Indulge Me A Little Bit

Baylor Bears

I’m sorry you guys but I have a lot of love in me today and I need to gush a little bit. Please indulge me.

Tonight I am going to see my Baylor Bears play in the Alamo Bowl and I am tickled pink (or should I say tickled green and gold?) about it. Remember that time Robert Griffin III (or RG3 as the roaring crowds call him) won the Heisman? Because that just happened. And it was awesome and I’m not ashamed to admit that when they called his name I shed a tear or two because I was just so darn proud. Also, I would like it to be noted that the only Baylor player to ever win a Heisman has his Bachelor’s Degree as well as a Master’s Degree and was accepted into Baylor Law School for Fall 2012.  And though the Alamo Bowl may be his last game at Baylor (unless he does decide to stay and play through his first semester of Law School, which I think we can all agree would be rad) because the NFL beckons, I will always love him for the love he has for Baylor.

No matter what the outcome of our bowl game tonight, I’m a proud Baylor Bear and I just had to gush about it. Sic ‘Em y’all! I promise I’ll go back to being funny (ish) tomorrow.

The hotter the heat, the harder the steel. No pressure, no diamonds. We compete, we win. We are Baylor. Baylor we are, Baylor we’ll always be.

10 thoughts on “Indulge Me A Little Bit

  1. Congrats to Baylor and to Heisman winner Robert Griffin III for a record-breaking win in the Alamo Bowl! Go Bears!

    Okay, I admit. I had to Google Baylor to see where it was, but I’m happy to cheer for them on your behalf. Because believe you me, I understand loyalty to one’s alma mater as well as excitement over its football program. I graduated from U.Florida and yes, I’m a Gator. I went to college with full intentions of ignoring the fuss over school spirit and athletics, and after my first game, I was shamelessly hooked.

    I bet you’re happy after that game 🙂

  2. I have a warm spot in my heart for Baylor. Baylor is a classy place, with classy alums. I always root for them, unless they are playing my own alma mater – Texas A&M. I miss the old Southwest Conference.

    With A&M going off to the SEC next year they won’t be playing Baylor any more. The Thanksgiving game against UT (aka Satan’s Spawn) is a thing of the past as well. That makes me sad.

    Good Luck Bears!

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