Thank You Kenny Loggins.

Kenny Loggins
Kenny Loggins is always essential.

When I was a little girl, there were two things that I was excessively proud of. My super cool dance moves and that I could sing every word of Footloose. I remember beaming with pride every time Footloose came on the radio because I thought it was a really difficult song to remember the words to and I nailed it every time. I’m pretty sure no one else noticed, but to me, it seemed like being able to do that proved I was super cool. To this very day, when I hear Footloose on the radio, I can feel that same pride welling up inside me and I sing my heart out without shame or consideration for the other people around me.

In addition to the song Footloose, I also had a deep and undying love for the song Danger Zone from Top Gun. In fact, I had such a love of that song that I frequently tried to choreograph a dance to it. Again, I was very proud of my super cool dance moves. I can think of more than one occasion when I got out my tape player, popped in Danger Zone and spent the next thirty minutes trying to think of how Paula Abdul, New Kids on the Block, and Michael Jackson would dance to it. Then, I would add a few of my own moves like wild jazz hands or awkward hip shaking and put it all together. It was dance magic but unfortunately, no evidence of this exists. Probably because my parents were really jealous of how awesome I was. I also remember thinking that Goose and Maverick would totally approve of my Danger Zone dance.

Clearly, I owe a debt of gratitude to Kenny Loggins who was directly responsible for my proudest childhood moments. Thanks Kenny, this one is for you.

40 thoughts on “Thank You Kenny Loggins.

  1. The Danger Zone was my favourite song for over a decade… along with Top Gun being my favourite movie for about the same time-period. I practically wore (sp?) out the VHS tape.

  2. How did I miss this post?! And the opportunity to say that I think he REALLY looks like Jimmy Fallon in that first picture.

    Now, could either of us have lived without hearing that?

  3. I have to watch Top Gun by myself because I have to say every line in it, which is never annoying, but I love the Footloose and Danger Zone songs. Great post! It brought back some very fond memories 🙂

  4. Boy does this post bring back the memories of my teen age years – YIKES! I just heard Girls Just Wanna Have Fun . . . last night coming home from the gym – caught myself singing along:) Have a Great Weekend!

  5. Oh you are cracking me up!! Yes- who DIDN’T choreograph dances to Danger Zone and Footloose in their bedroom?? I blogged on the Footloose movie that was out this fall. I loved it in all it greater cheesedom!
    Throw in Flashdance (wasn’t allowed to see the movie then) and Fame, and you’ve got a full fledged dance-off!

  6. Ah… the soundtrack of my youth. My all time favorite Loggins tune has to be “I’m Alright”, from the Caddyshack soundtrack.

    Dude had one hell of a nice beard too.

  7. ADORE Kenny Loggins–if it wasn’t that “essential” album it was one of the greatest hits floating around. My dad’s fave is I’m Alright from Caddyshack–we got it for his ringtone on his phone and I HAD it for him on mine before the old phone decided to separate its interface from the screen so I couldn’t attempt to transfer ANYTHING. I may get it again, though….

    I have lots of personal faves, but I do especially love Meet Me Halfway from Over the Top. Watching the video almost makes me want to forget how bad the movie’s supposed to be and watch it anyway.

  8. Hahahah. Now that was so cool for my afternoon. It reminds me how I use to feel so cool singn whitney houston’s *hey I wana dance with smbody * as a child. Funi storry thou. …. All the words I was singn at that time was wrong. Till date my sisters laf at me wen wever the song is playd bt twas my happy moments. Just to free my hair in the wind and scream while singn and dance just lik her

  9. Amazing how music can create such fond memories, isn’t it? I can just about attach a song to every single major (and even minor) event in my life. My “growing up” music was a bit strange. I went from Shaun Cassidy to Ozzy Osbourne almost overnight, but like you I’ve got some very happy memories inspired by music! Have a wonderful weekend!

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