The Last Musical Revolution Post

Well, at least, it’s the last Musical Revolution post on this blog. I’ve decided to give Musical Revolution the platform it deserves- it’s own blog complete with 5 posts a week, no subscribers, and low readership.  Smells like a fresh start. The Revolution will continue, oh yes, it will. Just not on Girl on the Contrary.

The new Musical Revolution blog is called Musical Revolutionary . Please visit it. Keep the Musical Revolution alive!

Reason number 123 you should join the Musical Revolution: Love songs. Call them corny but people love to fall in love to them.

Even though I’m not all that amped for the Royal Wedding, I thought I would give those two crazy kids a wink and a nod the Girl on the Contrary way, with my favorite love song of all time.

Stand By Me

What’s your favorite love song?

8 thoughts on “The Last Musical Revolution Post

  1. Just started reading your stuff, and had to note that The Temptations are fantastical (and currently playing on my music device). Nice to see someone else younger than 60 who has an appreciation for the golden oldies!

  2. SO let me get this straight …. you are gonna make a brand new blog just for the whole purpose of the Music Revolution??
    Or is it over??
    I don’t think I am ready to let go yet!!

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