AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I Knew It!

I told you guys that Steven Spielberg Hates Me and now it seems he saw that post and has decided to hate me even more. His hatred knows no limits.

I have just found out that he wants to make ANOTHER Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park

There are only two things I fear in this world. Aliens, which we’ve covered, and Dinosaurs. And yes, I know they’re extinct but they are SCARY. And Jurassic Park just keeps bringing them to life over and over and over again. I had thought this terrifying part of my life was over. I was wrong. Steven Spielberg is not content to show his hatred for me in alien movies alone, he wants to take his hatred to the next level, by releasing alien and dinosaur movies at the same time.

This time of my life shall henceforth be known as “the terror”. I may need to invest in some nightlights and comforting blankies.

10 thoughts on “AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I Knew It!

  1. liopito says:

    im pretty sure aliens are paying Steven Spielberg to badly characterize them so that when they take over the world we will be very unprepared…

  2. Jess Witkins says:

    I agreed with your alien post, but I have to tell you how totally pumped you just made me with this post because I LOVE JURASSIC PARK! LOL. I’m sorry you’ll be hiding under the theater seat, but I’ll be the freak standing in line to get in. Woohoo! hahaha

  3. Hmm, well let’s hope that this fourth instalment works in a similar fashion to the Indiana Jones fourth sequel (*sigh*, I hoped for SO much there). Hopefully, in his obviously blinding hatred of you (which is TOTALLY unjustified, by the way) Steven Spielberg will financially ruin himself and begin to bring his credibility as a Director into question.

    Before long, Steven will have to hold a press conference to publicly apologise for being a douche and hating on you and offer you a position as his idea-rationaliser/creative genius. It’s apparent that his money and reputation have begun to delude him.

    Maybe he’ll take a different direction on this one entirely and the meanest dinosaur in the movie will be the “Thesaurus”. Oh yes. I went there.

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