Board Game Domination Is Ours!


My friend Mary and I dominate at the game Taboo. DOMINATE IT. This might seem really braggadocious but I’m allowed to brag about it because it’s true and really, how arrogant can I be if I’m bragging about being good at a board game? It’s not like I’m saying I’m the best writer in the world (I’m not) or the most beautiful (Ha!) or the funniest (Wocka Wocka is my life force) so I think it’s ok for me to brag about being really really good at this one thing. Especially because it’s a team effort so really I’m bragging on Mary too and that’s just being a good friend. Need further proof? You got it!

In case you aren’t familiar with Taboo, object of the game is to get your partner to guess the word on your card without saying it or other related words (It’s like a more complicated version on Password and also it doesn’t have Betty White). Some of these can be really challenging because it’s hard to get someone to say “Double Chin” without saying “fat” or “face”. Get it? It’s lots of fun and if you haven’t played before I would highly recommend it, also if someone says a word they aren’t supposed to say someone gets to press a very annoying buzzer and that’s always enjoyable.

So, Mary and I were playing Taboo the other night and I was giving the clues, then this happened.

Me: She. Is. Everything.Ā 

Mary: Barbara Streisand!Ā 

And you know what? She was right. That’s the only clue I had to give. She knew exactly who I was talking about. That’s true friendship folks. Then when Mary was giving the clues, this happened.

Mary: Old women…

Me: Soap Operas!

Again, score one for the unbeatable team of Mary and GotC. Ā I think you can see now that I wasn’t exaggerating our Taboo prowess. Also, we’re really good at Scattergories. You’re jealous aren’t you? You totally are.

36 thoughts on “Board Game Domination Is Ours!

  1. My friend Amber and I were like that with pictionary. seriously – she drew two squiggle lines on a paper and I got ‘Twisted Sister’ from it. It’s magic when you have that kind of team work šŸ˜‰

  2. I wouldn’t stop at bragging, that shizz should be ON THE RESUME! I keed, don’t do it or you’ll probably never be taken seriously at an interview. Anywho, while I love Taboo, if you DON’T get to pick your partner, its a sad state of affairs. You could have the best clues and this person for some reason thinks the word is SODA! Grinds my gears, everytime!

  3. Ahh I love this!! Mary is the PERFECT Taboo partner! No one stood a chance! I’m not sure Jenn and her husband will ever play Taboo with Peppermeister and me again. We’re the same way!

    Scategories is my family’s go-to game. It gets WILD. Hoo! Watch out!

  4. If board games say a lot about you what does the fact that I’m good at Risk say about me? That “I’m a cold-hearted snake? Look me in the eye”…when you say that. šŸ˜‰

  5. I totally am! (jealous that is). I had a short sighted squint at the stack of boardgames on the other side of my room and I have Taboo sitting there! It was a new game when we bought it a few months ago..had never played it before. Actually I think I’ve only played it once since we bought the game so I can’t really remember how we played it, but I do remember the buzzer!

    I’m annoyingly bad at playing monopoly..really, really bad. (one can brag at being worst at something too can’t they?)

  6. Kate says:

    I was playing with some coworkers once, and I said “He’s a black athlete.”
    My teammate guessed “Shaquille O’Neil!”
    Nailed it.

  7. Tammy says:

    Yay! You and Mary, good times, great games! I know just what you’re talking about, love my Scrabble-nights with my girls, too!

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