Children Can Tell The Future

Creepy Jump Rope
There *is* a jump rope in this picture- but mostly, I just thought it was delightfully creepy.

So I was at the elementary school I volunteer at the other day and was witness to what I consider to be the most accurate future telling on the face of the planet, nay, Earth. It went something like this…

Ice cream sundae

Cherry on top

Who’s your boyfriend

Let’s find out

Then they started going through the alphabet while the person seeking the identity of their boyfriend jumped rope. Whatever letter was the last to be called out before they got caught up in the rope was the first letter of their future boyfriends name. It was nothing short of magic. I mean, I know children are our future but did you know children can tell our future??? They’re amazing!

Think about it. If more adults would just go to the playground and take part in this jump roping miracle they could cut through all the bull of dating and such. It would be like “Oh, your name is Bill? Sorry, my boyfriend’s name starts with X.” Like, you would know that Bill wasn’t right for you straight away. That would save SO much time!!! Also, how exciting to guess at what the initial stood for. I mean, say you landed on P. It could be Peter, or Paul, or Procopius, or Pavel, or Promethius. The possibilities are endless! Well, not exactly endless– but there would be a lot of possibilities.

Next week, I fully intend on having the first initial of my future boyfriend. I suggest all you other single ladies go to the nearest park or elementary school and jump rope with the kiddos so they can tell you your future. Just, try not to make it creepy.

20 thoughts on “Children Can Tell The Future

  1. Ooo I loved that game when I was a kid! I still play the “guess your future husbands first initial” with my soda can tab. You know when you move it back and forth and where it breaks that’s the first initial of his name? This is weird because I’m married and gay.

  2. Kids still jump rope??…

    If you believe the Media, you’d think they would all be too busy sexting, cyber-bullying each other, and alternately starving/being obese. There’s something very comforting about the thought that kids still engage in “play” activities from my youth. I’d very much like to see that with my own eyes, but a dangerous looking bearded guy lurking around an elementary school yard is frowned upon.

    As it should be.

    You’re absolutely right about the picture. Each element by itself is pretty benign. Kittens, a childs doll, a jump rope…. sounds like the fixin’s for a cute montage. Much like the harmless cleaning products under most of our sinks, though, put them together and you get a bomb. A creepy, creepy bomb. That of course makes me love it πŸ™‚ Thanks for posting it.

    I remember a whole list of games girls used to play during recess, when I was a kid, that were supposed to reveal the identity of their future husband/boyfriend. Some kind of little paper thingy with letters on it that they folded back and forth, holding an apple by its stem and twisting while reciting the alphabet until it broke off….. We guys, on the other hand, mainly just ran around a lot with occasional breaks for punching each other in the arm to see who was tougher.

    Looking back, it kinda makes me wonder why on earth any of the girls would ever want to marry any of us regardless of their Witchy powers of fortune telling.

  3. “What company should I invest in? A! B! C! D!…”
    “In what city should I live? A! B! C!…”
    “Should I see a doctor about this mole? Yes! No! Yes!..”

    The possibilities are endless. It’s gonna get crowded on the playgrounds.

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