Goodbye Delicious Friends

French Fries

I just joined Weight Watchers y’all. And while I’m excited to get healthier, I’m also mourning the loss of some of my best food friends. This post is my official goodbye (at least for a while) to those fat-filled amigos of mine.

 Goodbye French fries. You’re probably my best fried friend. I love how salty you are and how no matter how bad my day was, you always managed to cheer me up by letting me consume large amounts of you and then releasing pleasure endorphins into my brain. Boy, we’ve sure had some great times, haven’t we? Remember that time when I was 1 and I choked on you? That didn’t stop us from being the closest of friends for 26 years. I’ll miss you the most.

 Goodbye chips and queso. I will always love you. You’re the best snack turned into a meal that a girl ever had. Thanks for being delicious.

 Goodbye potato chips. It’s true what the ads say, I never could eat just one. That’s why we have to say goodbye. I don’t know how to quit you. (Except in this case when I am quitting you)

 Goodbye cupcakes. So delicious and fluffy and pretty. You were one of my favorite desserts. I loved our special times together, like when I would come home and eat 3 of you while watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

 Goodbye chicken nuggets. You’re so tiny and delicious and I will always love you. I’ll always keep the memories we had together close to my heart, like when I dipped you in barbecue sauce.

 Goodbye ranch dressing. I put you on everything. You were always good to me and I’ll never forget what a delicious good accompaniment you are. You taste food on just about everything, never forget that.

Maybe I’ll see my food friends again someday. But probably in smaller portions.

71 thoughts on “Goodbye Delicious Friends

  1. Goodluck… I have said goodbye to them three months ago and I see the difference, but it is very hard to resist them when my brother keeps munching in front of me 😛

  2. You is brave, chickpea. I did WW (weight watchers not, um, world war) last year. Good news? It works big time. Bad news? I still whimper a little bit when someone eats pizza around me 🙂

    1. Thanks! Not the pizza guys fault. I may or may not be purchasing a special dress in the next few months and don’t want that experience to gut me so I thought I better get in shape. 😉

  3. you can have baked fries and they’re really good. just cut up a russet potato w skin on and toss w olive oil (lightly) and bake til done. not as good as a good ol fried crinkle cut but still tasty! good luck! guess i need to be making same changes. 😦

  4. I could never give up any of those foods except maybe ranch or chicken nuggets, though I couldn’t live without chicken strips.

    I still think you can lose weight and eat those foods as long as you calorie-count, but maybe that’s the fatty fatty boom boom optimism I’ve convinced myself of.

  5. Good luck and stay strong! I could easily give up all the stuff on your list but queso never! You take cheeze out of my diet and I lose the will to live hahaha.

    Lil tip: when you feel the need for a snak chose fruit and drink lots of water 😉

    Also I found out alcohol plays against us on a diet so if you’re not a wineaholic like me don’t worry but if you are you are screwed 😀

  6. Good Luck! One of my resolutions is to eat healthier and I was doing really well until this month. I have been back to my old eating – fast food, chinese, chips, sweets, pre-packaged, basically anything I don’t have to cook myself. I haven’t gained any weight back, but I feel TERRIBLE! I can really tell the difference! I’m tired and bloated and irritable. Okay, maybe that last one is just me :). But I’m realizing how much we really are what we eat; they weren’t just yanking our chain about that one. I realize now that I would rather do without the chips and cookies – heck, I want to not eat them now. All those unhealthy foods are making me feel like crap. I guess I felt like crap before, but I was so used to feeling that way that I didn’t realize i felt like crap.

  7. Good luck, you can do it!

    One quick tip I do: Get the baked tortilla chips and eat them with salsa for a satisfying guilt-free snack! It always works for me.
    Also: Halle Berry eats air-popped popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon. (she’s a diabetic…and the cinnamon helps to keep blood sugar levels level).


  8. My sometime success in WW was based on the fact that my favorite foods were not taboo. Just limited, severely. Once you get started and understand the program you and your french fries will be friends once again. (Maybe just a little distanced) Best of luck. WW works.

  9. theliftblog says:

    Good luck on your journey!! I belong to an online site called and tracking what you eat is SOOOOO easy as well as what you do to work out. Not sure if WW has something similar but either way I wish you luck. I’m on the same path, as I’ve gained back everything I lost so here’s to your goodbyes and hellos to new beginnings! ❤

  10. oh i cant live with out french fries and hotdog…
    french fries have been there with me for so long now..every bad day, every blue mood…sob..i cant let go of them even if i want to..
    but lately i too have been ignoring them..
    i feel your pain … 😛

  11. Some day soon – in moderation. I have cut some things out of my eating and after a while you no longer miss them or the foods you crave just taste off at least for me. Have a Great Weekend:)

  12. What?????!!! You mean to say you intend to lose weight, and then maintain your goal weight, by cutting down on portion size and eating sensibly? That’s crazy talk, my friend.

    Where are the miracle pills, the crazy tuna & cabbage milkshakes, and the electro-shock waistbands that give you abs of steel while you watch TV, huh? Did you even stop to think about all the late-night infomercial people who were relying on you for their kid’s college funds? I didn’t think so.

    Now get yourself down to the CVS and buy a Shake Weight, ASAP. And then post a video, ‘cuz I think those commercials are funny as hell.

    My In-laws are both lifelong WW folks, btw. They love it and have had great success. It soon becomes second nature and once they developed good habits they don’t even have to think about it.

    1. Hahaha! It’s funny because I already own a shake-weight.

      Also, I love hearing about people that WW worked for- it’s nice to know it will become a habit. Right now, I really have to think about it, but hopefully soon it will be natural to me. Thanks!!!

  13. Good for you! I’ve been on and off for years, but it’s seriously the only way I’ve lost weight. You’ve inspired me to get back on — today! High five, and keep up the good work!

  14. You WILL see your friends again someday in smaller portions. That’s why WW is so awesome! I’m a (slightly fanatic) Weight Watcher. Lost 46 pounds, hit goal almost a year ago, and actually was picked to be in one of their commercials. If you ever have ANY questions, I loooove talking WW. It’s the only thing that ever worked for me, and I tried a lot. A lot a lot. Good luck!

  15. Tammy says:

    Kudos to you! Good luck – go get ’em! Can’t wait to hear your slimming stories! Wish I could do it, maybe someday?!

      1. I’m dieting as well as about to do intermittent fasting- and my Ranch has been downgraded to Light. But I can’t remove it from my diet. Its my universal condiment

  16. I like your last statement. WW is a lifestyle change. It will be hard to stop eating your delicious friends but, once you get into the WW healthy habit, you will be able to hang with your friends again albeit smaller portioned.

  17. talking of food friends….I was thinking of making a Turkish Delight reference, but then I remembered this classic bit from the Silver Chair.
    “MAN. This elegant little biped has long been valued as a delicacy. It forms a traditional part of the Autumn Feast, and is served between the fish and the joint.”

  18. I need to reblog this just to remind myself that I’m supposed to be saying goodbye to a lot of these things, too. Chips are my weakness! Knowing that I’m not supposed to eat them right now just makes me want to…eat them. Right now.

  19. Good luck – though I’m sure you’ll be successful and will reunite with your good food buddies in the near future. I must admit, I’m SO glad I saw this picture of fries early in the morning, when they hold little appeal, or I would have been fast tracking it to McDonalds instead of the gym..:-)

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