I Shouldn’t Be This Excited By A Movie About Muppets.

I’m just going to jump right in and hopefully not jump the shark. (Poor Fonzie, I thought that was an awesome trick).

I am so STOKED for the new Muppets movie. Truly. I’ve always loved the Muppets and have seen all their adventures many a time, now my one of my favorite people, Jason Segel, wrote and is starring in the new Muppet movie. My favorite plush actors and my favorite people actor are coming together. I. AM. STOKED. STOKED. Although, to be clear, I’ve never met Jason Segel so I don’t really know him, but everything I know about him assures me that if I knew him, he would be one of my favorite people.

Not only does this movie look muppety and hilarious but the soundtrack sounds AMAZING. (You may think that I’m using a lot of uppercase letters, but I assure you, I’m holding myself back quite a bit.) Ok Go, Weezer, Alkaline Trio, My Morning Jacket, Amy Lee, Andrew Bird, and Matt Nathanson just to name a few. If this doesn’t sound awesome to you, then watch this:


Huh? Huh? You see what I mean? It’s brilliant. Completely brilliant. If the movie is anything like this, and I believe it will be, then I am going to be over the moon come November. Also, did I mention Jason Segel wrote and is starring in this? Because he is. And he may be my soulmate. Or you know, whatever. Also, Kermit and Miss Piggy and Animal and Fozzie Bear. Fozzie Bear y’all- he’s like my comedy idol. Wonka Wonka. Ne’er were truer words spoken.

Any movie you guys are excited to see in the next few months?

30 thoughts on “I Shouldn’t Be This Excited By A Movie About Muppets.

  1. I sooooo hope there’s a Christmas scene in the movie so they can redo the Muppets rendition of 12 Days of Christmas and I can hear Miss Piggy in all her singing glory belt out “badamp bamp bamp.”

    I’m stoked for the Puss in Boots movie which I think comes out…err…this fall?

  2. That’s terrific! I love me some muppets. Except the muppet babies. Thanks for the video – I grinned and then I smiled and then I laughed and then I laughed. After that I laughed.

  3. Whoa, let’s not gloss over the Amy Adams element, here! Amy Adams!

    I found myself describing the series of ads for this movie like an 8-year-old the other day – over-excited, blow by blow of the ad. “And then it’s like it’s a romance and then they lose each other and then suddenly there’s Kermit, and then Jason Segel’s says ‘Wait, is this a muppet movie?’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

    It lacked dignity.

    1. If you asked me, and why wouldn’t you, I would say it radiated dignity. But I may be biased because I did the same thing.

      Also, I absolutely give you the Amy Adams element. I think she’s delightful.

  4. I can’t remember the last time I went to a movie. Oh, wait, I saw Rango with the spud. She cried and sat on my lap begging to leave the whole time. With incentives like that, I’ll probably not be too excited to go to any movies any time soon. I’ll just have to live vicariously through you and other bloggers.

    1. This one may be worth going through that again. I mean, how could she cry? The Muppets are like kiddy crack without side-effects. Unless you count turning out like me a side-effect, in which case, I see your point. 🙂

  5. sonja says:

    I subscribe to your posts via email & sneak a peak at them on my phone when I have. Chance. They always make me laugh. I don’t always comment but your posts often brighten my hectic days 🙂 thanks for being so awesome

  6. This sounds awesome. I love Jason Segel.

    Movie I’m looking forward to? Well, they don’t call me a guilty pleasure blogger for nothin’. (Rhymes with Schmilight. November 18th, baby!)

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