Medicine Induced Stream of Consciousness.

I’m not feeling very well. I’m all snotty and headachy and chilly and coughy. The silver lining is that I’m taking medication and it puts my brain in a silly place. Or, you know sillier than usual. And hey, maybe it’s not the medication because it’s just over-the-counter-snot-drier-upper, maybe it’s all the sweet-tarts I just ate, or maybe I’m being possessed by a very odd and nonsensical ghost, who can say for sure? All I know is that this is what’s happening in my brain at the moment. I’m documenting it because if it *is* a ghost possession I want to chronicle it so when the ghostbusters come they know exactly what they are dealing with. I’m thoughtful like that. Heaven knows those guys have had enough surprises in their career. Without further ado, here is my unfiltered medicine/ghost possession induced stream of consciousness.

Is there such a thing as too much vitamin-C? Like, at what point have I had too much. Didn’t Oprah and Dr. Oz do a show about this or maybe it was in one of the shows or maybe I read it in a magazine while watching Oprah. All I know if I just feel really sure Oprah is involved somehow. I bet Oprah would really like my new record player. It has a gramophone for goodness sakes! Although, you know what? I bet she wouldn’t because I really doubt she and I have the same taste and that’s a shame because everyone should like gramophones. I really like antiques. Also, I think the word antique looks really pretty written in cursive. Mostly, I just really like writing in cursive but that’s probably because people think my print is illegible. Thanks a lot public school system. Ahhhh! Alien movie on TV! It’s like the other day when I went to see Sherlock Holmes and four of the previews were for alien movies and even though I don’t think Steven Spielberg is directly responsible for them, I know he’s behind it. That guy really has it out for me. I wonder if I really am possessed by a ghost? Because it seems like you wouldn’t even know you’re possessed and certainly couldn’t write a blog while being possessed. I mean, what would a ghost care about a blog? It would still be cool if the ghostbusters came though because Dan Aykroyd  really puts a smile on my face…………Whoa! Did I just fall asleep? Did I write this in my sleep?? I don’t even know anymore. 

I probably owe you guys an apology for this post but I’m not sure because I’m still foggy from the medicine/ghost possession. I’ll re-read this when I feel better and issue an official apology then.

26 thoughts on “Medicine Induced Stream of Consciousness.

  1. Is there such a thing as too much vitamin-C?
    Yes apparently it can cause fatigue, nausea, and insomnia.
    Now I’m scared cuz I eat a LOT of oranges for reals.
    WHAT?? According to eMEDtv some of the more serious side effects may include kidney stones, teeth erosion, and a blood clot in the legs… v___v

    Feel better soon and drink lots of liquids, also fruit and vegetables help.

  2. No apologies necessary. A post like this means the medication is working…your brain is totally f**ked up! You’ll be right as rain in no time. (What does that mean anyway…right as rain. What’s so right about rain? In fact, rain is very like having the flu…all wet and drippy.)

    Feel better soon.

  3. Feel better soon. It’s nice to know someone is as weird as me on cold medicine. And yes, Antiques does look nice written in cursive. So does Shoppe. I like that on the end of a store sign. I will always go into a business with ‘shoppe’ at the end of it.

  4. but if the ghost could write a blog while possessing you and if it’s writing about whether you’re being possessed by said ghost….I think that could maybe open up a wormhole. Eep.

  5. You know, apparently Dan Aykroyd is a huge UFO/’Aliens are among us’ guy – possibly an “off the deep end” UFO guy. Or so say the Internets.

    This cold may be giving you the second sight!

  6. Your streams of semi-consciousness are fascinating as ever.

    You can take too much Vitamin C – meaning more than your body can use at a time – but it doesn’t hurt you any because your body just pees out the excess. Is that TMI? Sorry. I took cold meds too.

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