The Best In Spam This Week


What? It’s a Tuesday and this is a Spam post? A post usually reserved for Fridays? What is happening??

Let this be a lesson to you. I’m a wild one who is capable of all sorts of insanity. Like publishing a Friday post on a Tuesday. Hide yo kids, hide to wives.

Yesterday, I received this little gem of a spam comment.

“After much pressure, I’ve agreed to visit your web address regularly. I will be returning.”ย 

Obviously what’s going on here is that a gang of pirates has formed and chosen me as their mascot and are storming the seas ย tickle torturing promises from people to visit my blog. This spammer is really no spammer at all, but rather a victim of the GotC pirates who needed to leave evidence of their visit so the pirates don’t return and exact tickle vengeance upon them. Don’t worry afeared spammer, I have published your comment so my trusty (albeit overzealous) pirates shall leave you in peace for the rest of your days…as long as you keep visiting my blog regularly.

I should probably discourage this type of piracy but gosh darn-it if I don’t love those sillyย scalawags.


30 thoughts on “The Best In Spam This Week

  1. Spam comments are hilarious, irritating, cute and stupid, all at the same time ๐Ÿ˜›
    This happens with me too, i mean getting spam comments on blog… Take the case of this girl/lady Heather. She has sent me 3 spam messages providing me with her email ID and asking me to mail her. She has something to tell me ๐Ÿ˜›

    Now I am curious and cautious at the same time to know what she wants to tell me ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. “The third day out a pirate (Terebinthian by her rig) overhauled us, but when she saw us well armed she stood off after some shooting of arrows on either part-” “And we ought to have given her chase and boarded her and hanged every mother’s son of them,” said Reepicheep. -The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

      1. Indeed. One of them was Johnny Depp, though so I didn’t mind ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m thinking of resisting the revisitation of your blog so he’ll visit again, but I’m too afraid that my next pirate visit will be from Shmee (that fat, balding pirate from Peter Pan) instead of Johnny…Better not risk it…

  3. You are so funny – loved this post!
    I know this is probably a stupid question but is spam generated by actual people? Also who arranges for the comments to be ‘put’ into the spam category? I don’t get it! I guess it is all computer generated? It’s a weird and wonderful mystery and you have made it very entertaining – ha!

  4. ARRrrrrrr…. after bein’ given me Letter of Marque by GotC, I’ve been puttin’ the screws to these bilge rat spammers all o’er the high seas. Aye, they’ll all soon fall in line ‘r else be kickin’ ther heels as they swing from the yardarm!

    Keel haulin’s too good fer the scum, if ye ask me…..

    Arrrrr… this eye patch is itchin’ sumthin’ fierce. Luck fer me I’ve got this hook!

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