Girl On The Contrary, Sleeps On Her Side.

Nobel Peace Prize

I was thinking the other day about how doctors get to say “Hi my name is Doctor McDoctorson, M.D.” or “My name is Doctor McDoctorson, Ph.D.” or rich people get to say “My name is Richy McRicherson, Esquire.” And I was thinking it might be really cool if everyone got to have a title but it was just something factual about their life instead of some kind of accolade. Also, I think doing it that way would really go a long way in solving the have v. have-not situation. I mean, obviously it wouldn’t solve the entire problem but it would be like a really good starting place. It’s the perfect mix of individualism and communism because everyone get their very own unique title but no one’s title is necessarily better than anyone else’s. I expect the government to be contacting me about this shortly. In the meantime, here are a few titles I’m thinking of for myself.

Girl on the Contrary, sleeps on her side.

Girl on the Contrary, likes watermelon.

Girl on the Contrary, flosses regularly.

Girl on the Contrary, gives lots of high-fives.

Girl on the Contrary, likes jelly beans.

Girl on the Contrary, tells jokes.

Girl on the Contrary, sings showtunes in the morning.

For real this time, I’m like 97% sure this idea is going to earn me a Nobel peace prize. But don’t worry, even after I win that prestigious award, I’ll still just be Girl on the Contrary, sleeps on her side. (And also she won a Nobel peace prize).

What would you like your title to be?

63 thoughts on “Girl On The Contrary, Sleeps On Her Side.

  1. Bethyilicious Spiffy McSpifferson, Photographer. Say that 10 times fast. If my opinion counts, and I’m sure it doesn’t, I’m all for Girl on the Contrary, I Sing ShowTunes in the Morning.

  2. Beth, watches Kdramas
    Beth, memorized Phantom
    Beth, my blood is tea
    Beth, of Hobbit stature
    Beth, flighty bird
    Beth, hugs fluffy things

    I like this idea. You should get the Nobel for sure!!

  3. Little Miss Obsessive – cant do without hotdogs
    Little Miss Obsessive – Talks to herself
    Little Miss Obsessive – cant do without headphones
    Little Miss Obsessive – Is hungry after every 2 hours
    Little Miss Obsessive – Thinks night ends after 2
    oh i can go on and on…but i just realized am hungry again.. πŸ™‚

  4. I want the title and the one too. See I don’t ask for much πŸ™‚

    If you do win the Nobel prize count me in for the party afterwards.


    1. yey wordpress deleted my tittles so that my sentence wouldn’t make any sense hahaha!

      I want the I’M CRAZY AND I KNOW IT tittle and the I DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T SHARE MY OPINIONS one too.

  5. Hmmmm, this is good question. I feel so unprepared. I don’t have anything currently in mind….
    MarinaSleeps…. needs her naps
    MarinaSleeps…. never saying no to a steak
    MarinaSleeps…. never laughing last
    MarinaSleeps…. somewhere over the rainbow.

    I really can’t think of anything. Man sorry.

  6. Nice post. You tickle me to pieces. Thanks for making me laugh today. I needed it. And yes you should win the Nobel Peace Prize for this wonderful idea!

  7. emmlaa says:

    Emma Morris, Queen of Procrastination πŸ™‚

    I’m doing this right now instead of doing an assignment, I think the title fits πŸ˜€

  8. haha I was seriously excited to get my Project Mgmt Professional (PMP) certification so I could finally have initials after my name, ’cause goodness knows I ain’t ever going back to school.

    Sincerely Yours,
    gojulesgo, Educated Enuff

  9. I tell people I’m “CDO” ( Chief Domestic Officer) or that I’m a “Domestic Economist” – its great cuz it sounds like a real thing & I get that head tilt . Your letters could be “CSO” (“Chief Shower-singing Officer”)

  10. I’d be tempted to reject the Nobel Prize on principal, given their tendency of late to award it to whatever miscreant is currently in vogue among the intellectual elites – regardless of their track record or qualifications. But in truth I’d probably accept it – and then promptly cash the check and melt down the medal for the gold content. The cashed check would be donated to a charity of my choice – probably Scottish Rite Hospital. The proceeds from the gold melt would go toward a Barrett .50 cal rifle for me…. ‘cuz they’re so freaking expensive that’s undoubtedly the only way I’ll ever get the cash to buy one.

    That rant aside… I like all your choices for titles. They are like a little piece of “you” that share much more than any of the traditional bland titles.

    Paladin, loves Haggis.
    Paladin, grows a bitchin’ beard.
    Paladin, can be painfully sarcastic.
    Paladin, does not suffer fools gladly.
    Paladin, mostly harmless.

  11. “During his reign and to his face he was called Rabadash the Peacemaker, but after his death and behind his back he was called Rabadash the Ridiculous, and if you look him up in a good History of Calormen (try the local library) you will find him under that name.” -The Horse and His Boy.

  12. I love this post because officially my title is Dr Julie Goyder because I have a PhD but I have always HATED being called Dr Goyder – I prefer Julie!!

  13. Ahaha, thanks for the morning giggle. I think mine would either have to be “JodiKS, friend to all canines” or “JodiKS, distracted by sparklies”

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