When Someone Falls Asleep In Yoga, Do You Wake Them Up?

yoga relaxation

When someone falls asleep next to you in yoga class, do you wake them up?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve faced this conundrum. Generally, I just make extra noise while putting away my yoga mat or shuffling to put my shoes back on, and hope they wake up and then silently thank me for being so loud and then we exchange a knowing look like “Hey. I got your back when you’re embarrassing yourself in yoga class by falling asleep and snoring. That’s just the kind of gal I am.” Unfortunately, I’m apparently not that great at being loud because they never wake-up and I end up hightailing it out of the room and leave the waking-up to someone else. But, I’m not sure that that’s the right thing to do.

And the thing is, this happens to me all the time. I must have a very soporific effect on people. (Oh yeah, I just used soporific in a sentence. Take that naysaying high school English teacher!) It’s not so bad when they are quietly snoozing, but when they’re snoring it just seems like someone should save them the embarrassment by waking them up. But maybe they aren’t embarrassed by their snoring and only get embarrassed once you wake them up? And what if they haven’t slept in days and really need that doze and then you ruin it by waking them up? And what if you don’t wake them up and then the instructor has to wake them up and that embarrasses them and they quit coming to yoga class and get really unhealthy and then that’s all your fault for not waking them up?

Yoga class is a social minefield y’all!! No wonder I can’t fall asleep during yoga relaxation.

48 thoughts on “When Someone Falls Asleep In Yoga, Do You Wake Them Up?

  1. This is me all the time, I’m the sleeper… perhaps a quick nudge with your foot is the go, and then dash away before they see it was you and then they may think they have just arisen from their own volition?

  2. My daughter is a yoga instructor and she could keep you awake with some of her stories…like the guy who gets so relaxed he lets his trouser mouse out to play. Both of them. Hint: Don’t wear baggy shorts to yoga and limit your intake of spicy food. 🙂

  3. Tammy says:

    Yoga makes me way too tense to fall asleep!

    I say “go you!’ and just let ’em sleep. Don’t receive that guilt. You have great intentions but the execution challenges you, so no worries. Leave it to the teacher! They’ll be fine, really, and you need to enjoy your experience without the added conundrum.

  4. I’d say wake them up…but if your shuffling around doesn’t work, use a feather to tickle their nose or, a more extreme measure, do the table cloth trick with their yoga mats..I bet the hardness of the floor will bring them back to the land of the awake 😉

  5. Yeah I agree with this too! Yoga, riding the train, the well-chosen Prince Caspian quote.This, coming from someone who developed major anxiety from having insomnia while attending a small, magnet/high school that had 2-3 hour classes and a strict, well-enforced, Can’t-put-your-head-down/appear-to-be-falling-asleep rule.
    That reminds me of my need to re-implement yoga into my life!

    Coolio posting!

  6. Well i’ll tell ya, the time I fell asleep in yoga I was moritified. I WISH the person next to me had woke me, because it was uber embarassing that the teacher didn’t notice and another group of people came in, and THEN I woke up when they played the jazzy samba zumba stuff.

    I say wake ’em up. Totally.

  7. I know that feel. Similar to when I’m on the train and I notice a student who might or might not be getting off at my stop to my University. Do I wake him or does he even go here?


  8. The instructor can do the waking, It’s an occupational hazard, just like touching sweaty bodies and getting blackened feet from demoing poses on the questionably-clean wooden floor, Meanwhile, be grateful you’re only next to the snoring person for a few minutes, not an entire night. Not that I would know anything about THAT 😉

  9. LOL So much pressure! I would probably do the same thing – make noise and then skidattle if that didn’t work.

    I’ve never been worried about falling asleep in a yoga class, but the train is a whole ‘nother story…

  10. SweetP says:

    LOL, never experienced this yet but this is funny! Too many what if’s lol. I’d let the instructor do the dirty work 🙂 Namaste!

  11. “It is a terrible thing to have to wake four people, all older than yourself and all very tired, for the purpose of telling them something they probably won’t believe and making them do something they certainly won’t like.” -Prince Caspian.

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