Turkey For Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!! I have an abundance of things to be thankful for this year and one of those things is YOU! I am so thankful for all the lovely readers of this blog who encourage me daily and leave comments that are more often than not better than anything I write. You guys are my hero!

21 thoughts on “Turkey For Everyone!

  1. I’m so stuffed right now I can’t even think straight. Two full Thanksgiving spreads in one day – Mrs. Paladin’s parents, and my own. Sometimes living within driving distance of your family can be both a blessing and a curse.

    I’ll leave you with my traditional Thanksgiving Quote, and hope its not too obscure:

    “As God is my Witness…. I thought Turkeys could fly”

    1. lol I LOVED that show, especially since at the time I was an all-night DJ for a Canadian radio station (my hero was Venus Flytrap, closely followed by Dr. Johnny Fever). Poor Les, I felt so sorry for him that day 😛

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