Love and Hairy Balls

six flags

So, I recently spent a weekend at an amusement park. Amusement parks combine some of my favorite things in the world, cotton candy, dippin dots, french fries, roller-coasters, games, comically large stuffed animals, kids doped up on sugar and fun, and more roller-coasters.

Another thing I love at amusement parks is all the graffiti written on the wooden ramps leading up to the rides. It never fails to entertain me and make me laugh. I love being able to always depend on people being completely disrespectful of property and hilariously unaware of how absurd they are. These are some of my favorite graffiti moments from my last trip to an amusement park.

“Love is a promise that lasts forever” – this initially made me gag a bit because I was picturing a 14 year old girl who’s seen Titanic too many times and was crying while she wrote it. Why was she crying? My guess is that her boyfriend just broke up with her but she thinks they will get back together because he told he loved her once. (I may be projecting here a bit…) Anyway, my eyes were in full sarcastic rolling mode when I noticed what someone had added to the bottom of this quote, it said “Hairy balls.”  So, the whole thing looked like this “Love is a promise that never ends. Hairy balls.” My faith in humanity was revived.

I also loved this, “Class of 2015”. Umm, you still have like, quite a while before that becomes relevant kids. I love your enthusiasm though. I also loved seeing ” C loves J” except the “J” was crossed out and replaced with “M” and then “M” was crossed out and replaced with “S”. I was like, how many times has “C” been to this amusement park?! And then I started thinking about how proud I was of “C” for being such a balla. Keep doing you “C”, keep doing you.

Anyone else seen some awesome graffiti at an amusement park? My guess is you have. Do share.

12 thoughts on “Love and Hairy Balls

  1. Don’t know about an amusement park, but I saw some awesome bathroom graffiti a while ago. It started with a standard, “Louise is a slut.” What was great though, was the response someone else took the time to write: “That was harsh and unnecessary. I’m sure Louise has a lot of excellent qualities.”

  2. cooper says:

    i look for graffiti on the railing of the roller coaster so I have something ton read while zipping by at 150 mph. And clever stuff too…not the usual junk like ‘vinnie eats it.’ i want to see quotes from modern literature with rebuttals and counter-arguments…

    or am i expecting too much here..

  3. When I was a bit younger I used to write ‘For a Good time call’ and actually put my number – I was pretty curious to see if anybody actually calls those numbers. Apparently they don’t, or I need to work on my sales pitch!

    1. Your sales pitch promises too much. If you say “good time” they assume you are overselling. I always undersell and write “If you’ve got nothing better to do call” and my phone rings off the hook.

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