Into Every Generation, A Superfan Is Born.

Buffy and Angel

I love Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I love her! I have seen every episode of that show hundreds of times and have a deep and undying love for it. Buffy was one of the few kick ass female leads in television during my teenage years and always had something snarky to say, therefore, she was my hero. Also, she saved the world lots.

Now, I don’t know if y’all are fans or not but the way Buffy ended was pretty stellar. I cried a lot during that final episode and was very pleased with how the series ended up. Except…..well, they really left Buffy and Angel open-ended and I would like to know that they ended up together in the end. Because they were star-crossed y’all, star-crossed. And sure, many of you may point out that the show Angel could answer that question for me and I *did* watch some episodes of Angel, until they started doing weird things to Cordelia and then I was out. And also Spike wasn’t really dead and that was weird too, so I don’t count Angel or really anything that happened in it. It might not be fair, but that’s just how it is.

So, because I am entirely too emotionally involved in these fictional characters and love me some happy ending action, I would like to offer the conclusion to the Buffy-Angel saga. It’s along the lines of Buffy and Angel reconnect, fall back in love with one another,  fight evil together, save the world lots, live happily ever after, and then when Buffy grows old and dies, Angel stakes himself and they spend eternity together. The end. Please take note that they do not have children because no matter what Twilight taught you, centuries old vampire sperm is not viable.

Are there any shows you were too attached to?

63 thoughts on “Into Every Generation, A Superfan Is Born.

  1. Between you and Lin-Manuel Miranda, I am now compelled to give Buffy a shot. Even my love for Kendall Hart–er, Sarah Michelle Gellar did not get me involved the first time.

    As for my addictions? Quantum Leap, Sports Night and Dawson’s Creek. In that order.

  2. Buffy is the only show that I’ve loved enough to buy the entire series. I too am a crazy girl who likes to mix things up and watch a little from Season 6, then a few from Season 1, etc. I never watched it when it was on television – it started in 1997 when I was teaching evening classes all the time, and then in 1998, I moved overseas. I saw it for the first time when they started airing it in Portugal in about 2002. I came home, the series was over, but I was hooked and I bought all the dvds.

    The ending was really one of the best series endings I’ve seen. So many other shows totally dropped the ball (anyone remember St.Elsewhere?). The ending to the Angel series sucked too, but I don’t think it should count because that’s not how they originally wanted to end it. Apparently, they thought they had a few more episodes to wrap things up, but then were told they didn’t, so they had to throw in that whole Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ending. So again, I say it doesn’t count and I’m totally going with your alternative – nay, your REAL ending! 🙂

    One show that I’ll watch whenever I see that it’s on is Law and Order, either the original or SVU. I don’t seek it out (partly because I don’t have to – it’s ALWAYS on one channel or another), but if I have time, I’ll sit and watch. The only show I actively wait for right now is Supernatural. I love me some Sam and Dean!

  3. Entirely wierd–I just found Buffy on Netflix and just watched the first season. For some reason, I never watched this when it came out originally.

    My show of choice to be the crazy superfan OMG obsessed is Dark Angel. I cried hysterically at the end of season 1. I was in LOVE with Logan Cale and I loved the relationship between Logan and Max. Then season 2 happened and the stupid network put it on Friday night and… *sniffle* it was cancelled without a finale. *shake fists in rage*

    I tried to read the god-awful books that were written for to “tie up the loose ends.” but they were reading slash fanfiction.

    I will never give up hope of them resolving the show in movie format. 😦

  4. “Please take note that they do not have children because no matter what Twilight taught you, centuries old vampire sperm is not viable.”

    I was starting to wonder if anyone else caught up on that little tidbit. =D

  5. blackshepherd says:

    that’s really bad news about the sperm…I was not informed…till now…thank you…I know it’s not your fault! I happen to know someone who knows someone who knows that the story actually ends exactly as you thought…that’s weird…so I triple checked it and bingo…true as blue…I’m told that it is not possible to imagine a weirder couple but it is reported that they are “deleriously” happy together…they’re not known for “normal’ emotions…btw: the source is reliable, deep and sanctioned…so don’t tell anyone!

  6. The two I’ve watched over and over are Charmed (mostly the pre-Rose McGowan years) and, especially Gilmore Girls. I like to think Rory concentrated for some years on her journalism career and wound up meeting somebody we never saw.

  7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of my favourite shows of all time. I’m a little surprised you didn’t stick around to see how awesome Spike gets in Angel… but, oh well.

    As a guitar player I was particularly enamoured with Senor werewolf’s life goal of learning an em9 chord… “cause that’s a man’s chord.” I peed a little when he said that.

    My favourite show is M.A.S.H. however– just for the record.

  8. Also a big fan. Loved how Joss Whedon found the humanity in characters, even in those not quite human. Also like how he played around with different genres.

    Been a Trekker since I’ve been 13. In order, I’d rank Next Gen, Deep Space 9, the original, Enterprise and Voyager.

    If I had DVD sets, My shelf would be laden with Buffy, Angel and Star Trek DVDs.

  9. The Husband and I like to find a series on Netflix and watch it start to finish. We are currently watching Buffy and I, too, love it. The dialogue cracks me up! Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  10. Definitely The IT Crowd. It’s amazing…British comedy about tech nerds. Chris O’Dowd, the cop from Bridesmaids, is in it and I’ve had a crush on him since he was unbathed and weird.
    That’s true dedication.

  11. Have you watched the alternate ending to Buffy? It’s a comic like animation which isn’t any good at all so don’t even bother with it.
    My all time favorite TV show that I can watch over and over again is Gilmore Girls. I love the wittiness of the dialogue in the show.

  12. I really liked Buffy, too. And was painfully attached to Dawson’s Creek and Felicity. I watch Fringe now just so I can see Pacey again every week. And yes, he will forever be “Pacey” to me.

  13. A Frog at Large says:

    I’m totally a Buffy fan. I do get hooked on series though: these days it’s House, Dr Who and Fringe, it used to be X-Files and Buffy. I’m re-watching Buffy at the moment thanks to an awesome website where this guy Mark does reviews episode by episode. He is completely unspoiled so it’s like watching yourself falling in love with the show all over again, it’s a beautiful thing.

  14. MMMM. Favorite show of all time would have to be Babylon 5 (except for the 5th season) however, so far, Bones is rapidly in the running to steal that coveted spot in my heart. However, I’ve not seen any of this year’s season of Bones (I don’t have real tv/cable/satellite, I have to wait for it to come out on Netflix). David Boreanaz… Emily Deschanel… Real life superheroes fighting crime. Spend their lives together. Over come star-crossedness. And Booth, unlike Boreanaz’s character Angel, definitely has viable sperm….

    Surely you’ve also seen it and love it…?

  15. Yep *charmed* I miss that show and I really didn’t like how it end’n * on gh tv I mean* they always do that. Get all into it and brk u heart by takn it of TV 😦 so I went on line to watch and oh my it got soo intense with the half sis replace one of the sis and all bt they still dint end it well 😦

  16. I liked Buffy, but I never really had time to watch it much when it was on. I need to go watch the whole series because my husband was a big fan & I liked every episode I saw. Was just too busy at the time, I guess. Now that I finally have time to watch TV (kids bigger, more independent, not dealing with school & can afford Direct TV lol) I am just now entering that stage of being way too in love with a show. For me, it’s Vampire Diaries. I am addicted to that show…like crack…so I guess you could say it’s the crack of the CW, lol. I also love Supernatural. There is nothing better than getting to watch Ian Somerhalder in the shower in Thursday nights and then getting to watch Jensen Ackles do…well…anything in Supernatural on Friday nights. I feel like such a pre-teen, but it’s what I like & I’m making up for lost time so whatever 🙂

  17. Katherine Kelley says:

    I loved Charmed. A foolish amount. I loved their names, their house, the stupid cat… I loved it all. Now I’m totally hooked on Big Bang Theory and True Blood.

    1. I’m with you on the Big Bang Theory and True Blood as well. Although, whenever I watch True Blood I swear I’m never going to watch it again but I can’t wait until the next episode. It’s a vicious cycle.

  18. Loni.Found.Herself says:

    I absolutely agree with you re: Buffy and Angel. I was so bummed that there was never a ride-off-into-the-sunset (or moonglow, since he’s a vampire) for the two of them. I watched that episode of Angel where they get to be in love for a day and then he has to make her forget and I sat there with wracking sobs for 2 hours afterward.

    Other than Buffy, I’d say LOST. Such an addict. But I’m okay with how it ended and don’t feel like I needed more from those characters in terms of romantic happy endings.

  19. I have to go with Friends. I also liked Buffy and Gilmore girls, but nothing like Friends!

    Oh I was also a huge fan in my teens of Charmed.

    I absolutely love Courtney Cox! Have you seen her in Cougar town? Haha she’s awesome :=)

  20. for me, it’s the DC Animated Universe, so pretty much everything from Batman: the Animated Series (best opening EVER) to Justice League to Teen Titans. and also Monk. and Psych. and….I’ll stop now.

    1. Loved Buffy you know there’s another ending based on the comic. It’s not good at all so if you haven’t seen it don’t watch it aside from the ending being bad it animated comic style.
      All time favorite show is Gilmore Girls I can never get bored of them.

  21. This made me so happy. I loved Buffy as a teenager. A bit too much some might say. Although I must admit I didn’t like the final series very much – I was always more of a Spike fan than an Angel fan. But then I am English. Haha. This post has totally brought back my obsession. Why oh why didn’t I bring the DVD box set to Lebanon?!

  22. I was loving Third Rock From the Sun, but NBC always changed the nights around and it was hard to find with my schedule. NBC rots like that. One of my favorite lines in Third Rock was when Dick (John Lithgow) takes up smoking..he’s sitting in his college office smoking two cigs at once. Nina grimaces with discust and says, “Those things will cut 10 years off your life.”

    “Yes” Dick responds, “But thats at the end of your life. And those years are crappy anyway.”

    Here’s a montage from that episode, including that scene.

    1. I liked that show too, but that line you quoted was ripped off from Denis Leary. I won’t link to it in case all the cursing is a problem, but if you look up “Denis Leary – No cure for cancer 3/5” and go to 1:05 of the video, you’ll see his bit on smoking and those last 10 years. 🙂

    1. HAHA, many years ago I had a dream about Little House and from the next day for the next two years I tormented my poor husband with watching every single season, every episode of that show. 😀

  23. Gilraen says:

    The original Battlestar Galactica, to the point that I can’t watch the modern remake. Star Trek Voyager and ER (first few seasons) all bring a smile back to my face, thinking about them

  24. Yeaaaa. I love this post. Buffy is the only show where I own all seasons on DVD. I used to watch them from end-to-end back in college on winter breaks!

    I support this ending 100%. Although Riley really wasn’t a bad guy. And things WERE interesting with Spike…

    1. I know. I know. But then Riley got all “She’s stronger than me and I can’t handle it.” and while I did quite like Spike, it was always Angel’s chili she dug. And I still watch this show all the time! Although I mix it up a little bit for fun, a little season 1, a little season 3, you never know with me, I’m wild like that.

  25. Sounds like a great ending to me! I was and still am attached to Roseanne, I Love Lucy, and In the Heat of the Night. None of these shows have any vampire slayin’ heroes but I NEVER tire of them and love the characters. These shows represent what I call “comfort TV.” Kind of like comfort food but ya can’t eat ’em. No matter how bad my day is, if I can watch any of these shows it makes it all better. OH! I’m developing an attachment to The Big Bang Theory…BAZINGA! 🙂

    1. I cannot tell you how many times I watched that show instead of studying for exams last semester…BAZINGA! I actually got a question on an astronomy test right because of that show, so I like to think that it was studying anyway…

  26. Shamefully Dawson’s Creek – and the ending was awful. Hello! It was called Dawson’s Creek, not Pacey’s Creek.

    And yes, I’m inferring that a part of Joey was the ‘Creek’.

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