If I Say I’m Cold, It Means….I’m Cold.

Hot Chocolate

I’m a born and bred Texan. I like my BBQ spicy and my summers hotter than hell on nickel day at the whorehouse. I tell you this so that you might understand just how much of a baby I am about cold weather. Anytime the thermometer drops below 60 fahrenheit (or 15 celsius – I’m a master of temperature conversion) I practically throw a tantrum. I pull out my heavy sweaters, of which I only own about 2 because I only need them about 2 days a year, gloves, extra blankets, and buy firewood for my fireplace. I recognize the fact that many people see that as an overreaction but it feels cold to me. Really cold. And if I feel cold then I have every right to add on the heavy layers and buy hot chocolate to warm my innards. Right? Apparently, some people disagree as I learned recently.

Me: Burr rabbit! It’s chilly. I need to make some hot tea and warm up. 

Cold-Hearted: Ummm….it’s not even a little cold. It’s like 55, it’s delicious outside. Stop being such a baby. 

Me: Yeah…no. If I feel cold, it’s because I’m cold. Regardless of what the thermostat says. 

Cold-Hearted: I grew up in the North, this is nothing. 

Me: Sure, comparatively speaking this is warmer than that, but again, I still feel cold……

Cold-Hearted: You’re being dramatic. It’s warm. You aren’t that cold. 

Me: I’m going to remind you of this conversation this summer when it’s 110 outside and you’re complaining about being hot. I’m going to tell you that you aren’t in fact that hot and that you’re being dramatic and I should know because I grew up where it gets really hot. 

Cold-Hearted: That’s totally different. 

Me: If by different, you mean exactly the same then…..ok. Lunatic. 

Listen, I know that most people don’t think it’s cold outside when it’s 55 degrees, but I also know that for me, that feels cold. Why should I shiver just because other people don’t think it’s cold out? Sheesh, just let me have my sweaters and hot chocolate. I mean, am I the only one who thinks it’s just a little bit nuts to tell someone that they don’t really feel how they feel?

77 thoughts on “If I Say I’m Cold, It Means….I’m Cold.

  1. As I read this I am sitting here (I always do) wrapped in a Disney Princess throw with a personal heater trained on my feet. That is me at home 365 days of the year. Why? I live with a human furnace, and it seems to cause less strife (read: bitching and whining) in the house if the hot body is comfortable. In short, I can TOTALLY relate.

  2. If you’re cold, you’re cold – I get cold in the supermarket in wintertime with boots and a down jacket. What better excuse to curl up in sweaters, blankets and slippers? And yes, hot chocolate/cocoa is just perfect when your bones are chilled – a little creme de cacao slipped in before the whipped cream doesn’t hurt either 😉

  3. My parents freeze me out of the house in the summertime. Sometimes I have to go sit on the front porch in 100 degree weather just to warm up. And yes, I am this cold year-round. It is indeed frustrating to try to convince people that your cold is validated. 🙂

  4. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    I hate being cold so much, I don’t use the air conditioner in the middle of summer in a desert clime.
    I love all of your posts.

  5. I know I’m a little late to the party, but I laughed so hard at this post I had to comment anyway. Of course how cold or warm it feels is relative. I grew up near Chicago and when I turned 30 I moved to southern Kansas. To me, it was crazy hot. We moved on January 1st, and left during below freezing temps in Chicago and arrived the next day in Kansas to unload and it was 65. We were running around in tee shirts and all the Kansans were looking at us like we were nuts. Naturally, from their perspective it was cold so we were nuts. From our perspective it was hot and they were nuts. Anyway, after 4 years I remember one October day, after about 3 months of 100+ degree days in a row, the temperature dropped like 20+ degrees overnight. The next day I went out and got the shivers, so I went back in and got my coat. That’s when I knew it was time to leave Kansas, when I wanted my coat and it was 82 degrees out. Now I’m back in the great white north and I’m complaining because we’ve had such a mild winter, meaning only a few subzero days, and mostly I can run about in just a sweater and long sleeve tees.

    So, have tea and wear your sweaters, it’s all good, I won’t judge you. 🙂

  6. I am the same way! I grew up in Southern CA and now live in the
    Mid-Atlantic and people are always making fun of me for being cold on a 50 degree day. My body is also not very fond of the really hot humid days either, so my body is usually only happy for about 20 days a year now.

  7. I know exactly what you mean. I moved to Cleveland from Houston and the weather difference has been a BIG change. Sometimes people wander around in short sleeves and shorts when its 40 degrees up here!!! What the heck??!!

  8. love this and totally agree with you! i’m originally from boston and now live on the south carolina coast. i don’t care if i’m supposed to be a hearty new englander, i’m a completely baby about the cold and regularly freak out when it’s below 65! bring on 100, and i’m all smiles =) love your blog, glad i found you!

  9. As a girl from the north-west of england (otherwise known as the place of perpetual rain and cold) technically i should be used to cold weather and i am constantly reminded of this by my family and friends but as i am sat at home with cups of tea, blankets, jumpers and fluffy slippers i love your post even more as it will now be my argument forever when my fella has a go at me for the heating being on at all times during winter and summer where my home town has very rarely gone above 20degrees Celsius on the warmest days of summer. loving your post – definitely gave me a few giggles.

  10. I think any time the weather changes more than 30 degrees one way or the other we really feel it. That’s why in the fall here (Minnesota) when it drops from 75 to 45 it feels terribly cold, but in the spring when it comes from 15 to 45 people start wearing shorts.

    I’m really not looking for sympathy, I never could live somewhere warm because I just die from the heat like cold blooded in the post. I actually think the heat is worse because in most cases there are only so many clothes you can take off, but you can always put more clothes on to get warmer.
    Great post!

  11. Beth says:

    I’m from Georgia. In my town, people tend to be more wishy-washy than anything. It’s been a seriously warm winter. The same people who are pouting because the flowers are blooming will be fussing the loudest this weekend when we hit the twenties. I love the cold, but that’s probably because I don’t have to deal with it for long. Mmm…looking forward to hot chocolate and a fire. Great post!

  12. I’ve had this same discussion with my significant other as I lay freezing, under two thermal blankets and quilt wearing long-johns and two pairs of socks. “Don’t tell me I’m not cold fool!” Really hate it when he does that!

  13. 15 degrees sounds so lovely! I can understand why you find it cold, but we have about -5 celcius (you do the math) and I’m a little tired of it. I too get cold!

  14. First of all, that picture had me instantly salivating. It’s quite cosy in my room, but now I’m thinking hot chocolate would hit the spot. 🙂

    I’m in sunny CA, and I’m a bit of a weird one. I get sad/worried if the weather’s too warm for too long. Which is kind of unlucky for me, but oh well. The funny thing is, I do get cold quite easily; I just love to layer up, wear cute coats, scarves, knitted hats, and gloves. The heat doesn’t let me do that. I’d love for it to be overcast and chilly, or raining most of the time, so when the sun comes out it’s a rarity. Maybe I should move to Washington or Great Britain. 😛

    But it’s absolutely ridiculous for someone to tell you how you feel. And that goes beyond the cold/hot situation.

    1. I have to agree with you on the cold weather clothing situation. There is nothing I love more than a warm sweater, scarves, pea-coats, and gloves. And yet, I would trade all of that in for warm temperatures. I’m a complicated creature. 😉

  15. I’m totally with you. I’m from California and still live in California. Whenever it gets cold it feels like I’m in Antarctica because I’m used to the warm weather. So I get your point.

  16. Katherine Kelley says:

    I get cold below 70 so I feel your pain. I’m constantly called things like Eskimo Girl because I’m all bundled up. I always want to say if I were an Eskimo I wouldn’t be stinking freezing at 69 degrees!

  17. ““Blue faces,” he said. “I didn’t know they were that color. Don’t care about it myself. But I dare say you look quite nice to one another. Beetles fancy other beetles, they do say.”

    “Our faces are only blue with cold,” said Jill. “We’re not this color really.”

  18. I am often cold when others are not. What bothers me–makes me angry–which means I am cranky and hard to get along with– is that when others are hot they turn the air condition down really low. But when I am cold I am not to turn the air conditioner up, not even a degree, or heaven forbid turn the furnace on!

  19. You have no idea how cold I’m feeling these days! Well here in Italy it’s actually being quite cold, like the coldest winter since 27 years.. But I’m freezing at home too, even though I wear big sweaters sleeping under my heavy blanket!! You know, snow is beautiful and everything, but in a while cold weather gets annoying, so I totally understand you 🙂

  20. That is me right on!!
    I hate to be cold…. even in our cool days I welcome a sweater.
    I am ready for Summer!!
    Enough of this cold weather.
    Its in the 50’s today and I am freezing!!!

  21. I’m guessing you wouldn’t go for a slushie in the face this time of year then (yes! I totally just did this!)…?

    I feel ya, though. I hope you do get to be around when “cold-hearted” says they’re hot this summer!

    1. Oh I plan on it. 😉

      Slushies are cold but also delicious so I’m not sure how much I would mind it. Although, I would be greatly offended they couldn’t think of anything better than a Glee rip-off to insult me with.

  22. I feel your pain. I live in Cali anything below 70* is cold and anything above 90* is way to hot for me.
    You go ahead and get out your parka no one tells GotC how cold or warm she is.

  23. I have to say I completely agree! It’s very annoying when people laugh when I complain about how cold I am, and ask me why I’m not used to it by now. Yes, I’ve been in snowy, windy weather my whole life, but how does someone get used to 15 and -10 degree weather?!

    Until they find a way to make a Freaky Friday swap a casual, temporary experience, we should tell them all to stop trying to dictate how our skin feels. If we have goosebumps and are shivering, then by god we’re COLD! End tirade.

  24. I used to be impervious to cold. I left windows cracked throughout the year because I liked the fresh air.

    Then I met my wife, and became acclimated to her thermostat needs. Now I’m like a delicate tropical flower.

  25. The temperature isn’t the issue. It’s just a red herring on a slippery slope. The issue is having your feelings and perceptions minimized and dismissed. GRRR

  26. I agree it’s nuts to tell someone how hot/cold they feel. But let’s talk about the lunacy of cold weather as this is something I obsess on. I was born in the Philippines so my ass should be swinging in a jungle somewhere. For me anything below 70 is freezing. If humans were meant to live in cold weather, we’d have fur and, outside of a few guys I know, we don’t. All of which makes it perfectly logical for me to live in…. Michigan.

    Sorry, cold weather gets me grumpy. Good post, though.

      1. Haha! Do try and restrain yourself, maybe counter them with “You haven’t lived until you can collect your sweat in a bucket.” Sure, it’s less romantic sounding but it gets the point across. 😉

  27. Amen sista! If it doesn’t hit 80 degrees I have on a warm jacket. It’s like I can never warm up. But I revel in that 90 degree weather, oh it’s so nice!!! 🙂 As a fellow Texan, I understand.

  28. My friend dated a guy from Florida. She brought him several states north to visit her parents and her childhood home at Christmas. They broke up not long after. Sometimes you can’t reset that internal thermostat.

  29. The boy is from a warm climate and he starts complaining around 65 degrees too. I grew up in New England. Part of me thinks he’s totally crazy. Part of me knows he’s got thinner blood from years in the heat, and it really feels awful to him. (Or it used to. Now he can take weather more like 55 degrees before whining, and has slightly less tolerance for hot-as-heck.)

    The good news is that if you lived somewhere else for a while, you’d eventually acclimate. OR… the good news is that you only have “cold” days a few times a year.

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