I Make Bad Television Watching Decisions.

The Rite

I shouldn’t be allowed to watch TV after 8pm. I make terrible TV decisions at night. Instead of watching reality TV like normal  people, I get completely sucked into terrifying movies and never-ending shows on the History channel about war. And then I have bad dreams or simply don’t sleep at all because the world is scary y’all.

Watching these movies and shows during the day doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I could spend 9-5 watching the most frightening movies imaginable and it has no effect on me, but if it’s late at night, I become a very frightened young lady who sleeps with a baseball bat beside her bed. You would think I would have learned the first time, or even the first couple of times that this happened. Nope. I didn’t.

Last night, I did it again. I turned on the television and thought to myself, ” What could a movie about exorcism hurt?” Let me tell you what it hurt- it hurt my chance of restful sleep last night that’s what it hurt. And I knew it would. I *knew* it. But I still watched it. And I’ll do it again. Why? Because I make bad television watching decisions.

One might argue that I could just exhibit a little more self-control next time. That one would be wrong. I *can’t* exhibit more self-control next time. Really. I can’t. I’m incapable of making reasonable television watching decisions after dark. Completely incapable of it. And now I’ve had to add like 20 new things to my list of things I should be afraid of. And that list is getting too long y’all. Too long and too scary.

So, I’m looking for someone/something to blame. Any ideas? Right now, I’m leaning towards blaming the cable company. What do you think?

31 thoughts on “I Make Bad Television Watching Decisions.

  1. Deepika Kumaaraguru says:

    Hi there, I’m a new follower of your blog. Love it. Because I can totally relate with you, especially on this post. I hate horror movies too!!! Yikes. At least you feel comfortable watching it during the day but for me 24/7 are bad moments to watch scary films. Just hate them.

  2. I love horror movies! I can’t make bad TV show decisions because I don’t really watch much TV..I do make “bad” website decisions though…I end up flipping through the 4 or 5 websites that I most frequently visit to check for updates..and like the Good Greatsby , I keep wondering why I sleep so late..HA!

  3. I would recommend Glee before you go to bed, but It might keep you up dancing and singing and if you have neighbors like me they might end up hating you “for reals”

    If you want to go to bed crying watch Private Practice, there’s always a big drama happening there 🙂

    Or you know you can always read a book, 4 pages after you are down like a baby guaranteed 😉

  4. I should probably not admit this, but when it gets late at night, I tend to watch the shows I have taped.. Phineas and Ferb, Wizards of Waverly Place, all from Disney Channel. And I am not so much a little kid, those shows are just wonderful shows.. They do have some scary stuff on Wizards but nothing so terrifying as the stuff they make for adults nowadays…. My friends, bless them, have asked me, “what are you like, 10?” and I just smile and say “at heart.”

  5. I wish I could say my bad TV decisions were limited to scary movies, but I’m most embarrassed by how I keep flipping through channels even though we only have four. I end up going to bed late and when I try and think what I watched the previous night that kept me up so late, I realize I never ended up watching anything for more than a few minutes before I changed channels to the next terrible show.

  6. I usually end up watching something that I feel I have been raped of time with. Like Hot tub time machine, or some crazy thing like that. Not so much with the scary.

    Though this movie didn’t freak me out (except that cat bit) so much as made me really think that if ever I had a chance to have lunch with a celeb – it most definately wouldn’t be Anthony Hopkins. That dude… he just exudes the bejessus scaring.

    I’d blame Father time. He seems to be the one in control.

  7. Blame Home Depot. They obviously forgot to sell you the 50 pound bag of redi-mix concrete to turn your TV into a decorative obelisk, thereby destroying TV viewing forever and permitting you to read more books than you planned.

    Baaaaad Home Depot…..

  8. JT says:

    I am so sorry, this is totally my fault if only you had known you would have rejected my subsciption request, ah well it’s too late now, you are stuck in this never ending spiral of bad TV choices…again I am so sorry.

  9. I make horrible TV decisions, too! Although, I think the above pic is actually more terrifying than the film, The Rite. You need to have a good trash TV night. I highly reccomend some Hoarders, I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant, and perhaps a Big Gypsy Wedding! They always get my mind off anything creepy; well, sort of!

    1. I’m definitely with Sprinkles on this one. Although if you have to blame someone, I would blame FOX for surrendering new episodes of Glee and 90210 in favor of baseball. Or maybe just blame baseball.

  10. The worst, for me, is watching something dumb, not actually scary. Then I go to bed and stare out at the darkness and think about “you know what WOULD be scary…”

    I’d consider blaming the government, the FCC, and the media. And whoever made your couch so comfortable.

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