I’m Exhausted/Had An Epic Weekend

I’m afraid A Year In Books will have to wait until Tuesday compadres. Sorry for the delay but I have the best excuse ever, and that is that I was at ACL all weekend living my glory days to the fullest and am now too exhausted to write a book review that makes any kind of sense and wouldn’t greatly offend the author. It will be up tomorrow. Probably. Unless I decide to tell you about how I saw Christian Bale at ACL this weekend first. Which I might do because I’m reckless and spontaneous like my new best friend Christian Bale.

Until then, please read my blog on the first day of ACL over at Musical Revolutionary.  There will be two posts to follow about the other two days because I’m sequential like that.

7 thoughts on “I’m Exhausted/Had An Epic Weekend

    1. Currently, he’s reading a screenplay for Newsies 2: Return of the Papes. It’s about how all the newsies in the original movie were vampires and how they are trying to save newspapers today from becoming obsolete. So, it’s like a mix of current trends and current events. He’s a shoe-in for another oscar if he takes the part. I think he should take it but, of course, I wrote the screenplay.

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