Musical Bliss Y’all. Musical Bliss.

The Civil Wars

Last night, I went to see The Civil Wars play live at the Paramount theater in Austin, which happens to be one of my favorite places, and once again it was STUNNING.  Some of you may remember that I first saw The Civil Wars play last July in Austin and I was put under an absolute spell by their music. Their album, Barton Hollow is an amazing album (one of my top albums of all time in fact) but to hear them live is on a completely different level of mind-blowing. After hearing them live the first time, I was positively overjoyed. After last night, I am euphoric.

Typically, I don’t like to go see the same band within months of already having seen them. I’ve found it to be disappointing because there is rarely new music and the second time just can’t compare with the ecstasy of the first. The Civil Wars, however, completely demolished that way of thinking for me last night. I was just as blissfully overwhelmed by their music last night, as I was the first time I saw them.  And, I finally bought their album on vinyl and it is total musical heaven.

One of the biggest surprises of the evening was the opening act called The Staves. Look them up people. I was absolutely floored by their impeccable harmonies and lovely melodies. They were flawless y’all. Flawless. Also there was a ukulele involved so I was pretty happy about that. The Staves

Last night was pure musical bliss. May I recommend you get some as well? It really warms the heart and puts a smile on your brain.

23 thoughts on “Musical Bliss Y’all. Musical Bliss.

  1. Wow – I have never heard of them before but they are stunning. Gotta wait two more days, though, till Barton Hollow is available from Amazon as an mp3 download. Suffering, I tell ya, I am suffering…

    Could always go to itunes, I suppose…

    thanks for the share, honestly – I would never have heard of them otherwise.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. They’ re pretty awesome, lovely voices. I’m really into poison and wine.
    The guy kinda looks like Johnny Depp? or is it just me?

    Will look up the Staves.


  3. You know, I usually don’t even bother following up on music recommendations that I read on blogs. Choices in music can be such a personal thing and it seems like every time I read “Oh my God you have to listen to this!!!1!!” I’m almost always left feeling “Meh…”. I got a wild hair, though, and popped over to Youtube to listen to a live recording of “Winter Trees” by The Staves and a video of “My Father’s Father” by The Civil Wars.

    Oh. My. GOD.

    I haven’t bought a music CD in I don’t know how long. Now I have to go buy at least two!

    1. I’m so thrilled you liked them! The Civil Wars are one of my favorite bands and after last night, The Staves are working their way up that list as well. Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars is an amazing album from beginning to end, you’re going to love it!

  4. Hadn’t even finished reading the post before I was on spotify looking them up. Sounds like perfect music for when I’m in my writing-bubble! Thanks for the inspiration!

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