A Year In Books- Postponed


So, I’m still sticking to my resolution but I haven’t quite finished the books I started reading last week. I was very distracted by Thanksgiving and spent the remaining days in a food induced coma. But, no fear!  I read multiple books in past weeks so, I’m still ahead of the game. I will tell you I’m reading a great book and that I can’t wait to share it with you guys! Just give me a few more non-food-binging days and I’ll tell you all about it. 🙂

In the meantime, I would love to hear about your favorite Thanksgiving moments. One of mine involved my Grammy….of course.

Me: You made the green bean casserole this year?
Grammy: Yes I did.
Me: Cool. I thought you were just bringing the buttermilk pie.
Grammy: I don’t care what this tastes like, just tell me it’s a good as your Mother’s, even if it isn’t.
Me: You got it. 

17 thoughts on “A Year In Books- Postponed

  1. Grammy!
    Favorite moment when the Turkey went into the boiling oil and we had a tiny fire. We yelled “Fire YAY!!!” instead of trying to put it out.

  2. We give thanks earlier in the year than you – but my favorite snippet this year was:

    Hubby: Thanks for making the Turkey, now I just need to stuff it and we’re set
    Me: why are you doing it like that?
    Hubby: like what?
    Me: through the neck?
    Hubby: that’s the neck?!
    Me: *sigh*… we need to have a talk.


  3. Our grandparents would get along really well. When we asked Grampa what Gramma wanted for dessert last year he did a little dance in response. This year Grampa pointed to my husband sitting on the couch next to him and asked my mom, “What’s his name again?” Okay, he’s only known Joe almost 5 years. But then he asked her, “And what’s the other guy’s name?” That would be my brother-in-law of 12 years – Dan.


  4. Hee hee Yay for Grammy and food-induced comas! Post-Thanksgiving, I discovered the beauty of turkey and coleslaw together. OMG.

    My favorite Thanksgiving moment was opening my parents’ fridge and seeing that Babs had purchased not one, but two, bottles of champagne just for me:
    Me: TWO bottles?!
    Babs: Well it is Thanksgiving.
    Me: I am thankful for a mother who enables me.

  5. I’m with Grammy… tell me what I want to hear and I’ll take care of the details in my own head 🙂

    Favorite Thanksgiving weekend snippet:

    We had the Grandbaby all weekend, since my Daughter and her husband were off at the Deer Lease after the holiday. Thanksgiving weekend is our time to decorate the house inside and out for Christmas. I do the outside and Mrs. Paladin did the inside with the help of 2 yr old Bailey. I collect odd antiques, and have an old typewriter (1915) and other old office odds and ends on a sidebar near the christmas tree location. Bailey picks up an old typewriter ribbon tin and asks, “Whas dis?”

    Mrs. Paladin says, “Its a typewriter ribbon tin.”

    Bailey puts it up to her ear and shakes it, hearing the rattle of the old ribbon spool inside. Then she gets a thoughtful look on her face.

    “Nope,” she says, “It’s Coppenhagen”.

    Her Dad dips snuff…. It just struck me as funny 🙂

  6. Mine was reminiscing with my brother about the time he was drinking water from the hose and I turned the pressure up full blast. It made me laugh just as hard hearing about it after all these years.

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