I’m At A Bachelorette Party Right Now.

3 days- 1 bachelorette party- dozens of future blog posts. In the meantime, while I’m surrounded by male strippers, shots of tequila, and lots of sexual puns, I’m going to leave you guys with this…..

Fingers crossed I meet a cute Irish cop this weekend. I’m just sayin- it better happen or I’m not going to be able to believe that movies are real life anymore.

Also- how awesome was Bridesmaids? The answer is, super awesome.


12 thoughts on “I’m At A Bachelorette Party Right Now.

  1. That is one of my favorite movies ever.
    “You’re so pretty, will you marry me?”

    And I need me some CHRIS O’DOWD! Watch the IT Crowd (instant on Netflix) and you can have some more of that Irish cutie.

  2. have fun at the parties. and gather all that good material.
    the bridesmaids preview was indeed fun. i guess i missed that movie first time around, but i put it on my netflix list. it’s a chick flick, and i’m a gay man…..do the math.
    thanks gotC

  3. Can’t wait to see this movie, and I REALLY can’t wait to hear more about this bachelorette party!

    Did you know Kristen Wiig is filming her new movie (Imogen) in NYC with my future husband (Darren Criss, natch) RIGHT NOW? (Actually they might be done now.) I think she handpicked him to play her younger love interest. She’s no fool, but this means war.

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