Thanks To Tammy.

Free hugs

I was at an Elementary school the other day, waiting for the little girl I mentor outside the lunchroom when the Special Education class walked by. A little girl hopped out of line and threw her hands around my waist. I was a little startled at first since I had never met her before but I’m a big fan of hugs so I just went with it. She let go, gave me a huge smile and then we had this conversation.

 Tammy: Hi! What’s your name?

 Me: Girl on the Contrary. What’s yours?

 Tammy: Tammy.

 Me: Hi Tammy! It’s nice to meet you.

 Tammy: I can tell you’re really nice.  And also you’re a beautiful princess.

 Me: Thank you! I can tell you’re beautiful inside and out.

 Tammy: Ok. Have a nice day! Bye!

Then she just walked away. But you know what? I did have a nice day and it’s all thanks to Tammy.  She absolutely made my day. And I want you to know that I hope you have a wonderful day and I think you’re all beautiful princesses!

57 thoughts on “Thanks To Tammy.

  1. thillegonds says:

    Ha, that’s awesome. We are all beautiful princesses. Wait, ok fine, I guess I can admit that I sometimes feel like beautiful princess.

  2. That is very sweet and it would have made my day too.
    On the other hand I usually discourage children from doing that because I think they lose track of boundaries. Hugging strangers is a bad idea, but in the school environment they tend to feel safe enough to do it anyway.
    I once had a boy crashing into me and grabbing me around the middle. I say crashing because he ran at me, and I had never even seen him before. I stopped him and he ran at me again. I asked him, “Why are you doing that?” and he answered, “Because I want to.” in the most matter-of-fact tone of voice.
    Kids are so free. =)

  3. Ahhh so sweet from one princess to another:) My aunt has special needs and I love her hugs. When I got married I did not think should could handle the pressure of being a bridesmaid, but we made her day by dressing her in a lighter shade of purple than the bridesmaids. Then she got a cheeseburger, fries and coke at the reception, just made her day and mine. Have a Great Day:)

  4. *blush* That’s gotta be the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me. Thank you, GoTC, I really do feel like a beautiful princess!

    Seriously though, I do love those spontaneous acts of kindness. We need more of them. Have a wonderful day yourself, you beautiful princess. 🙂

  5. Sweet story to start the day with…, thanks for sharing it! Its been one of *those* weeks, ya know?

    I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but never a beautiful princess 🙂

    1. Happy to! I’m sorry you aren’t having a good week, I’ve been worried about you because it felt like you hadn’t commented in ages! And just so you know, I *do* think you’re a beautiful princess and I mean that in whatever positive way you want to take it. 🙂

      1. It’s nice to be missed 🙂

        “And what happened, then? Well, in Whoville they say – that Paladin’s small heart grew three sizes that day.”

  6. I used to work with special education needs children and, despite the stressful aspects and challenging behaviours, there were so many moments like the one you described that would make me fight back tears from something one of them said or did. 🙂

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