You’re Going To Want To Thank Me……

You guys, something extraordinary happened to me a few weeks ago. Something that has vastly improved my life. That something is a television show called “Call of the Wildman”. A few friends of mine shared this show with me and I feel it is my duty, nay, my honor, to share it with you.

A little introduction. “Call of the Wildman” is a show that airs on Animal Planet on Sundays at 10pm Eastern. It’s a show about Ernie Brown Jr. , better known as the “Turtleman”. He is absolutely brilliant. Turtleman captures wild animals in Kentucky and then releases them back into the wild or relocates them to animal sanctuaries. Did I mention he catches most of the animals bare-handed? I’ve only seen him use gloves a couple times and traps once. And when I say “wild animals” I mean wild animals, including skunks, raccoons, bats, snakes, groundhogs, possums, and large snapping turtles. Again, he catches these with his bare hands. Seriously y’all, it’s amazing. He’s so sweet with the animals and even the meanest of them get treated kindly and gently by Turtleman. One of his biggest concerns in every episode it capturing the animals without hurting them. He’s a gem of a man.

You might be wondering what someone in the Turtleman’s line of work gets paid, well, let me tell you, it isn’t much. Although I’m sure he gets paid to have the cameras follow him around, the Turtleman very rarely accepts large amounts of cash from his clients. More often he gets a basket of eggs, homemade cookies/pies, potatoes, or as often as not, nothing at all. He simply takes joy in his job and treats each one of his clients like family. He’s absolutely one of the sweetest people I’ve ever seen. And let me tell you about his best friend/partner/administrative assistant Neil. Neil may sound like a backwoods Kentucky boy but he sure is the voice of reason on this show. He’s always looking out for the Turtleman and is one of the most sincere people ever caught on camera. The two of them together make one of the radest teams the world has ever known.

I am crazy about this show. It’s only been on for one season and I’m already anxious for the next one. And to think, this all started because a local news show did a segment of the Turtleman that landed on youtube and caused a huge sensation. Isn’t social media swell? Take a look at the Turtleman in action….

Awesome, right? It totally is. Turtleman got paid a homemade apple pie for catching that snake with his bare hands. True story.

Seriously y’all, watch this show, it will bring joy to your life.

22 thoughts on “You’re Going To Want To Thank Me……

  1. Glenn says:

    My family and I began to watch the show only a week ago and I can’t stop talking about the “turtle man” and his side kick. Great family progrAm, the kids love it. These guys are very funny and the point is that they are the real deal.

  2. I can’t watch shows like this. Just can’t.

    I do this sort of thing every day, and I end up yelling at the TV when somebody does something stupid and unecessarily dangerous, or when they swing the other way and make something seem more dangerous than it is for TV.

    Don’t pay any attention to me. Seriously, I know I’m bein’ a buzz kill but I can’t help it. I’m a cynical curmudgeon when it comes to stuff like this. I don’t have the production value that he has, but here I am….

    Me rescueing baby ducks from an overflow drain in a lake:

    Extraction of coyote from beneath deck:

    Raccoons trapped in dumpster:

    Enraged Pitbull in backyard:

    1. I actually thought of you when I saw this show for this first time. I really don’t think he tries to go out of his way to be dangerous, that just seems to be his way of doing things, although, it *does* make for good TV.

      Also, you saved baby ducks!!!! You’re my hero!!!!! All your videos are amazing- I’m so glad I know you! (sort of) 🙂

  3. I’ve never heard of this show, and I’m going to track it down immediately. I think just telling my wife about it might count as a present of some sorts. I may not push that idea too hard, though.

  4. Dude I have seen this show!!
    I hope he is living comfortably because he is one nice guy. Who does that? No one and he just goes out of his way all the time.

    I am going to free this fly that I have kept prisoner in my house.
    I am tired of being cruel!!!

  5. Wow! He reminds me a little of the Dog Whisperer in the ease with which he handles the animals and understands them (I am a dyed-in-the-wool fan of the Dog Whisperer). I tend to trust people who work with kindness and compassion, although I do think Turtleman should really wear gloves lol. Btw, any idea why he is called “Turtleman”?

    Thanks for sharing this, GotC.

    1. I know- he has such an awesome way with animals! Although, I too, would always advise gloves. 😉 He’s called Turtleman because of he has a very special way with snapping turtles and that’s how he got famous. It’s pretty spectacular.

  6. Sorry I can’t watch this clip, or this show. Even though it sounds *really* cool. Because I don’t do “snake” in any form. Not even on TV. Not even on the computer. You have your thing about dinosaurs, I have this.

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