A Year In Books

What? It’s a Tuesday and this is a Year In Books post? Let this be a lesson to you, don’t fence me in. Also, don’t fence Roy Rodgers in. Neither one of us likes it.

Girl on the Contrary
Reading this book makes me cooler like an Andy Warhol painting.

Last week, I read Words [& Sentences] by fellow humor blogger Tyler Tarver. He didn’t ask me to read it, I just wanted to read it. It would have been nice if he asked though. It’s always nice to be asked things. Long story short, this book made me laugh.

Long story long, this book made me laugh a lot. Tarver is both funny and funnier. (It’s a thing). You might wonder how I found out about this book because it seems like you guys are always wondering about stuff. I’ll tell you but only because I already decided to tell you when I wrote this sentence. I read Tyler Tarver’s blogย and he may have mentioned that he wrote this book that makes people and even robots laugh. That’s how I knew. You should probably read his blog because it’s funny like his book and also his book is funny like his blog.

This one time in the book Tyler printed a letter his 13 year old self wrote to his 25 year old self. It was pretty funny. Although, in fairness I bet most letters 13 year olds write are pretty funny. If my 13 year old self wrote a letter to my future self then it probably would have consisted of a lot of Titanic references and also asked if a certain young man in my class was still a dreamboat. (Spoiler alert: He’s not.). Part of what made the letter so hilarious was modern day Tyler’s comments on it. One part of the letter reads “I think Ashley Parker is fine! I couldn’t go out with her in my dreams.” and modern day Tyler comments on that by saying “Accurate assumption.” I laughed about that for like, 7 minutes. True story. The part I may have laughed the hardest at was his hierarchy of sports. He put hide and seek above golf and that really tickled me because I’m most ticklish in the part of my brain that controls humor. True story.ย Also, unless he made it all up, it would seem that Mr. Tarver is also a nice human being who lives in Arkansas. I just thought you should know that.

Words and Sentences
This is what the book looks like when Andy Warhol minds his own business.

Highly recommended for people who like to laugh. If you are not one of those people, I highly recommend Wuthering Heights.

Click on the link to purchase a copy of Words & Sentences. Seriously you guys, you know it’s a good book because it has an ampersand in the title.

Also, it would be extra super sweet of you to read my day 2 recap of ACL on Musical Revolutionary. That blog needs love too. It’s a super needy blog because it’s about music and is all artsy. Maybe offer it a hug and some positive affirmation.

12 thoughts on “A Year In Books

  1. Ha! I love the Warhol pic and this looks like a really good book! I can’t think of a single way to make this comment more interesting. I’d better go drown my shame in more shame (a.k.a. booze).

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