I Got Cookie Shamed

chocolate peppermint cookies

I love to bake. I’m a baking fiend and I usually make everything from scratch because I think it tastes best that way and also makes me feel more accomplished. There is nothing so satisfying as someone saying they like whatever you made and being able to say “Thanks, I made them from scratch.” It’s a pride issue.

But occasionally, I will make cookies from a box. Usually because I’m crunched for time or because I’m going to be putting a lot more effort in the decoration. And you know what? Those cookies always taste good. Sure, I don’t get to say “I made them from scratch.” but the compliments I get on how good they are still feel pretty great to hear. Although, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not always forthcoming with the “it came out of a box” confession. “Why not?”, you may ask. Well, because of incidents like this one.

Me: Look at this yummy peppermint chocolate mix I bought at the store today! They’re super fast and easy to make and taste great. We can take them to game night.Β 

Cookie Shamer: (grimace) I’ve never had cookies out of a box before….(more grimacing)

Me: Oh. Ok.Β 

At first I was shocked, then I was angry, then I forgot about it, then I got angry again. Those cookies are yummy gosh darnit and I don’t have all day to bake for game night. Sometimes, you have to take the quick route and if the quick route ends in tasty cookies then who the hell cares?! I will not allow myself to be cookie shamed! I bought box cookies, I’m going to make them in like 30 minutes, and they are going to taste wonderful! So there!

Anyway, I went and bought all the ingredients so I can make them from scratch. Apparently, I will allow myself to be cookie shamed.

Also, if you’re interested, I got the recipe for the cookies (and the image) from Sweet Pea’s Kitchen. It’s a delicious recipe!

46 thoughts on “I Got Cookie Shamed

  1. Wow. That cookie shamer had nerve, even if she is a good friend and accomplished baker herself. While I tend to agree, from scratch baked goods do 99% of the time taste better, it’s just rude to put people down just for using a box mix. You’re still putting time and energy into the prep, and you like them. It’s not like you threw down a bag of stale, generic sandwich cremes from the scratch and dent bin that the dog would turn their nose up at. You are a better woman than I GOTC, I’d have force fed her the mix, box and all.

    1. No worries! I thought it was more funny than anything. Trust me, she’s a real sweetheart, and she felt terrible that I felt cookie shamed, so she made some brownies from scratch and they were delicious and all was well again. πŸ™‚ It’s a happy ending!

  2. How dreadfully ungracious of the cookie shamer. Does she bring cookies to the event? I know she’s a good friend, but she hurt your feelings. Good friends don’t usually do that. I’m just saying…

    As for me, I don’t bake. I barely cook. Fortunately, my hubby is an excellent cook so he does the cooking and I do the cleaning up.

    However, send me lots of good wishes for tomorrow. He and I have decided to bake Christmas cookies together. We actually work well together usually, but this is such a departure from my usual “I’ll just buy some at the store – thank you, Mr. Christie,” and I’m a tad nervous. I hope they turn out all right. His mother is a fabulous cook and her cookies are always so yummy. I hope my lesson isn’t: never try to compete with a man’s mother. πŸ˜›

    1. Don’t worry, she didn’t actually hurt my feelings. Mostly, I just thought it was kind of hilarious. And yes, she always brings freshly baked goods to our get-togethers and they are phenomenal. πŸ™‚

      Good luck with your cookie baking! Just have fun with it and try not to worry about cookie comparisons!

  3. A cookie from any box, will taste just as uhmm…sweet?

    I look at it this way, you still had to make it…anything could go wrong if left in the hands of someone who can’t bake or cook…those that can burn water?

  4. Grrrr…. Baking snob. Phooey on her, her super box mix detecting palate, and her excessively grimacing reaction to your cookies. Don’t waste the box mix or the home made batch on her. Give ’em to the boyfriend instead. He’ll appreciate them I’m sure.

    I’d take them off your hands myself, but I only eat cookies made by actual elves using flour made by grinding individual grains of wheat between very small pebbles found only in a remote and secret riverbed in Sweden…

    1. She’s actually a really close and completely wonderful friend of mine. πŸ˜‰ The boyfriend will definitely be getting the cookies, and I’m sure he’ll like them.

      Also, I would pay good money to have cookies made by actual elves and all that jazz.

  5. NiciC says:

    I never make any baked goods from a box. However, I agree that I don’t always have time to spend all day in the kitchen. If I do bake, it’s from scratch. But I have often stopped at a bakery and picked up goodies for whatever gathering. And then I proceed to lie and say I made them myself and it’s a secret family recipe so I don’t give out the recipe.

  6. I have cheated the last couple of years and buy a box of sugar cookie mix from the warehouse club. It saves me time and money – if I buy the baking supplies they usually expire before I can use it all. Thanks for sharing and these look soooo delicious!

  7. You DO know you can get away with saying that they’re homemade, right? The cookie shamer/snob will be impressed because subconsciously they’ll HEAR “from scratch” and you will be telling the truth.

    Can you tell I’ve had my days with expert cookie shamers?

  8. “I’ve never had cookies out of a box before.”

    (1) Yeah right. They probably have and just don’t know it.
    (2) Right. Because they eat packaged cookies out of a bag. Or because all of *their* “fast cookies: have come out of a tube or a bucket instead. They need to get with the times!

    1. Actually, my friend is a strictly “from scratch” kind of gal- she is a very accomplished baker and has one of the most refined palates I’ve ever come across. I wouldn’t be surprised if she could tell what is made from scratch and what comes out of a box- she it that good! πŸ™‚

  9. Tammy says:

    You rock! A girl after my own heart…sometimes it’s hard to swallow our pride! And in the end, you share a great recipe! You’re all heart!

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