Interviews With Celebrities: Gerard Butler

Ok. Fine. I’ll imaginary interview Gerard Butler. But only because Marina asked me to and Amy totally seconded it and I’m really no match for peer pressure.

Gerard Butler

GotC: Mr. Butler…

Gerard Butler: You can call me Gerry. 

GotC: I’m going to call you Mr. Butler because I love Gone With The Wind and have a thing for Rhett Butler. If I call you Mr. Butler, I can pretend you’re him. 

Gerard Butler: That seems really convoluted and unnecessary. 

GotC: It probably is, Mr. Butler. It probably is. 

Gerard Butler: Ok. So. Questions? 

GotC: You’re from Scotland, correct? 

Gerard Butler: Yes, I am. 

GotC: Oh my. Oh….oh my. I’m sorry. It’s just….you just became incredibly sexy. 

Gerard Butler: I wasn’t before? 

GotC: I always thought you were kind of douchey, but in all honesty, I have no clue why I thought that. But now….now….oh Mr. Butler!

Gerard Butler: You’re a little mental. 

GotC: More than a little, sir. More than a little. Ok. I apologize. I’m going to collect myself and ask a question. 

Gerard Butler: Brilliant! Have a go. 

GotC: Ok. I’m looking at your IMDB page right now and I see that you played Phantom in the movie adaptation of Phantom of the Opera. Is that true?!

Gerard Butler: Yes it is. 

GotC: Well, well, well. Look who just got sexier. It’s like your sexiness is multiplying by the minute! How are you doing that? 

Gerard Butler: This interview is becoming a bit creepy. 

GotC: Yes, I’ve heard that’s a side effect of being interviewed by me. Did you know that there is no chemical reason we shouldn’t be together? 

Gerard Butler: What? Chemical…..why would there be a *chemical* reason we shouldn’t be together? 

GotC: Exactly. There isn’t. 

Gerard Butler: But why would there have been one in the first place? 

GotC: I like the way you say things. 

Gerard Butler: Do you have any more questions? 

GotC: Oh my zeus!!! Is this *you* in the 300 movie poster? 

Gerard Butler: Yes, it is. 

GotC: Seriously?! Seriously?!!!!! I feel like your abs own me. 

Gerard Butler: Ok. I think I’m going to leave now. 

GotC: I can’t go until your abs in this poster tell me to. I obey them. They have complete power over me. 

Gerard Butler: Yeah. Goodbye psycho. 

GotC: You say that like it’s an insult but with your accent, all I hear is “Kiss me GotC, kiss me now!”

Wowza. Things got a little intense in that interview. Who knew my imagination had such a crush on Gerard Butler? Just in case, you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, I found this video of him giving an interview for 300. Behold the power that is a Scottish accent pared with sexy abs!

Oh, and again, I just want to reiterate that these interviews occur only in my imagination and that these celebrities have never met with, or spoken to me. Their loss. Obviously.

17 thoughts on “Interviews With Celebrities: Gerard Butler

  1. Hoooorayyyy for peer pressure! I think I wanna marry him, though. So I think you’ll have to get him out of your system. But you weren’t a huge fan for long so I don’t think you’ll be overly distraught. And I do think Amy Butler has a nice ring to it. Don’t you? He could sit and read the phone book in that wonderful accent and I would purr like a kitten! I still think Charlie Sheen would be the ultimate interview. That’s got Crazy Town written all over it! 🙂 Thanks again for this one. I’ll send you an invite to the wedding! 🙂

  2. I just want to say Thank you… from the bottom of my heart!
    I don’t know how you did it.. I dont think I would have been able to talk. How did you compose yourself and not jump him!?!?
    You are da woman GotC… da woman!!!

  3. I saw that movie not too long ago. Gerard Butler is the king in more than one way. And the movie…300 absolutely perfectly formed men – loyalty, honor, fight to the death *gasp* – they don’t make ’em like that anymore. Oh wait, they did! 😛

      1. I have to say now that I’ve been to Dublin I can’t decide wich accent is sexier! The irish is more manly i thing, but the scottish… ohh I don’t know let’s just say both!! 🙂

        I hoped I could bump into Gerard Butler or at least Bono in the street but i didn’t. So unfair!! hahaha

  4. This is why I can’t fake-interview celebrities. I’d fall for all of them. I totally get it.

    “There’s no chemical reason why we shouldn’t be together.” I don’t know why that point didn’t win him over!?!

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