I Have A New Love In My Life…

I bet you think this post is about my boyfriend. Sike! It’s about the new Black Keys album El Camino.

Ok. Everyone needs to open their iTunes and buy El Camino immediately. I love The Black Keys and this is another stellar album put out by them. They had me from track one, although my favorite track by far is this little gem.

That video is from their absolutely brilliant SNL performance last Saturday. Seriously kids, they owned it hard. I keep listening to this song again and again, it makes me want to dance and  be involved in some sort  of car chase. I dig it.

Also, there is this video for Lonely Boy (their first single) that may be one of the best music videos I’ve ever seen. It’s so hypnotic and hilarious and a complete stroke of genius. Watch it, won’t you?

Yeah, you’re welcome.



16 thoughts on “I Have A New Love In My Life…

  1. That dancing guy is pretty…addictive? You can’t stop watching. The lead singer, on the SNL episode, is good looking. I don’t know their music, other than hearing it here first. I’ll have to go watch the show on Hulu now…

  2. I don’t know what it is, but I’m not a black keys fan. I should be. Everything I know says I should be. But I don’t get all rev’d up or happy or anything listening. SO it just must be one of those strange time blips and i missed the fan train. so weird though.

  3. Unrelated follow-up question maybe you can help me with: How come so many bloggers have started having comments “await moderation”? Is it the new thing? How come no one told me? Is it because you guys all hate me? It is, isn’t it!

  4. I love The Black Keys. I always have a hard time describing what makes them so good, though. “Well, there like The White Stripes, only totally different, except alike with rawness and realness and awesomeness, only different with… oh, just listen to them.

    1. I love them too! And yes, it’s really hard to describe them, which is why I keep some of their best songs on my phone so when I’m struggling I can just play a tune and watch people’s eyes shine with understanding.

  5. I’m diggin’ on both these tunes… thanks for sharing them! I’m going to have to give more of their stuff a listen.

    #1 – Made me imagine roaring down a dust road in Mexico in some beat up (but still awesome) black muscle car from the 70’s.

    #2 – I wondered what ever happened to Carlton from “Fresh Prince of Bel Aire” 🙂

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