A Year In Books

Mindy Kaling

Last week I read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Minday Kaling. Hilarity ensued. I laughed, I laughed some more, I nodded my head in understanding and sisterly solidarity, and then I laughed again. Mindy Kaling, who many of you may know was Kelly Kapoor on The Office (Oh and she also writes and produces for the show), is exceptionally hilarious and relatable. She is every really awesome hilarious friend you’ve ever writing about every hilarious and awesome thing you’ve ever talked about with that friend. It’s happiness in a book people. That’s truth.

Kaling also talks about how she made it in New York City. It’s like a funnier and more realistic version of every “How I Made it in New York” movie you’ve ever seen. I have to admit, I always admire people who take a chance by following their dreams to the big city, that takes a lot of guts. And Kaling has lots of guts. Lots of really funny guts. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty jealous of her funny guts.  As I said before, reading this book was like hanging out with your favorite friends who is hilarious and, let’s be honest, a lot cooler than you, but when you hang out with them, you get a little cooler by proxy. Reading this book made me cooler by proxy.

If you like to laugh and get cooler by proxy, I suggest you read this book. Nay, I insist you read this book. The world could use a little cooler by proxy…er……laughter.

What are y’all reading this week?

20 thoughts on “A Year In Books

  1. Ooo sounds interesting..which sort of reminds me that I had wanted to get another book you reviewed…sometime..uhmm..early this year..I think..anyways, I’ll remember this: Cooler by proxy funny book by a Kapoor that acted in The Office!

    I’m currently reading “Your Soul’s Compass” and I have this distinct feeling its suppose to make you feel lost before you can find your way back…hopefully….

  2. hmm…I’ve never read a book by a comic before. right now i’m reading a book that’s so depressing, it makes cry, maybe i’ll follow that with one that has me laughing so hard i have to cry

  3. Oooh I didn’t know she had a book! This is SO UP MY ALLEY. Dang, GotC, I have to stop reading this feature because the stack of books I need to read grows every time I do! 😉

  4. I would totally read this book just so that if we ever met I could tell her that I had and the chances of her falling for me would go up. Also, because I like funny, but mostly for the first reason.

    And I’m just starting Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle.

    1. Obviously, if you read her book you’re destined for a fiery though brief affair that both your biographers will spend 2 chapters dissecting and evaluating. So, if I were you, I would read this book immediately.

      Also- YES!!! I love me some Cat’s Cradle.

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