’s quite a big deal in terms of animal intelligence.

    I don’t know if it helps or not but what goes around comes around – yesterday I saw a corpse of a fledgling crow that I think a cat had killed. I guess you can’t blame nature for its, err, nature, you just have to enjoy the good bits.

  11. One time I was walking in the parking lot Towards my car, and I walked under a tree. A mockingbird appears out of the tree and starts attacking me! Pecking at my hair and my arm. I ran to the car as quickly as possible! From this experience I’ve learned to try to avoid walking under a tree. Birds vicious little creatures!

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