Apocalypse Outfit

Apocalypse Outfit

Have you looked at yourself in a mirror and thought “Wow. Β This outfit is the perfect apocalypse outfit?” No? You haven’t?! Well, I have and let me tell you, you need to start thinking about what you’re going to wear to the apocalypse. Yesterday, I had on the perfect apocalypse outfit. Many layered, long-lasting, good fabrics, well-soled boots, and it looked really cute. Seriously, no matter what type of apocalypse occurred, I would have been completely prepared. Boiling hot, colder than cold, ash falling from the sky- think of all the apocalypse scenarios you can and I was appropriately clothed for them. I’m was like the poster child for the apocalypse.

Y’all should definitely start thinking about your apocalypse outfit.

66 thoughts on “Apocalypse Outfit

  1. Dam good photo. What apocalypse? Have I missed something? If I wear any more layers than I am currently I will have to be relabelled a layer cake, or something. Once I was quite into outfits, now its just , am I warm? am i comfy? s it worth changing out of these pyjamas?
    And what is spam exactly? I just don’t look at that stuff in the drop down menu which says spam on it. Never could stand the stuff. When it cam in tins and got put out every Sunday afternoon with a cold tea. Hmm.

  2. I don’t know if I’m the normal guy as far as an Apocalypse Outfit goes, but I would either go with a Clint Eastwood Spahgetti Western theme, or a Mad Max sort of deal. Lots of leather to protect from the fire and brimstone, while wearing a hat (I won’t normally wear a hat) that won’t allow what’s left of my hair to be burnt off.
    As far as being a normal guy, I am not (at least I don’t think so). I hate sports unless it’s a nice sunny day, at some local minor league baseball game or the occassional Niece/Nephews game, or my stepdaughters wheel chair sports.

  3. I love this outfit. It is cool. My cool these days has shruken to mirror aviator sunglasses. I laughed when the glasses tech at Len Crafters looked at my new blue mirror shades and she said that it must take a confident person to wear those. Maybe, but along with my six speed transmission, those glasses are my too cool. Hmmm leather clothes, I’m going shopping. Everyone is calling my new boots “cute”, That will get me killed for sure when the end has come. S

  4. “It was Jill, but not Jill as he had last seen her, with her face all dirt and tears and an old drill dress half slipping off one shoulder.” -The Last Battle
    -Narnian apocalypse outfits=old drill dress. I’m not sure what the word “drill” means in that context, but it sounds apocalyptic enough.

  5. Coincidentally, I went to my favorite local outfitter the other day for this very reason. When I asked a group of ladies at the store, “Where is your Apocalypse Collection?”, two of them snickered and covered their mouths, and the other hid behind the counter (I think she was laughing and snot bubbling simultaneously). Anyway, one of them collected themselves long enough to reply, “That was so Fall ’11. Our Spring ’12 Collection is called ‘Post-Apocalypse’ and it’s in the ‘Clearance’ section over there.” Mean girls!

  6. hahaha…never thought about it,,,but now you have me think of things i would love to be seen with on Apocalypse …definitely my denim and black tshirt…my canvas shoes…nice shades…

    my blackberry and my car keys in my pocket…of-course my atm card… πŸ˜‰

    1. Alissa says:

      I would look like an organic terminator chick I guess, cause I’d have everything I could think of strapped to my body somehow. I’d end up being super strong til I got old and broke my back, cause it’d be somewhere around 50lbs or more that I’m carrying around. And just in case, it would have snap straps, that way, if I’m the one being hunted, I can drop the bags and run, assuming some of my small weaponry would still be attached to me without the assistance of the bags. Lol. Now I need to write a new post… Lol!!

    2. I think that cell phones will all be non-functional for any purpose since they need a cell signal to do everything except take crappy pictures and show you the time. Even GPS requires internet access which will not be available after the apocalypse since there won’t be anyone to maintain the systems, or be able to take your call. We may need to begin using corded phones again, if there is power, or the old handcrank phones.

  7. I like it for me. It’s a nice outfit but nothing like what I pictured when I read the books. It’s…too nice for the environment Katniss was supposed to be living in.

  8. One should never underestimate the benefits of looking really cute, even in the face of global upheaval. Cuteness will be rare and highly valued.

    Alas, I’m hopelessly “anti-cute” no matter what I wear. As a result, my SHTF clothing choices lean toward camo, darker earth tone solids, cargo/tactical pants. That’s my walking around in normal times ensemble. Never far away, though, is a very efficient arrangement of MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment – pronounced “molly”) gear. Chest rig with mag pouches and other goodies nice to have at hand under certain circumstances.

    I’m not totally unconcerned with my appearance, however. Hey, I can be just as vain as the next survivalist. I can imagine a conversation between myself and an adversary after The Fall…..

    Cannibal Zombie Looter: “Hey, man… You wiped out my entire gang. I’m the only one left and I’m bleeding pretty bad. I give up!”

    Me: “That’s awesome. My trigger finger was getting really tired and I think I may be getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Hey, I was curious about something. Mind if I ask you a question?”

    Cannibal Zombie Looter: “Uh… no, go ahead.”

    Me: “Does this AK47 make me look fat?”

    Cannibal Zombie Looter: “Umm. What…?”

    Me: (Lining him up in the rifle’s Red Dot scope)… “This is important. Take some time and think about your answer..”

  9. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    Those of us who live in eastern Washington are infamous for our apocalypse outfits. We’re the country-bumpkin cousins of the fashion-minded folks who live in Seattle–not hard to pick out in a crowd when we dare to mingle with the city-folk.
    And, for those of you unfamiliar with geography, it seldom rains on the east side of the Cascade Mountains.

  10. I think I would follow the fashion of the great ‘bat’ and ‘cat’ people. Nothing says apocalypse like tight black leather – especially if I’m trying to squeeze in it. RUN!

  11. Tammy says:

    Oh I’ve got one, alright. It is my barn-worn, brown insulated Carhartt overalls and my oilskin jacket and all-but -destroyed Boggs that I wear outside to do chores in every day. I put my sea-blue Turtle Fleece neck warmer on and pull it up over my nose to keep my face warm, slide on the navy blue knit cap, usually the “Betts Environmental Services” or “Red Sox World Champions” ones, and finish it with my tan, broken-in leather work gloves that have “MOM” permanent markered onto the topside, which also reads “WOW” depending on which way you are looking at them.
    I’m TOTALLY ready for the apocalypse.

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