Just For The Record

Sean Bean

Just for the record, I would join and fight in any army that was led by Sean Bean. (aka Eddard Stark aka Boromir)

Just for the record, I believe that funfetti cake is a perfectly acceptable meal.

Just for the record, I am always interested in participating in a secret handshake.

Just for the record, if any of the Harry Potter movies are on TV, that’s what I’m watching.

Just for the record, I’m watching Storage Wars Texas while I’m writing this and I love it.

Just for the record, watermelon is the best sno-cone flavor.

Just for the record, there is nothing wrong with eating icing right out of the bowl.

Just for the record, I do have a favorite President, can you guess which one?

Just for the record, history was always and will always be my favorite subject.

Just for the record, I have tried to cast a Fununculus charm. It didn’t work.

Just for the record, I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend.

68 thoughts on “Just For The Record

  1. Girl I’d be right there with you fighting in Starks/Boromir’s army. And just for the record…I sometimes think ”Alohomora” in my head when I’m unlocking my door.

  2. Just for the record I would join his army too. Or seduce his bastard πŸ™‚

    JFTR I’m little Arya Stark πŸ™‚

    JFTR Have an awesome weekend yourself πŸ™‚

      1. Gods be good It’s like his deliberately asking for it since the touch of a women he has never had:)

        JFTR I’m finding the books are so much better than the show.


  3. What do you mean “eat icing out of the bowl”….what do other people do with it?
    Not only would I join that army, but I’d sail any ship of Captain Jack Sparrow or set off on any quest lead by Strider/ Aragorn !

  4. I believe the secret to the fununculus charm is a sort of flick…too bad you don’t have your own personal Hermione stuffed away in a pocket somewhere. And if you do…you better check your lint trap. Fast.

  5. “Just for the record, history was always and will always be my favorite subject.”

    When I first looked at your post, I read it too quickly and thought you said, “Just for the record, I was always and will always be my favorite subject.” I was gonna say, “ME, TOO! I am my own favorite subject, too!” But now that would just be awkward πŸ˜‰

  6. cooper says:

    During the coming attractions prior to Hunger Games, the trailer for upcoming movie Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killer was shown. After it was over some snarky gentleman behind me said, George Washington, Prostitute.

    I had to laugh.

  7. Did you watch the season premiere??! Obviously, I’m talking about Game of Thrones. I thought it was pretty good but I miss Father Stark.

      1. Just download it online…I’m not sure where my roommate does that but I can ask if you’re interested. We watch it on HBO and download it afterwards. LOL they (maybe we?) are obsessed lol

  8. LOL You too, GotC! And I think your favorite President must be the President of Sno-cones, who, it might interest you to know, is quite good friends with the Mayor of Watermelon Way, a town known for its allegiance to House Stark.

  9. I’ve never seen the HBO adaptation of Game of Thrones, ‘cuz we don’t have the HBO, but I’m about half way through the first book and I’m loving it completely. I didn’t know Sean Bean was playing Stark in the cable series, but he looks just like I imagined the character in my head. I love when that happens.

    Just for the record, I’m really glad I followed a link on another blog one day and found my way here.

    Oh yeah… I don’t do it often, but I’ve been known to eat an entire tub of storebought frosting right out of the can in the course of an evening.

    Hardcore representin’, Yo.

  10. Just for the record – your post delights me and I hope you try to cast more charms. I think you’d be quite good at it! Happy weekend…

  11. Just for the record, I would follow your blog into battle anytime. Well, not so much battle as ice cream parlor or donut shop or something like that. Why is there no such thing as a cake shop?

  12. heather liebler says:

    first of all… I would be fighting beside you for ANY cause Sean Bean brainwashed me into believing was necessary. And now that you mention it… many on your list are dear to my heart!

    Love, love, love your blog. Fabulously funny, to the point but in a complete non-stunted way, and anticipated. Thanks for that!

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