My New New Year’s Resolutions

Elvis Ukulele

Since I officially ended my Year In Books because, you know, the New Year started, and it was a roaring success of a resolution, I decided I needed some new New Year’s resolutions, because I’m resolved like that. So, without further ado and comma splicing, I give you my 2012 New Year’s resolutions. (Please try and contain your jubilation and please don’t set off any more fireworks)

1. Learn to play the ukulele. A few (too many) Christmasses ago, my wonderful parents (who, you know, created me) gave me a ukulele. I had been basically begging for one for months and they gave in and got me one because I have very persuasive eyes and an annoying penchant for repeating my Christmas list out loud every day starting 3 months before Christmas. Long story short, I still haven’t learned how to really play it. So, this year, in order to make my parents proud and consistently annoy them with ukulele renditions of Johnny Cash songs, I’m learning to play my ukulele. Come hell, high water, or finger blisters.

2. Finish my book. Y’all, I’ve been working on this thing for what feels like 100 years. I keep changing it, going back and forth on what I want the over theme to be, and have changed the title about a gajillion times. What I have failed to do is actually finish it. So, I’ve set myself a writing schedule and plan on getting my hilarious onto paper. Or, you know, pulling out all my hair and procrastinating like a champ. I’ll keep you updated.

I limited myself to two resolutions because I’m only human (although I think I’ve made a pretty good case for superhuman adjacent) and really want to accomplish these goals before the apocalypse. Did you, most beloved of readers, make any resolutions? Please do tell. Happy 2012 my darlings!!!


46 thoughts on “My New New Year’s Resolutions

  1. haha I love it! I really love your blog! 🙂 I made too many resolutions this year. You’re right, we are only human so maybe I should revise it, haha Thanks for writing this! I really like all the topics you write about. (Im a new blogger by the way) Good luck with your book!

  2. I had – and have – all sorts of worthy and higher-minded resolutions (as well as a couple of frivolous ones) but one has just struck me as More Important Than All The Others.

    I was meandering through my friends’ Facebook photographs and realised this: I need to learn, at the age of 32, how to do my eye make-up properly and not look like a deceased clown.

    Happy new year to you, and thank you for entertaining me!

  3. I have left over resolutions from last year so I’m good. 🙂

    But I have to say…quite the resolution combo. If your book was an instruction manual for playing the ukulele that would have been hysterical…in a funny way.

  4. i too hope to finish one of the books i’ve started, or at least get a good ways. Even if it’s slow progress, it’s still progress. Working 2 jobs and single parenting have a way of preventing too much progress, though, so I’m scheduling things in small, realistic increments. Good luck on your goals! I’m keeping my chin up for mine. I have a lot to do this year! Not just working on a book, but the main thing for me is to create time for these activities. That in itself will help me grow on the inside so i can accomplish the bigger picture. Keep up the great work!

  5. laurengo says:

    I just found your blog. I have a lot of catching up to do, but so far I’m loving it! My resolution was to write every day this year. even if it is a post it note to the mail man. Just flexin my write-y muscles.
    Mabes check out my blog? It is meandering and weird, but who knows, someone other than my Gran might like it 😉

  6. Dagny says:

    One bit of advice I read from a famous writer (don’t remember who it was.. moreover I am yet to perfect the art myself… yet I pass on the wisdom to you with pleasure), that you ought NEVER (there were a couple of hundred of nevers there) to begin editing until you finish writing the whole thing. Write first and edit second… is how I have filed it away.

    But alas, I am not able to follow this. Maybe THIS should be my 2012 resolution because you know gotC, what with you bringing up the apocalypse and all, I am kind of serious in a jittery way. Which is not all bad, actually.

    Happy new year to you…

  7. My only resolutions were non-metaphorical. Organize my house, lose the weight I packed on this year. Very un-post-worthy.

    However, PLEASE do learn to play the ukulele! I was on the Jersey beach a few years back, renting umbrellas with visiting Californians, and the young guy who administered canvas chairs and umbrellas had a ukulele…he serenaded me, upon request, with a beautiful Beatles song. It. was. Awesome! And I hear it is easier to learn than guitar. I look forward to your Video Post, of you fluently playing your favorite love song on your new pet ukulele.

    1. I think organization and weight loss are very post-worthy! It’s certainly no easy task to accomplish either one of those.

      I promise to try real hard on the ukulele and maybe, once I’m good enough, I’ll even take requests. 😉

  8. I’m thinking online Ukulele concert with your blog readers swaying back and forth in unison, lighters raised,….

    I am virtually without musical talent. Took piano for 5 years when I was a kid and I couldn’t play a piece of music on a keyboard now if my life depended on it. I did buy a banjo a couple of years ago and I’ve learned to play – old timey claw-hammer style. Well enough for my own amusement, anyway.

    Yeah… I play a banjo. I have a bloodhound. I smoke a pipe. Hillbilly Hat-trick – ‘cuz thats how I roll.

    Totally looking forward to the book 🙂

  9. Good resolutions! Despite the fact that both of those tasks are tasks that require heaping loads of patience and determination and all that hoopla, I look forward to hearing about your successes! Uke is a great instrument and it’s very fun to play (not to mention, relatively simple to catch on to)! Good luck!

  10. Love the uke! Perhaps I’ll pick up the steel drums I used to play back in the dark ages (high school, clearly), and we can start a really bizarre but incredibly infectious jam band!

    PS – just posted my non-resolutions on my blog – take a peek! 🙂

  11. rhymeswithchair says:

    I’m also determined to learn to play ukulele. I was inspired by Eddie Vedder’s album Ukulele Songs. So far I’ve found that, since the strings are nylon, it’s not as tough on the fingers a guitar.

    Other resolutions are to read two books a week and to start getting to work on time!

    Good luck on becoming an accomplished uke player!

  12. There is no like button!!!
    I protest!!!

    OK I am totally cool with your resolutions. If you were anxiously waiting for my approval you have it, only by giving us a vlog every once in a while of how well you are doing on your ukulele.
    I mean, its only fair.
    How will we know you actually can play the ukulele at the end of the year???

    My resolution is to get more scars… you know a showy display that I am living life.
    I haven’t figured how to do that just yet because I am scared to get hurt, or get scars.

    Mmmmm may have to rethink this a bit.

  13. I was such a stress bucket in 2011 that I decided resolution #1 for 2012 would be to keep it simple. In that spirit, resolution #2 is to stop eating Cheetos. I think this is something I can accomplish without, I hope, a lot of stress…until I get withdrawal symptoms, that is 🙂

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