Well Played Tabasco Tour Guide. Well Played.


I went to Louisiana last weekend with Captain Thoughtful and we had an amazing trip. I absolutely love Louisiana and its close proximity to Texas (if an 8 hour drive can be considered close) makes it the perfect place to dash away to on a long weekend.

While in Louisiana, we stopped by Avery Island to tour the Tabasco Factory. I’m not sure if y’all know this about me or not but I LOVE spicy food and I carry a bottle of Chipotle Tabasco with me at all times. True story. So, I was thrilled to be going to the Tabasco Factory to see where that spicy magic happens. We got there right as a tour was starting and were only kind of half-listening when we heard the tour guide say this:

“Mcllhenny got his first peppers from a friend in 1868 during the Civil War.”

At this point, Captain Thoughtful and I both froze and looked at one another in horror because we are both enormous history nerds and as such are acutely aware that the American Civil War was fought from 1861-1865. So, while I’m sure Mcllhenny got his first peppers in 1868, it was not during the Civil War. Obviously, my first instinct was to raise my hand ala Hermione Granger and correct the tour guide on her blatant mistake. Sure, it would probably embarrass her but correcting her was for the greater good, right?

However, I held back because I didn’t want to humiliate the tour guide in front of the entire group and my love of kindness outweighs my love of history (barely). And besides, she probably just misspoke.  I decided that when the group started moving I would quietly let her know her mistake. That way she wouldn’t be too embarrassed and I would feel better knowing she now knew the correct dates of the Civil War. Unfortunately before I could put my plan in action she announced this to the group, “You know, the Civil War was fought from 1868 until 1870.”

I’m not going to lie to you fine folks, at that point, I may have stroked out a bit. At least I think I did because all of the sudden the only thing I could hear was the voice inside my head screaming, “She’s a witch! Burn her!” and “Correct her now or forever regret it!”  Luckily at that point, Captain Thoughtful and I locked eyes and I could tell he was thinking the same things and for some reason that calmed me down a bit. I decided to stick to my plan of quietly correcting her when the rest of the tour moved on.

We started to move into the theater to watch the film on the history of Tabasco and I was completely ready to pull the guide aside and drop a knowledge bomb on her when she handed me three little mini Tabasco bottles. I was so happy I completely forgot to say anything.

Well played Tabasco tour guide. Well played.

69 thoughts on “Well Played Tabasco Tour Guide. Well Played.

  1. I really really really want mini tabasco bottles. Not that Iike tabasco, but I do like miniature. The difference between me and you is I would have blurted out there and then, and felt bad about it forever. I have no filter. Well some, but not enough to make living in the world comfortable! My son just asked me why I liked blogging so much, mm, something about it being much easier to cope with my feelings of idiotness. Take care .

  2. Do you guys tip tour guides in the US? I would have tipped her and hidden a little piece of paper with the money telling her: great tour we really enjoyed it, btw Civil War was fought between 1861-1865.

    I used to be a tour guide and I appreciated good intentional feedback 😉

    1. Sometimes, this was a super short tour and she only talked to us for about 10 minutes so we didn’t tip her. I usually tip for tours lasting for 30 minutes or more. Although a tip would have been a good way to quietly correct her….

      1. Also I forgot to say your blog is highly educational since I had no idea when the American civil war was fought so thank you 🙂
        It’s great that you’re a history nerd I love that!

        good day

      2. you told me about the civil wars (musical bliss) and the actual civil wars (date) 2 for one, tho I wish I had known about the band sooner because it turns out they played live in dublin while I was there this past september and I had no idea 😦

  3. sonja lange says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog and as a reader I want to say thank you for responding to your readers’ comments. I know it takes time and effort and it means a lot to your readers and it can only help your blog grow. Nothing irritates me more than a blog with a handful of comments and no responses. It is like shooting yourself in the foot. So, thank you!

  4. I would have commented earlier, but I didn’t just stroke out a little bit – I had a full-on aneurysm. Then I had to look up how to spell aneurysm. Then I came to comment. I hope I never have to deal with that wily Tabasco guide. I would be interested, however, in seeing how my spicy-food-loving, history-teaching boyfriend would handle the situation.

  5. Grrrrr. That makes me cringe!! I wouldn’t have been able to speak up right then, either. I would have given her an odd look and probably have the same thing happen to me. Bribed by Tabasco. What a lovely way to burn.

    Yeah, there’s no way the Civil War went on that late in the1800’s. 1870 = Phantom of the Opera times. 😛 True, that’s Paris, not the US, but my historical logic still stands. Sort of… Let’s pretend it does.

  6. Hahaha! I doubt I would have corrected her, but I’m not a super history buff. I would have been more tempted if it was something grammar or pronunciation related 🙂 But Tabasco bottles bought silence…lovely. 🙂

  7. unapologeticmoxie says:

    Your distraction via hot sauce mini bottle made me laugh out loud. Does your love of hot sauce extend to a love of hot wings? It’s just something I’m personally curious about. Also curious if you’ve ever had a hot sauce taste test. Seems like something I’d consider doing on a lazy Sunday…Love your blog. Very funny.

  8. Mini anything = awesome. Mini food = off the charts — I bet you got that tunnel vision, and all you could focus on were the little bottles headed to your hand.

    Think though, how many TIMES she gives that speech. Obviously NO ONE has told her. It must be the free samples……

  9. You are kinder than I am. But I’m from NY! I had a similar incident when friends were visiting from California. Maybe I was already in a foul mood because, being an animal lover I really didn’t want to take the horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park. I corrected him on a number of things. What I remember most is his saying Jackie Kennedy lived on Central Park West. Now he knows she lived on Fifth Avenue! Hopefully he also knows he’d better get his shit straight. You never know when you’ll have a native New Yorker on board.

  10. I went as far as to check Wiki to see if she could’ve been referring to some other wars. Nothing in USA seems to fit. I even checked Tabasco’s site to see if they used the same revisionist history as your guide’s, but there’s no mention of civil war.

    I really want to crack a redneck joke about education in Louisiana, but you might have readers from there. I don’t want them to draw inspiration from your post and lynch me.

  11. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    I’m glad you and Captain Thoughtful are so in-tune.
    Clever, wry, and very funny story.
    I love hot sauce. Once I made a pot of soup that was so hot Kurt said the dog wouldn’t eat it. Well….Sami would eat anything….but not the bowl of soup I placed before her at my feet. I ate the entire pot myself.

    1. It was pretty awful but that tabasco bought my silence. 😉 Also, you’re the second person to talk about Frank’s and I’ve never had it- I definitely need to check this stuff out! I’m a huge fan of any good hot sauce!

  12. How could you not correct her???? Your silence was bought with three mini bottle of tabasco!

    As a fellow fan of history, I am sorely disappointed GOTC…

      1. Well that’s a little harsh. Just correct the person with messed up history next time. I will send you mini bottles of tabasco 😛

  13. I know very few dates about history, but the dates of the Civil War are one of the few dates that stuck.

    You carry Tabasco in your purse? Nice. I consider myself a lover of chocolate, so I guess I need to start carrying some chocolate syrup in my purse. I’m gonna need a bigger purse….

  14. “She’s a witch! Burn her!”

    That made me laugh 🙂

    I’ve always had a fondness for Louisiana too. My “people” come from there and I used to spend a couple of weeks every summer on my Grandparent’s farm in Northern Louisiana. I’m kind of a Civil War dork too. My G-G Grandfather fought in the war and I have his sword in my study – passed down through the generations.

    I also have his gravestone…. the acquisition of which is kind of an interesting story. Too long for a blog comment though (even for me).

  15. “I wish we had someone to tell us what those places are,” said Digory.
    “I don’t suppose they’re anywhere yet,” said Polly. “I mean, there’s no one there, and nothing happening. The world only began today.”
    “No, but people will get there,” said Digory. “And then they’ll have histories, you know.”
    “Well, it’s a jolly good thing they haven’t now,” said Polly, “because nobody can be made to learn it. Battles and dates and all that rot.”

  16. Perhaps she knew what she said was wrong. Perhaps she’s testing how many times she can say it wrong without anyone correcting her if she just bribes people with Tabasco bottles 😉

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