The Yankees Of The Midwest

One week ago today, my heart was broken. Not by a boy, but by a baseball team. My beloved Texas Rangers were defeated in the World Series by the St. Louis Cardinals. It has taken me a week to be able to talk about it without weeping/lashing out in anger/eating a bucket of fried chicken in one sitting. And even now, a week later, all I can think is this: We lost to the Yankees of the Midwest.

A lot of people love the Yankees. A lot of people hate the Yankees. They’re contentious like that. One of the main reasons people hate on the Yanks so much is because they have won so damn much. The Yankees are the Haves and every other team in baseball is the Have-Nots, except they’re all paid ridiculous amounts of money making them all Haves and part of the 1% all those people are protesting…so….bad example. Ok. The Yankees are like the….like the Yankees. You know what it means. They win a lot. They’ve won the World Series 27 times. You know which baseball team has won the second most World Series? The St. Louis Cardinals. This makes them the Yankees of the Midwest. Make of that what you will.

The only thing getting me through this grieving period is the fact that Nolan Ryan would dominate in a fight against William DeWitt Jr., and could probably still take on the entire Cardinals bench all by himself with one arm tied behind his back. Just ask Robin Ventura.

20 thoughts on “The Yankees Of The Midwest

  1. Oh man, I’ve finally got power back in my house, but all the power in the world isn’t going to give me the ability to come up with a coherent response about baseball.

    So. How about that Percy Jackson series? I’m on Book 3 (I know, I’m slow) now!

  2. craig78681 says:

    Congratulations. You totally surprised me. Professional sports is very near the bottom of the list of topics I would have expected here. Well done.

      1. No doubt. Did you notice how sycophantic the umps were acting toward Nolan, sitting right behind home plate? More than once I shouted “GET A ROOM!”

  3. It was one of the best Series in years, though. The Rangers didn’t just roll over and play dead; the Cardinals needed to work hard to earn those wins.

    I’m one of those who hate the Yankees. I don’t think the Cardinals possess the characteristic arrogance to be the Yankees of the Midwest. It’s just not a Midwest attitude. Maybe the Mets of the Midwest.

    Nolan Ryan would indeed kick their butts.

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