A Blog Post- Captain Thoughtful Style.

 A while back I got several requests for Captain Thoughtful to write a post and write a post he did. Prepare yourselves for some beautiful words. Feel free to marvel at how a flirtation failure with a penchant for rough language like me ended up in love with the most wonderful man in the world. 


God bless geography.  God bless Austin, Texas.  God bless live music.  God bless The Gourds.  God bless Patrick Sweany.  God bless Girl on the Contrary.  Without my love for geography, Austin, live music, the Gourds, Patrick Sweany, and of course Girl on the Contrary, there would not be a guest blog from me (Captain Thoughtful) today.

My arrival to central Texas took quite a haphazard route.  A route many a lost sixteenth century explorer would be proud of.  A native Ohioan (yes, you may all gasp that a Yankee is living in Texas) generally does not willingly move to Michigan, but alas that was the first part of the journey.  The pursuit of avoiding the real world and getting a “grown up person job” (thank you grad school) leads people to do things they normally would not consider, like moving to the Arctic wasteland that is Michigan.  Suffering from the intolerable cruelty that is a Michigan winter, I attended a geography conference in Puerto Rico where I made a favorable impression upon faculty at a university in Texas.

Lured by warm temperatures and four more years of grad school, avoiding the real world and feeling like a grown up, I made the move to Texas.  Fast forward one year and I find myself enjoying another great concert in Austin (shocking, I know), when out of nowhere, Girl on the Contrary walks in the door.  My roommate had told me that one of his friends was going to meet up with our group.  However, he failed to mention that she was the most beautiful woman in the entire world! That’s a true story.  Look it up in the dictionary, you’ll see her picture.  A few gulps of liquid courage later, I found myself talking to Girl on the Contrary, and right away I was done for.  I knew she was something special and I was trying my best to play it cool (as cool as a guy could be who, on a dare decided to grow a beard for four months).  I must have done something right, because here I am six months later.

Sure, the story of how we met is a classic “by chance” encounter.  The guy from Ohio and the girl from Texas, attending a concert featuring two acts from, yep, you guessed it, Ohio and Texas.  The stars have aligned!  The Mayans were right!  What are the odds?  Who cares?!  All I know is that night in late September I met the love of my life!  Folks, those of you who are dedicated followers of Girl on the Contrary (and there are many of you!) already know this, but she rocks!  Seriously y’all (yes, she has me saying y’all, although breaking me of my “pop” habit and adopting “soda” might take a while), she is beautiful, loving, caring, funny, clever, smart, creative, adventurous, and quite frankly, just the most amazing woman ever!

To quote Shakespeare, specifically The Tempest, “what’s past is prologue.”  As exciting and memorable as the last six months have been with Girl on the Contrary, I am even more excited to see what the future holds for us.  Whatever may come, I know that the greatest woman in the world is standing next to me and we will have as much fun as possible conquering the world, one blog or one lecture at a time.  I will (temporarily) leave you loyal followers of Girl on the Contrary with one of the most beautiful songs ever written, “Where I Should Always Be,” complements of one of the finest bands ever:  The Band:

Who knew, Austin, Texas is where I should always be.  God bless geography.  God bless Austin, Texas.  God bless live music.  God bless The Gourds.  God bless Patrick Sweany.  God bless Girl on the Contrary.

PS, Girl on the Contrary, I love you with all of my heart and soul, forever and ever!


I’m not even going to lie to y’all, I totally cried when I read this post. Am I the luckiest girl in the world? Definitely. 


32 thoughts on “A Blog Post- Captain Thoughtful Style.

  1. Awww, you guys! I’d launch into cliches and blessing sentiments but really there’s nothing that needs to be said by me. It’s great to see lovely people finding each other; here’s to beauty, love and the music that fills your hearts. I hope the record has a scratch in it and that music never stops. 🙂

  2. I’m a romantic and always have loved on love stories!!! Congrats, to The Thoughtful Couple! Kiss, kiss, hug, hug!

    Psst. Pinterest can REALLY help when the ‘ole question is popped… time to break out the bubbly 😉

      1. my aunt would always get me on that social difference. I’d ask for a pop…”No, but you may have a soda if you want one.” Also everything is a coke. I’d ask for a hillbilly juice or a mountain dew and she’d say,” Not sure what we got, but there’s a couple kindsa cokes out there.”

  3. How very sweet. It made me cry as well.

    I have been married forever. I always hate when my dear husband, Sweet Cheeks, goes on and on about how wonderful I am for 2 reasons…first, he is usually drunk….and second, I am probably about to fall off that pedestal he has placed me on. Well, not probably, inevitably. But he is always there to catch me!

    May you have years, and years, and years of happiness and deep and abiding love.

  4. Julianne Webster Emory (Truett's sister) says:

    Yes, Girl, y’all are BOTH blessed!!! Beautiful, romantic blog…thanks for letting Captain Thoghtful share his heart with us. I also have found the love of my life at the ripe old age of 56…never dreamed it could be this way. Hang on to each other, hang on to God and you will make it!!!

  5. MJ says:

    it made me cry too. I read the post listening to “The naked and famous – Young blood song” … and it made even more special. I trully think love is all this and all that. I hope you two make love grow in every-single-little-moment you share.

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