Tower Heist Made Me Uncomfortable

Alan Alda

My deep and everlasting love of Alan Alda is well documented on this blog. He is one of my absolute favorite actors so when his new movie Tower Heist came out, I knew I had to see it. Granted, this movie is more of a Ben Stiller/Eddie Murphy driven film but my guy Alan had his fair share of screen time as well.

The movie got off to a promising start- Alan Alda with his shirt off swimming. Let me tell you a little somethin somethin- Mr. Alda is rockin that 75 year old bod. I mean, sure, the movie is obviously playing up his heartthrob status by having him shirtless but that is A-ok by me. πŸ˜‰

After that, things got uncomfortable. Mostly because Alan Alda is the bad guy. A real bad guy. A money stealing-lying to yo mama-keeping the little guy down kind of bad guy. And I just couldn’t take it. It upset me. Obviously, I know he was playing a part but I genuinely hated to see him like that. I just couldn’t take him as a villain. The movie was difficult for me to watch because on the one hand, I wanted the good guys to get theirs, but on the other hand, I didn’t necessarily want anything bad to happen to Alan Alda. When they get him in the end, he looks so sad. And his character totally deserved it but all I saw was Alan Alda sad eyes and that made me want to hug him and tell him everything will be ok.

So, overall, I would have to say this movie just made me uncomfortable.

Funny story: When Alan Alda shows up on screen with his shirt off, I may have squealed like a teenage girl and gotten some very strange looks from people. Whatever. A love like ours can’t be understood.


23 thoughts on “Tower Heist Made Me Uncomfortable

  1. I dig me some Alan Alda, too–though I’ll give you first dibs. πŸ˜‰

    And Sandler’s not so bad….I really like a sense of humor on a guy. Really sexy. Probably explains my crush on Steve Carell.

    I can relate to your discomfort–imagine watching Judd Hirsch on Taxi then seeing him as the creepy therapist/THE rapist opposite Veronica Hamel in “She Said No.” Haven’t been able to look at him the same way since.

    Geez, all these guys–seems I’m a flighty ho. LOL

  2. Ah I was lucky..I watched Colin Farrell (my Irish heartbreak) as the sort of bad guy on Minority Report. at the time I had no idea who he was..and wanted to take a bat to his head and see him bleed..and was most happy to see him shot too!

    Now however I wouldn’t feel very comfortable thinking of that when I watch a movie with him in it, which could explain why I had a major headache after watching Horrible Bosses…he looked…horrible!!

  3. Surely not a reflection on Alda, but have you read any of the just unbelievably scuzzy things Bret Ratner (Tower Heist’s director) has been saying lately? Apparently he’s gotten a little too comfy talking to the public, and he’s said a number of lame things, then sounded worse when he tried to explain himself. (I’ll leave of his comments, since this is a respectable blog, and I’d had to have the ladies & gentlemen fainting)

  4. I know exactly what you mean. Although since Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor, I’ve learned to become really comfortable in my discomfort. I mean, seriously. Have you seen Total Eclipse?? I’m okay with the love story and like Rimbaud’s poetry, but the hand stabbing is another matter altogether.

  5. cooper says:

    what about Murder at 1600? he’s a bigger naughty-person there than Crimes and Misdemeanors

    but I agree there is something unsettling seeing him play the bad guy….

  6. Weirdly enough, one of my favorite Alda films is ‘Crimes and Dismeneanors’ and I think he’s a bit unsavory in that one, but fully dressed. My fav is ‘Sweet Liberty’ where I think he has a scene in nothing but a ‘don’t tread on me’ quilt……

  7. Seeing an actor play a role that puts them at odds with the usual place they occupy in your mind can be unsettling, that’s for sure. Sometimes it can be a good thing, though. I had always thought Heath Ledger was a light-weight, sappy actor. Then I watched his performance as The Joker in the Batman movie and almost got whiplash. It was the most awesome transformation into evil that I had ever seen.

    Of course, that’s different from having a beloved icon suddenly on the big screen as a villian.

    Want to know what’s worse? Try having Actors/Actresses that you really enjoy watching in movies and on TV come out publicly and express their hate for you personally. Not as a character, but as a real life person expressing their opinion that you are an evil racist. I’m a Conservative and a Tea Party backer. In the past couple of years I’ve read/heard several entertainers come out publicly bashing “my side” and offering the opinon that because I differ with them politically I must be a bad person.

    Now THAT will kill your movie buzz, ya know?

    1. I can see how that might make you less inclined to see a film. And while I can hardly be considered a celebrity, let me say that though you and I differ politically, you have never struck me as anything but sincere, well researched, and well-meaning, and I would never call you a bad person. Unless you have some sort of dramatic personality shift and start kicking puppies and punching children- then I might call you a bad person. Anyway, that probably won’t happen. πŸ˜‰

      1. Politics will never come between us.

        I honestly don’t care if an entertainer has political views different from mine. I don’t care if they express those views all over the place. It seldom interferes with my enjoyment of their talents, if I am a fan otherwise. If I only watched movies or enjoyed music from people of like political minds I’d be pretty much out of luck. Its when they cross the line into ad hominem attacks and outright lies that I have to write them off…

        (cough)Janeane Garafalo(cough).

        For a living I pursue and prosecute people who kick puppies and have (so far) resisted any impulse that I might have to punch small children. So I think we’re in the clear πŸ™‚

  8. Um…uh..I think that you squeeled when seeing a 75 year old shirtless Alan Alda…may have made me uncomfortable. But, whatever. As you said, A love like yours…can’t be understood.

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