I Think I Broke My Logic Bone

The hip bone is connected to the leg bone but what's connected to the logic bone?

Sometimes, I do stupid things. Things I know are stupid but for some reason just keeping doing anyway. Why? Why do I do these stupid stupid things? For years I have wondered about it. Last night, I realized why. I broke my logic bone. Of course! All these years the answer to my problems alluded me because it was so logical and my logic bone was broken so I couldn’t physically be logical. Duh.

I try really hard to eat well. I have to watch my figure, you know. Sometimes, if I know I’ve eaten really well all day, I will treat myself to an ice cream after dinner. All day long, I will think about how delicious that ice cream will taste later. Usually, everything goes according to plan and I delight myself in ice cream heaven. But, on several occasions, I have felt really sick by the end of the day. Does that stop me? No. I could literally be throwing up but I will take a break from vomiting to eat that ice cream I promised myself. Even though I know it will only make me feel worse. Doesn’t matter. I’m going to eat that ice cream come hell or high water! I always regret it. The culprit behind this ridiculousness? My broken logic bone.

I love fruit. I especially love melon. I eat a LOT of watermelon, and honeydew melon, andΒ cantaloupe. So much, in fact, that I have on many, many occasions made myself sick from eating too much of it. For reals. MANY occasions. You would think after the first time, I know not to eat so much melon. Nope. You would definitely think after the third or fourth time, that I would never eat that much melon again. You would be wrong. I will eat that much melon again and I will make myself sick again. Why? Broken logic bone.

I wear a lot of skirts. For work, for fun, I just like to wear skirts. Sometimes, they get caught in my car door when I get in. Instead of opening the door back up and moving my skirt, what do I do? I just yank it. And it rips. And this has happened to me more than once. Why didn’t I learn the first time? Broken logic bone.

I know I shouldn’t mix my colors and whites in the wash. I KNOW that. But I do it. A lot. And every time I end up with formerly white now vagueishly blue or pink shirts. Huh. Why in the world would I do that more than once? Broken logic bone.

Bangs aren’t a great look for me. I’ve tried several times and it just never looks quite right. I know that. I know I’m not someone who can pull-off bangs. Doesn’t matter. Every few years, I decide I want bangs. Who’s to blame? My broken logic bone.

You would think that it would be easy to fix my broken logic bone. Not so. It’s been broken so long, it’s healed all wrong. My logic now walks with a very severe limp. It would probably take a lot of corrective surgeries to fix it. And who has that kind of time and money??! Not me. A broken logic bone isn’t going to kill me. Although….actually…..it might. Uh oh.

482 thoughts on “I Think I Broke My Logic Bone

  1. realanonymousgirl2011 says:

    Yep I’m totally with you. And that’s why we tell our children “do as I say and not as I do.”

  2. i think we all have that broken bone , i think i broke mine in 1998 but thats a story i only wana ever go back to after a bottle of wine with the smell of rich mahogany to accompany it πŸ™‚ awesome style , thanks for the fun read πŸ™‚

  3. Serenely Rapt says:

    Oh ok. I get the point. You write well though. It was fun to read.

    And shall I say, “Pl don’t bother replying to this one either?”


  4. No. It is okay. I am sure that you did not mean to. You just suggested that I read your blog. I think that what you were saying was that you are positive about all of this and that it does not get you down.

  5. How come when I said that I had a broken logic bone (back between 1999- 2003 it was broken) you dissed me? I guess that that is the broken logic of it?

  6. Wow, your post is somehow scary…the things you listed happen to me a lot too…especially the “making myself sick from eating too much delicious stuff”…and I didn’t know why. Thanks for enlightening me πŸ™‚ And congrats on being freshly pressed!

  7. I think I lost my logic bone too! I always repeat things I regret doing the last time, but only realize that I have re-done what I wished I could have undone in the past! Does that make sense? I used a lot of “do”s….. Oh my. Am I babbling again? It appears to be so. Well, at least I know that I certainly have broken my logic bone! It is currently in a sling. Don’t worry, I’ll eat lots of cheese and drink milk. You’re not alone with this logic bone trouble! πŸ™‚

  8. I guess the broken logic bone is some sort of epidemy. I wish my poor broken bone effected such things like melons or skirts. But unfortunately it seems like I’ve broken “relationships logic” bone.I never learn from the first time, the second time, and even third one isn’t enough.
    I think there so many logic bones, we need a clasification!

      1. I wonder, who is broking these bones,.. an antihero?) “hmm, your live is just too boring, time to bring some fun in it!” and then you wake up in the morning not knowing how bad your logic bone is now. He is a funny man I guess.)

  9. Hi, I share the same problem. My broken logic bone. May be it was broken since my birth..! I always do things even if I know they are wrong..u know..silly mistakes. My mum always guide me to do simple things like washing clothes..and like you, I always did mix and match colors with washing..! Sometimes I even laugh at my own foolishness. Even I talk to myself out loud. Do you think this is wrong? May be I am not much responsible..! But I always enjoy my own foolishness becoz I m glad that I make someone laugh. And we always have time to learn from mistakes. I am used with writing diary. When I read these incidents after some days, u know..I feel like heaven..and of course, funny at me. I love me. And my funny idiotic behavior. And about tearing skirts..I have done it hell a lot of times..!Do you think this is wrong?
    I owe all these to my broken logic bone..! πŸ™‚


  10. Here from Freshly Pressed. I love this post. Although your logic bone really is broken…melon, yuck! Ironically I just wrote a post about how much I hate melon.

  11. I’m not sure life would be so interesting or amusing with a fully functional logic bone….for instance I wouldn’t of drunk those tequila slammers at the wedding after party. After all I am 40 and logically too grown up for that sort of thing!

  12. That was a cute post Contrary! Finally I have something to blame all the “blonde” moments on. I think the problem is also worsened by a disconnected memory module. You forget what you shouldn’t do and once you do it, you get the “oh yeah, that’s why I don’t eat banana” moment.

    Hope there is some sort of cure one day!


  13. hahaha… explains a lot in life.. maybe also explains why we single-women-in-our-thirties get involved with men-in-their-thirties-with-commitment-issues. Men in their thirties just dont wanna settle down, (most claiming a never to be healed wound from the previous relationship!)but they will give you the status of a great special and even unique someone, use you for emotional anchorage and delight.. yet always say .. “i am not ready for a relationship.. we are just great friends.. this is amazing”. And our broken logic bone, forces us to showcase silly bravado and agree on the no relationship deal. whereas we are falling as the clock ticks. So we suffer in silence as this gray relationship consumes our very being and then finally one day find the courage to call a spade a spade and get outta this gray twilight zone.. as its not and never will head anywhere really meaningful. hurray we are healed of hearing “i will survive” 100 times a day.. and then Voila! there it is again.. that gray relationship beckons and we fall… hoping to break the guy this time round!!!broken logic bone again girl!

  14. Brilliant – finally I too have found the problem with my logic – mine is a little off so perhaps I merely have a crack?? my friends tell me I’m cracked.
    congrats on FP

  15. Very cool and funny. Congrats on being FPed.

    I think in my family the logic bone being broken is a hereditary trait–or at least it gets worse when family members are around.

  16. I have the same logic problem with hair, except that I keep trying to grow my bangs out because I think it’s more stylish. Then I realize for the 487th time that my face looks bizarre when it has a forehead, and I ask for bangs again. After that, I remember for the gazillionth time that no matter what I do I will probably never be stylish! A broken logic bone seems to cause a vicious circle.

  17. finally. something that’s close to explaining why I love to keep on writing on silly nonsense even though I am living on a serious corporate world. Good read. I became a fan at my first read. πŸ™‚

  18. Khalid says:

    If I had a nickel every time I repeated the same silly mistakes, Bill Gates would be borrowing money from me right now. << my attempted humor

    Great post and pretty smart analogy.

  19. Haha! this is a cool blog.. broken logic bone,. reminds me when i run out of 1 month budget due to 1 week of eating.. you can’t stop me, i do love eating.. even if gets my body fat..which i hate a bit.. but you can’t blame me.. the broken logic bone again XD

  20. Very funny and true. To be honest, I wasn’t even aware I had a logic bone. Until now. I leave enlightened. I might have to consider that surgery to get it fixed…
    Great job.

  21. fromruislipwithlove says:

    I don’t think I ever had this logic bone; runs in the family to do rather silly things over and over again, just because we can :’)
    Sorry I realise my comment is more than a month later than this was posted, but I’ve just started blogging, saw you on the freshly pressed, found this hilarious and so subscribing πŸ™‚

  22. Engineering breakthrough; enables users to be in a thousand places at once (hard core users, anyway) without actually having to leave the bathroom, or the kitchen – my favourite spot for hanging the screen AND the pc! Thus no actual dating may take place ..what a relief!

  23. How funny! I really needed to read this today. Yesterday, my girlfriend was making cornbread for dinner except at 5:45 PM she discovered she didn’t have any cornmeal. So I went to the store for her, bought the cornmeal and brought it home. She had all the ingredients measured out, made the cornbread, put it in the oven and as it is baking she cries out, “OH NO!” from the kitchen. “What happened?” I ask. “I left out the cornmeal!” Now I know why she did that. Obviously a broken logic bone.
    Congratulations on being F.P.

  24. Fabulous! I think I broke my logic bone too.. This is such a good blog. A bit crazy but whatever: it’s like you are posting my thoughts! This is so like my thoughts and personality! I am reading this blog for the 1st time but I just know this is a blog like mine.. even though my blog is Dutch πŸ˜‰

  25. All my life I’ve been wondering just what the hell is wrong with me and now I know why. I too have a broken logic bone. The failed relationships, awkward moments with my co-workers….It all makes sense now.

  26. I enjoyed your post so much – I love the way you write. I have decided that when I do things I know are bad for me, I call it a Giraffe Moment. I thought it was only when I couldn’t remember what I was going to say next, but now I see it has affected my logic bone as well. After 40 years of Rheumatoid Arthritis, I now see that not only is my logic bone broken, but the joints around it are also in tough shape. I will definitely mention your blog in my RA blog – we all need the human and humorous angle to what is happening in our lives.

  27. thanks for the reply, girl.

    as fate would have it, my post last night was semi-serious with comic overtones. but normally humor wins out. i did a 4-part series called “adrift” about a gay cruise we took, that got a lot of attention. (it was published in a few places). i’m also featured in a weekly medical e-magazine, (on the days that i write a medical related piece). i’d value your opinion sometime. (if you ever have the time between answering all of these comments, and of course writing your own excellent stuff)……


  28. I loved it. The “logic bone” reminds me of this poem by Rumi:

    The men of reason walk on wooden legs
    Wooden legs do not bend.
    (my translation)

    means: don’t look for reason; don’t look for logic. Logic is like a wooden leg that can’t easily be bend, can’t be flexible. Of course, it would break if you try to walk with them in the long path of life. So, live the life with passion and do make silly mistakes.

  29. i found your blog on wordpress, while looking for other funny people like me. congratulations, you’re witty, bright and highly entertaining.
    i also admire how many followers you have. i am a fledgling blogger, and fancy myself to be a guy with not much of a logic bone, but perhaps a huge………wait for it……..funny bone. (what did you think i was going to say?). it seems like you could “riff” on any topic. my site has a couple of doozies. i’d love to see your take on them. take a look for inspirational ideas……
    keep up the good work. very fun stuff.

    1. David- trust me, I haven’t always had this many subscribers, just keep blogging and writing things you think are funny and the subscribes will come. Blogging is like Field of Dreams in that way. πŸ™‚

  30. Awesome post! πŸ™‚
    I read some of your other posts as well, and I found them equally humorous (if not more). I actually shared this post on facebook, and some of my friends have loved it as much as I did. I, thus, got you some extra traffic! πŸ™‚

  31. lemonrebecca says:

    It is the first time that i read the post from freshly pressed, fortunately, I read yours and love your writing style very much.:)

    My sisters, and a cousin have the same situation as you, so i can understand that feeling. I always blame this situation to the switch of the brain. I think it is born to be and it is related to genetic problems.

  32. Hmmm, this is very interesting. I wonder if a logic bone can just be sprained? I think that has happened to me on several occasions!

  33. Very beautiful, your mind and your writing style too…
    Thanks to the awareness; day after day and bit by bit we could certainly be able to control our self better and better;
    But most of people have many bones broken with no chance to rectify; because they don’t now and don’t care to now their fails and weakness… so you are in the best…

  34. lifepostchennai says:

    Today I wrote my first blog! found your blog on Freshly pressed! Nice blog Girl!
    Somehow it encourages me to login often πŸ™‚

  35. I think after I broke mine it healed back crooked. That’s why I’ve lost my filter sometimes when I speak or write a little too aggressively. I really like your post. Made me smile.

  36. seaweed says:

    Girl on the contrary,

    I wandered to your blog from Freshly Pressed (congrats!) and have really enjoyed reading your posts because your writing is witty and hysterical! I especially like the “Flirtation Failures” ones because I can totally relate to them (spinsters unite!).

    I hope that you won’t ever break your funny bone and just keep on writing. Thanks for the laughs! πŸ™‚

  37. Wow!! I just realized I probably never had the logic bone. Man, have I made a lot of stupid stupid decisions…yet again..its one of the best missing bones I have got…Great great writing…!!!


  38. Cute Post – I wonder if there is a crazy bone, being that we all have funny bones, we must have crazy ones too! But then again, some might have more crazy bones than others….. πŸ™‚

    La Chica Organica

  39. thelabyrinthian says:

    Love your writing style—and I can empathize with your condition. I read this and thought, “Of course! Finally, an explanation for my bizarre decisions!” πŸ™‚

  40. Very clever! Congrats on FP. I’ve always had an over-active logic bone, preventing me from doing all kinds of the ‘fun’ things my friends did/do because I couldn’t help thinking how stupid it was. And then, every once in a while, the darn thing gets suddenly dislocated and…whoops!…I do the stupidest things ever. Like putting the expensive camera in the bottom of my backpack on a rainy tropical hike…dumb! Or eating half a bag of chips for dinner instead of real food.

  41. My broken logic bone gets re-broke every morning I commute to work, when I become Evil Kenevil on a road bike. No distance between a car and the curb is too narrow for my wheels, but the side-view mirror that tags me in the chest is.

    Luckily, I work at a hospital and they’ve gotten to know my logic bone quite well.

  42. Fabulously funny post. I was thoroughly enjoying it from an outsider point of view until I got to the bangs paragraph and realized I must have, at the very least, a logic sprain.

  43. Looking for your logic bone? I think I have a solution. I own a philosophy blog called Blazing Truth, and it’s all about reason and truth. In particular, there’s a few posts on types of reasoning, I think you’ll find those particularly useful. Keep doing what you do best, and you’ve got my support!


    Thank you for your time,

  44. I wonder if many of my friends were even born with a logic bone in the first place, myself included. I wonder if stem cell replacement therapy would help?

  45. maxcowan says:

    The title got me in … and I am glad it did. Smiled (or laughed), knowingly, all the way through!!

    The logic bone is very deceptive you know … we – well, I often think and feel as if the break has healed, knitted, and strengthened the bone. When you feel that … BEWARE!!!

  46. Wonder which doctor would specialize in fixing the logic bone? I know it isn’t the ortho doc. I’ve asked. My logic bone gets me in trouble daily! Glad I’m not the only one! I was beginning to think I was.

  47. Small world! People may be living millions of miles away but they go thru the same situations in everyday life, as I see. Great post. It makes my day to know that I’m not the only one with a broken logic bone. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  48. SandySays1 says:

    Hmmmmm, one of the first things you have to do to fix that broken logic bone is locate it! My human’s Missus gave me a fairly good idea where to start looking….I overheard her talking to another gal about how what this one particular man thinks with is located behind his fly and I believe I heard bone or some variation used in the next phrase or two. I’d try checking that region first. And, don’t worry! You may have a whole new career awaiting! It seems all politicians suffer from broken logic bones, some evidently from a congenital defect – they were born without one. Think about it, they have trouble breaking certain email habits, can’t tell the truth even though they know they’ll get caught. Yep I bet you get elected in no time.
    PS Your post is hilarious!

  49. Haha, very cute. I think we all suffer from this from time to time- but more complex issues, like why we keep going back to the same guy whoΒ΄s hurt us, etc. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  50. I love this! And I can definitely relate to the ice cream part. I love ice cream and I have to have a little at the end of the day. NO. MATTER. WHAT.

  51. ally says:

    I think we may be related. The broken logic bone may be a result of some sort of genetic thingamajig. A condition that weakens the bone from the inside out. If I ever have kids they are so screwed!

    Enjoyed your post and am happy to have discovered your blog!

  52. route8productions says:

    It seems as though this is the case for many people out there, so don’t beat yourself up about it. I’m pretty sure shattered logic bones just come as a result of having busy lives and too many things to think about.

    Great post, I enjoyed it.

  53. Is the I-know-I’ll-regret-this-but-do-it-anyway ligament connected to the logic bone?

    Funny post. Especially like the bangs. Keep trying. They’ll work at some point.

  54. Sounds shockingly familiar. How does one break the bone of logic? I like the way it’s healed all wrong. Human fallibility win.

    Great post and endearing comments. Good blog! I look forward to reading your other posts.

  55. It took me until now (I’m 38) to figure out that I can’t mix red meat and dairy. Never could. So no, I can’t have steak for dinner and ice cream for dessert. You’d think that would be a fairly simple learning curve (steak+ice cream=hours of misery), but it took me until around last year to figure it out. And actually stop doing it.

    I think we’ve all injured our logic bones in some way. I blame Youtube. (There has to be SOMEONE to blame, right?)

  56. Broken logic bone yeh! I think I have it too. I’m trying to write my thesis paper but I’m not even getting anywhere near. Every time I’m postponing it doing something else. I KNOW it’s wrong but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I think I have broken my logic bone too… by the way I must admit that this is so hilarious… I like the way you put humor and problems together.

  57. megscircle says:

    very funny, well laid out though, makes me think of all the silly things i do, like parking in the same spot every day, next to my house, but bird droppings every now n again, on any car in that spot. Till one day my drop dead gorgeous neighbour says, when will u learn, why do u keep parking there, just for convenience? Its the last time i parked there, as i now knew i had lost the chance of a coffee date with him, i proved i will mess his sports car for convenience.

    1. No worries, if that’s all it took to convince him not to ask you out, then he’s not worth it. I personally think that parking in the same bird danger zone makes for a hilarious story. πŸ™‚

  58. Dian Wijayanti says:

    Yuck. I was eating my dinner when I read the vomit part. But this is a great post! Thanks for the laugh! Hahaha! I’m gonna share this to my friends right away! Now we know why regrets always come later! πŸ˜‰

  59. shaims21 says:

    How about a sprained logic muscle… can it be an alternate wen the logic bone malfunctions??

    at least we know whats broken… πŸ˜€

  60. Had to read this to my bf.

    “I could literally be throwing up but I will take a break from vomiting to eat that ice cream I promised myself.”

    I feel exactly the same way about ice cream. Hilarious!

  61. Thank you for the humor and for diagnosing a problem I’ve had since I was born. Actually since I tried to come into the world feet first, I think my logic bone never fully developed…was in great need of a laugh and this filled my need. Thank you again!

  62. meerachandra says:

    Wow this was a nice and humorous post.. Nice concept.. I was wondering why I always repeat doing things which are pointless.. looks like that not only you, but most of us are facing the same problem of broken Logic Bone.. he he..

  63. Well, I guess this doesn’t really happen to me that often. I have too many snarky voices in my head. If one fails, ten others spring to attention. I don’t even get a chance.

  64. Oh broken logic bones. I can relate. Me, who ridicules people who try to present arguments that are illogical, can so relate to all of these except the skirt issue, and I’m sure I could find one to compare!

  65. Thanks for the laugh!

    Personally, I think you’re lucky because you at least once HAD a fully functioning logic bone. I, on the other hand, was born with a Y chromosome in the place where a logic bone would otherwise be. Those of us with such an affliction (roughly half the population as I understand it) will never know the joy of being able to use reason when faced with decisions about having a bowl of cereal or a glass of beer for breakfast.

    Congrats on being freshly pressed! It’s a great blog. Enjoy the ride!

  66. I too have the broken logic bone when it comes to food. I can’t eat salad in winter because it’s cold but I need to drink cold water because other temperatures of water doesn’t taste as good as cold. In summer, I still need to sleep with the blanket on. I think my logic bone is at the end of its wits.

  67. boradiant says:

    I enjoyed reading this post about the broken logic bone.
    It reminds me of the silly things I keep doing. They become weird habits.
    I guess it’s like that movie Benny and Joon.
    But I’m not walking 500 miles.

    I guess we all got weird, quirky habits that make sense only to us.
    It’s like we are mentally challenged but not entirely, just selectively.

    The breaking of logic bone may very well be the precise explanation for why
    intelligent people do silly things. The only other explanations would be drugs or lack of sleep.

  68. Sadly, my logic bone is also broken. πŸ™‚ This post really spoke to me because I am taking anatomy and physiology this summer and have been looking at pictures similar to this one for over 5 weeks now.

  69. So glad I found your blog! I can totally relate. Except for the melon. I’m allergic. Well maybe I can relate…even though I’m allergic to melon I continue to eat it until the itch in my mouth is unbearable. I clearly have a broken logic bone as well..I just didn’t know the term. Is there a support group??!

  70. tucsonmike says:

    Some days, I’m not sure my logic bone ever healed, I know my funny bone hasn’t. Thank you for this.

  71. I’ve been proud to tell people that I’ve never broken a bone before in my life…until you brought up this idea of a logic bone which I have CLEARLY broken a long time ago. Thanks!! :o)

  72. CreativityTalent says:

    I Loved the Logical Bone πŸ˜€ …haha i love wearing skirts too πŸ˜€ and i do the same with it ! πŸ˜€ ..lol

    Nice post πŸ™‚

  73. I am but a few days away from my fifty-eighth birthday and you, my dear girl, have finally correctly diagnosed my malady. Apparently, I have broken and re-broken my logic bone many times over. Or I’m becoming senile. Or…now I forgot what I was talking about…

  74. If anyone has a more broken logic bone than you, it’d be me. I just read your entire article upwards, paragraph last, paragraph second last, …, paragraph1st.

    I don’t know how that happened, but it must have been because I scrolled down too far and didn’t bother reading from top to bottom. πŸ™‚

  75. mercurialmatters says:

    You must possess a certain amount of logic in order to realize you broke your logic bone. It is just more fun to be illogical.

  76. Judging by the poor quality of the above X-ray, its difficult to determine the extent of your fracture. Your bangs issue would indicate a hairline fracture, though clearly you, ice-cream and/or melon don’t mix which would indicate a compound fracture. The skirt getting caught in the door issue points towards a closed fracture, but then the mixing whites and colours, a spiral fracture. It’s difficult to tell. Probably best not to worry too much about it as you could cause a further stress fracture. Just be thankfully that your funny bone it still intact. Definitely no issues there.

  77. This is amazing. I guess I don”t have to berate anymoremyself when i do anything wrong cos somehow, we all have got something broken.

  78. Haha..Love your theory as it may explain some of my “backwards” decisions in the past. I think I broke my logic bone years ago and although it may have healed somewhat since then, I think it healed crooked! πŸ˜›

  79. After being thoroughly amused and enlightened by your new take on logic, i have a deduction of my own. This malfunction or in many cases absence of logic (including myself), has got to be a girl thing! Why us women end up doing what we do and then we brilliantly come up with the most absurd explanations and justifications! Because heck we are always right! From now on ill take pride in the fact that God blessed our side of the human race with something special. The ability to create crazy, illogical logic for every bit of our lives. Beat that you men folk πŸ˜€

  80. blackshepherd says:

    Having studied philosophy I’m somewhat acquainted with the trappings of logic but I was not able to fix my logic bone either but I found out why…in my case it’s connected to my stupid bone. So I’ve learned to love being stupid. I embrace it now and I have a talent for it that I never would have discovered had i not broken my logic bone during my escape. Don’t know why but I love you. I like your type. So, congratulations on breaking your logic bone. Most people never develop enough courage. David Byrne may have said it best: “stop making sense” and then just say “fuck it” I know how this feels and it hasn’t killed me yet. That’s all i got. I think you’re funny and somehow I “know” you’re cute and ultra talented but I can’t support my hypthesis logically….but you wouldn’t believe me if I could anyway. I trust you. World Peace…it’s gonna happen…I can hear logic bones snapping all over the world…

    1. This may be one of my favorite comments on the day, and not just because it was extreme flattering. Ok, maybe because it was extremely flattering, but also because you referenced World Peace.

      1. blackshepherd says:

        I was right…you are cute. Ironically, I think that the logic bone is connected to the funny bone but only when it’s broken…have fun and if your logic bone starts to exhibit signs of healing drink lots of wine, smoke week and stayaway from all therapists…calll a funny friend in the morning….

  81. I know a good surgeon in Vancouver who specializes in logic bone transplants. Unfortunately, it’s a package deal and comes with a “I’m not too old to do that” joint, but you’ll learn to live with it, albeit painfully.

  82. pezcita says:

    I can definitely identify with your point about bangs. I had bangs for 20 years and they always looked terrible. I finally grew them out last year. My mom had wanted them gone for years anyway, but she was also the first to yell “What did you do to your hair?” when I came in with them pinned up. To top it all off, bangs were hot that year! Maybe the whole human race has a broken logic bone?

  83. GG says:

    You are lucky to have your logic bone broken. You should meet my friend. His logic bone is also broken and has done himself and made me do so many illogical things. I like them, without them, my Life would be less exciting…

  84. I think I have the same problem, I must have broken my logic bone at sometime in my childhood.

    I tend to do dumb stuff like go to bed at 1am despite the fact I have college the next morning and have to be up at 6am.

  85. This is great! For a moment, I thought you were writing about me! So much so, that I had to read this post aloud to my husband, who then proceeded to tell me that was 100% me – minus, perhaps the skirt thing because I don’t wear skirts too often (though when I do, I do tend to get a part stuck….)

    Great post, and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  86. awesome post! i do the skirt thing often! quite impatient. I can eat something delicious over and over again, no matter how many times it makes me sick. Here I thought I was the only one that had a broken logic bone πŸ˜‰

  87. I love your broken logic bone theory! I am definitely blaming it the next time things don’t quite add up πŸ˜‰ Great post to crack me on a horribly pms-ed day! Thanks.

  88. Craig says:

    Sadly, I was born without a logic bone. Instead, I have some bendy cartilage where the bone should be, but I have learned to make do with a piece of string, a cap from an old beer bottle, and three gym socks.

    Great post,

  89. I love the title of your post! It’s so creative! The part about eating ice cream as a treat for the end of the day is definitely true, I do that all the time!

    I just started a new blog called Logic Meets Reason and I would greatly appreciate it if I could share my link: http://www.logicmeetsreason.wordpress.com as a comment since we’re both girls talking about logic and life I thought it would be relevant lol!

    Great job again! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  90. Thank you!

    For years I have been suffering from a break of the logic bone and never knew.

    I (and the people around me) always assumed I was just stupid but now your blog has made me see the light!

    People will still think I’m stupid though.


    This is very well written and entertaining.

    Caroline Mortimer

  91. heatherschocs says:

    I have the same problem with ice cream! I eat it even when its freezing or I’m out in the rain. Must be mybroken logic bone!
    You have wriiten a brilliant post.

    1. Thank you so much. Although, upon further consideration, I think eating ice cream at ridiculous times has less to do with my broken logic bone and more to do with deliciousness. πŸ™‚

  92. skippitydo says:

    Great post, thank you for the smiles! I have to say my logic bone has been broken for quite some time as well πŸ˜‰

  93. I think it is necessary for someone to point out that, contrary to poular belief, there is not an epedemic of broken logic bones. I have two primary reasons for asserting this : 1. There are no drug companies dashing to patent expensive theraputic remedies. 2. I’ve seen hardly any women rip their skirts when alighting from cars.
    I am, of course, willing to reasses my position if sufficient new evidence becomes available.

    1. I can agree with your first point. The second, however, I am going to have to refute with the very large alterations bill I just had to pay to have many of my skirts repaired. Unless it’s just me….. πŸ™‚

  94. Okay so is it kind of a spoof on other people like that; as far as your title? In my school years I was told that if you do not have a lot of time to read than reading a title then skimming the first sentence or two of each paragraph is an ok thing to do. I am just really busy right now. It is almost 1pm on Friday afternoon and my son gets off of the summer camp bus at 4:45 and I have to pick him up. Then I have to make him and I dinner.In between now and then I have to clean my apartment, feed myself, shower and I wanted to get a bike ride and maybe a swim in at the public pool. On top of that I am feeling distracted so I am a little frustrated. Congratulations on being freshly pressed.

  95. Mary says:

    HAHA! This makes perfect sense.. I will have to tell my boyfriend the reason I do the things I do is I broke my logic bone! I finally have an excuse thanks to you =) Wonderful Blog! Love it!

  96. I’ve never heard of anyone ODing on fruit before but keep away from oranges… look what happening in The Godfather movies whenever they were around.

  97. Myra's papers says:

    A nice cane WILL suffice and thanks to your broken logic bone, all kindred can now make sense of broken logic. okay, what?

    I so can dig it.

    Thanks for the write “)

  98. Well, I have to say that it sounds all very logical to me. I think that you are suffering from an a cute, get it a cute . . . never mind . . . case of pseudo logilistical explanationitis! Because the logic bone is connected to the funny bone which we all know we all have and the two cannot be fractured or broken. Does this make any sense? If not take two servings of Chunky Monkey and call Dr. Bluebell in the morning!

    Great post. J.

  99. Maybe try an attractive cane (for the limp). If nothing else, you can use it to hit your car, smack your beautician, beat a watermelon etc until you feel slightly better.

  100. Count me in, i think my logic bone’s as broken as a right angle (get it? no… i don’t either!) I have all these schedules made up in my head to do stuff, systematically, too, but at the end i’m actually doing everything backwards. Like showering *before* cleaning my room. or chowing down a tub of ice cream before dinner.. actually.. that’s perfectly alright..!

  101. So, if I see a woman with unflattering bangs and a torn skirt, holding an ice cream cone and melon while dry-heaving, I’ll be sure to say hello and tell her “excellent post.”

  102. I just made a white bra grey blue by washing anything with anything LOL You do not walk alone… not even sure I grew a logic bone… love this!

  103. Ok, maybe your logic bone isn’t working. After all this post is fairly logical. And, you don’t have ill-advised adventure due to lack of logic. For instance, you probably would go back in the house after your cell phone when starting out on a journey (ok, you may not have left it in the house in the first place.) Me, I think I was born without the logic bone, or what little bit I had was torn out with the birth of my children, especially the two that came at the same time. Because, I will head for town (an hour away), get all situated in the car and realize I’ve forgotten my phone (which by the way I have for emergencies on the road). Do I get out of the car and go get it? No, I serenely drive away, sure I won’t need the phone. And, I almost always do. Not necessarily because of an emergency, but just because. Still, the next time I leave the phone in the house, it will most likely stay there. Fun post, glad I found it. ~Nita

    1. Thanks for visiting! I actually frequently forget my phone and I do usually leave it behind- it’s actually kind of liberating. But later, when I have 20 angry messages, it feels less liberating.

  104. Laura Young says:

    I love this excuse! I wonder if my teachers will fall for it the next time I neglect to complete a history paper…

  105. JT says:

    How in the world did you discover this malady? It would be illogical to assume you discovered this on your own, was ita visit to Dr. logic? Please give me his/her number as I probably have been infected as well. Congatulations on being Freshly Pressed and I love the illogical humor! I’ll be back πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! It is very much appreciated!

      I actually did discover this on my own, but I had a lot of help from my very logical scientist Father who I believe once remarked that my logic might be broken.

  106. I JUST got bangs knowing that my flimsy hair would look ridiculous stringing down my forehead. Knowing better never seems to stop me, so I’ve found a new love for headbands and the phrase “I shouldn’t perform that” πŸ™‚
    Awesome post!

  107. I can so relate. My broken logic bone inspired me to date my ex-husband’s new wife’s ex-husband in the aftermath of my divorce (that crazy story is the latest topic on my blog, in fact…).

    Broken logic bone indeed!

    But it’s fixed now, thankfully.

    Thanks for giving me something to point to as a valid, rational explanation. And I’d totally eat that ice cream I promised myself, too…


  108. One of my favorites of yours! This was great πŸ™‚ I know what you mean…I swear, I just was born without a logic bone. Also, I make myself sick from Mac and cheese and I KNOW I shouldn’t eat it because it bothers my stomach but…I made it tonight.

  109. At one point I thought my break had gone through some nature of remission and managed to repair itself. And then I had children. Clearly, my logic bone failed completely and then was amputated in the birthing process because everything since then has been quite illogical πŸ˜‰

    1. Yeah. I heard babies tear all kinds of stuff while they are shoving their way out of your lady bits. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what happened to your logic. πŸ™‚

  110. Eh logic smogic.
    Whew I was worried I wasn’t gonna have anything to rhyme with logic.
    Technically the skirt probably is not your fault… stupid car doors.
    Maybe if they up than to the side we all wouldn;t be left bottomless at Wally Mart.

  111. lol… it looks like most of your logic damage is in the food area anyways… so that’s good. It isn’t like your logic is broken about… poisonous snakes… climbing tall and rickety ladders… going to dangerous neighborhoods in the middle of the night and trying to act tough, etc. A few torn skirts and stomach-aches are a more survivable broken bit of logic than the ‘hey, if Steve Irwin could pick up poisonous snakes, I can too… right?’ broken logic πŸ™‚

  112. OMG. This solves everything! I’ve been wondering why I do things I know I shouldn’t over and over and over again! Like that delicious sandwhich I JUST ate, with the really crusty bread, that cuts up the roof and floor of my mouth and will hurt for days.

    Clearly, this type of fracture is an epidemic.

  113. My broken logic bone leads me to periodically think I can try to date. I am GOOD at single. Single works for me. When I try to change that, I fail miserably (MISERABLY!) and I become very unhappy in the process. And yet, my broken logic bone means that at some point I will decide maybe I should try to meet someone and (gasp) date them.

    Why hasn’t the medical field developed adequate screening for this issue?!?

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